This is the twenty-second episode of Season 2.

Your Love is My Drug
Your love is my drug
Season 2, Episode 22
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Air date December 27, 2013
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Moon sees what a mess Scott has become since Eliza started dating Dex and wants to take matters into her own hands. Will her interference just make things worse? Meanwhile, Julia is sick of Jeremy having no responsibilities as the father of her child and seeks support from him. When he's not willing to give her what she wants, how will she respond? Alicia is still upset with Danielle and is reluctant to be her friend again. What will Danielle have to do to get her friend back?

Main PlotEdit

Moon's heart breaks for Scott after his closest thing to a relationship is swept from right under him and wants to make things right by breaking up Eliza and Dex. Is the essentially just making everything more of a mess for Scott?

Sub PlotEdit

Julia is dealing with moving while her pregnancy nears the corner and realizes she has no support from the father. When he wants no part of it and her best friend won't stand up for her, what measures will she take to get what she wants? 

Third PlotEdit

Alicia is pressured by her friends to take Danielle back as her best friend, but Alicia is reluctant and still harbors hate towards her. She wants to make Danielle prove to her how much she wants her back, but will her master plan take things too far?

  • This episode is named after the song "Your Love is My Drug" by Ke$ha.
  • Julia tells her mother about her pregnancy and is revealed to be 4 months pregnant.

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Angel: This isn’t your place to be!

Moon: It is now.


Danielle: What more does she want from me?!

Troy: Maybe a kidney or two…


Jeremy: Your best friend is a bitch!

Julia: You can’t prove shit, can you?


Alicia: I’m not that girl who lets everyone walk all over her!

Eliza: No, you’re a bitch!


Dex: Did I miss something?

Scott: Moon was just ruining my life! That’s all!


Jeremy: How could you do this to me?

Danielle: I’m not that desperate!


Jamie: I’m not taking sides!

Julia: It’s your best friend or your boyfriend…choose.

(Jamie looks indecisive)




  • Julia: "You need to make a decision, Jamie. It’s your best friend or your boyfriend…choose."
  • Julia: "But I’m the one who’s paying for it while you get to move on like it never happened!"
  • Moon: "I think we could help each other."