Talking Body
Season 6, Episode 5
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Air date August 28, 2016
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Just Give Me A Reason Me, Myself, & I
The fifth episode of Season 6.

Summary Edit

After an incident at school where her wig comes off, Candace starts to feel insecure in her body when she notices she's been losing weight as well due to the chemo. Trying to feel better about herself, she decides to explore the realm of online cam modeling. Meanwhile, Eliza learns that her transgender sister is brutally assaulted, bringing her family all together and bringing to surface all of the problems they've been having. And Keith's parents drop the bomb that they plan on moving to New York City for their business and give him the option to stay or go with them.

Main Plot Edit

Candace starts to hate the way she looks while in chemo and decides to bring up her confidence, she should start online cam modeling. But is she really sure of who will be watching her?

Sub Plot Edit

Eliza is given the shocking news that her transgender sister was brutally beaten and comes home after years of being on her own. Both bringing her family together and tearing them apart, they decide to deal with all of the issues they've had while Dex continues to be a shoulder for her to cry on.

Third Plot Edit

Keith's parents tell him they are moving for their business, but tell him he can stay in Clearwater if he wishes. Initially wanting to get away from Scott and all the people who hate him, he realizes he might have some reasons to stay as well.

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Eliza: This is just the push we needed to get all our shit together.


Candace: As much as I seem confident all the time, I’m really not.

Wendy: And that’s okay.

Candace: I’ll just have to find something that brings my old confidence back.

(Candace is seen stripping in front of a webcam)


Eliza: My sister was assaulted because she was transgender!

Danny: There are a lot more problems in this family than anyone would like to admit.

Eliza: Then let’s actually frickin’ talk about it!

(Eliza is seen at a family meeting)


Mrs. Rossen: Your father’s business is expanding to NYC.

Mr. Rossen: We’re moving!

Keith: I don’t want to go with them.

Lana: Then you have a major decision to make…


(Keith is seen with emancipation documents)

(Eliza is seen in a hospital)

(Candace is seen taking off her wig on the internet)




  • Eliza: “Things were bad for a long time, but I think things are finally working themselves out.”
  • Wendy: “Candace, you have cancer! No one expects you to look like Princess Di at all times!”
  • Candace: “ As much as I seem confident all the time, I’m really not.”
  • Keith: “I hate a lot of things that have gone down here, but this town is the only home I know.”