The seventh episode of Season 1 of Clearwater. 

This Is How I Disappear (2)
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date March 5, 2013
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Scott rebels against his homophobic parents while trying to figure out himself, but will he just get himself into more trouble and be even more confused? Meanwhile, Eliza threatens to end things with Blake if he doesn't shape up, but does she really mean that? Also, Julia has to pick up the pieces after making a mistake with Jeremy, but maybe everyone won't be so forgiving this time around.

Main PlotEdit

Scott's parents won't let him join Pride, but he's not going to let that stop him. Scott acts rebellious, but is that really who he is, or is he more out to please everyone around him?

Sub PlotEdit

Eliza tells Blake if he doesn't quit smoking and drinking that she will leave him and he is left with an ultimatum. When a shocking event pulls them apart, how will Eliza react to the separation?

Third PlotEdit

Julia feels bad about what she did with Jeremy and tries to fix the damage she's done. Will the evidence speak for itself and show her to be the slut she is?

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  • Scott: "I am straight..."
  • Caylee: "You weren't supposed to find out about that."
  • Scott: "I can't accept something I don't think is right."
  • Kat: "Real nice Eliza, you're such a good girlfriend!"
  • Eliza: "Maybe I will go see Blake..."