Thad McGee
FULL NAME Thaddeus McGee
NICKNAME(S) Thad (by everyone)
D.O.B. 1970
FAMILY Wendy McGee (daughter)
Jarrod Keppler (nephew)
Unknown Sibling
RELATIONSHIPS Elena Duval (girlfriend)
Trish Pryde (ex-wife)
JOB Owner of Palm Harbor Museum
FIRST Find You (401)
PORTRAYER Alexis Densinof
Thad McGee is the father of regular character Wendy McGee and is a recurring character first appearing in the fourth season. He expects a lot from Wendy, but only because he loves her. In the fifth season, he and his wife, Trish, tell Wendy they are getting a divorce after years of unhappiness. He is portrayed by Alexis Densinof.

Character History Edit

Season 4 Edit

In Find You, he and his wife worriedly wait for Wendy to get home after not returning home one night. When she finally get home, he tries to calm down his wife when she immediately starts yelling at her. When Wendy tells them she was in DC and woke up drunk there, he is shocked and talk to Wendy one-on-one after his wife storms out. When she explains to him she was in DC to find her boyfriend, he is shocked to hear she had one and hugs her as she cries. He then tells her that she's not allowed to have a boyfriend and knows the rules, banning her from seeing Zak again before helping her into bed.

In Bad Blood, Wendy gets home from school and sees her parents waiting for her. They tell her that Matt's mother called and told them about the Clearwater Secrets tweet about her dating a 23 year old boy and are concerned, but Wendy tells them it's a vicious rumor before running off to her room.

Season 5 Edit

In Feeling Myself, he calls Wendy into the kitchen when she asks if he's ready to take her to school and he and his wife sit her down and tell her of their plans to divorce. He mentions they've been having problems for a long time, but have kept her unaware of it so she wouldn't worry, but have been talking about getting a divorce for two months, finally deciding on it. After they tell her the news, he offers to let her stay home from school so she can process everything, but he insists on going. He looks worried as she asks if they can leave so she's not late, but agrees and drives her.

Season 7 Edit

In Rockabye, Thad knocks on Wendy's door and opens it to tell her and her friend, Sabrina, that Elena is downstairs, his new girlfriend, and he wants her to come down and say hi. Much to her chagrin, Wendy does and he then leaves with Elena to go to lunch reservations, oblivious to the fact his daughter hates her.

Appearances Edit

Relationships Edit

Trish Pryde

Elena Duval

Trivia Edit

  • He and his wife are the eighth couple to get divorced.

Quotes Edit

  • "Calm down, Trish." (First Line)
  • "Your mother and I…well….we’re getting a divorce."