Sophie Clark
FULL NAME Sophia Clark
NICKNAME(S) Sophie (by everyone)

Soph (by everyone)
She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (by Abby)
Soph-Dawg (by Abby)
Little Lady (by Justin)

D.O.B. 1998
HAIR COLOR Blonde (dyed; natural brunette)
FAMILY Elaine Clark (mother)
David Clark (father)
RELATIONSHIPS Felicity Evans (kissed)

Lindsay Miller (ex-girlfriend)
Candace Jones (hook-up)
Micah Quick (hook-up)
Dex Smith (ex-boyfriend)
Ethan Webber (ex-boyfriend)
Abby Ulmer (hook-up)

JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Clearwater High News App
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
PORTRAYER Abigail Breslin
Sophie Clark is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and one of the original thirteen characters, also the main focus of the first season. Sophie has had one of the most drastic and tumultuous journeys out of any character from the series. Originally a very innocent and doe-eyed girl, she quickly learned to be vindictive, manipulative, and cunning. While she still has these skills in her arsenal, she doesn't bring them out much past the third season. After losing all of her friends, she reverts back into the kind of doe-eyed girl she started as. She is easily swayed by attention, whether it be platonic or emotional, which had led her to some very bad situations. 

In the first season, she started off making many friends and quickly being included into a popular clique. Her popularity plummeted when she started turning on many of her friends, mainly Jamie Stellar, and caused needless drama. Things escalated when she kissed her best friend Scott Taylor's crush at the time, Tim Sharpe. This led to her downfall, which led to her rock bottom when she attempted suicide twice, but failed both times. After returning from the hospital, she seemed to be more like her old self and spent most of the second half of Season 2 trying to get all of her friends back. She spent time in rehab over the summer before her Sophomore year after overdosing on heroine, but has been on a better path since. Also, she came out as lesbian during her sophomore year after previously believing she was bisexual. She faces struggles in the fourth season when her girlfriend, Lindsay, starts using drugs again and blames it on her, making people believe she was circling the drain again. Sophie spends the next several seasons trying to prove to people she really has changed. The following season her estranged father returns to the picture, causing strain between her and her mother. In the sixth season, she is shot during the mass shooting at Jeremy's bar and after healing, develops agoraphobia, which she works through over the course of the next season. 

She was best friends with Abby Ulmer until her death and is now best friends with Danielle Hooper and Alicia Borden and good friends with Sadie Carroll, Moon Stellar and Leah Gerard. She has rocky friendships with with Eric Stem, Candace Jones, and Scott Taylor, but is friends with all of them currently. She is enemies with Olivia Jerl and Eliza Bell and on bad terms with Jamie Stellar among others. She is portrayed by Abigail Breslin. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit


Sophie feels out of place at the party.

In Anything Could Happen, she is seen in the very first scene walking up to Clearwater High and stops to admire it. After preparing for another adventure, a girl walks up to her and says if it's an adventure she's looking for, she'll find one here and introduces herself as Jamie Stellar. After Sophie introduces herself, Jamie guesses correctly that Sophie is an incoming freshman and Jamie informs her that her sister, Moon, is as well. When Sophie doesn't know what to say next, Jamie apologizes for making her first interaction here awkward, but Sophie says she's enjoyed it, so Jamie offers her a place to sit at lunch if she can't find anywhere else, which Sophie agrees to and thanks her. She then tells Jamie she'd better get to her first class so she's not late and says how she thinks she's going to like it there.  

As she gets to her first class, she drops her pencil and a girl named Abby picks it up, so Sophie thanks her. Abby then leads her to the back of the class so they can talk and text without getting caught and tells Sophie that some of her upperclassmen friends told her about her teachers and Sophie is surprised she knows upperclassmen already with it being their first day. Abby explains that the clique from her old school has some high schoolers in it and asks Sophie if she has her own clique. Sophie explains she doesn't since she just moved from New York and Abby is shocked she moved to Clearwater when New York is more exciting. Sophie then tells her that there was so much drama at her old school and wants some peace, but Abby tells her high school is never not dramatic no matter where you go, but Sophie says she'll stay clear the best she can. Abby then tells Sophie to sit with her at lunch and Sophie tries to say she was already asked by someone else, but Abby asks if she would rather be a nobody or be envied by people, so Sophie says she'd rather be envied. Abby tells her that she'll sit with her clique then and asks for her phone number, so Sophie goes along with it.  

In the lunchroom, Jamie spots Sophie and offers her a place to sit again, but Sophie tells her that she's sitting with someone else after all and Jamie tells her it's alright. Abby comes and shows Sophie to their table where she is then invited to the party they plan on having that night. Sophie agrees to go, but is a little shocked when she hears there will be beer. Abby gets embarrassed when Sophie questions them on it and kicks her from under the table to shut her up, then bringing her to the bathroom to talk to her. Abby explains that she told all her friends how cool she is and she can't act like a loser now, telling Sophie she doesn't have to smoke and drink if she doesn't want to, which makes Sophie feel better about going. At the party later that night, Sophie meets Alicia and Danielle who she finds out don't smoke or drink, but tell her that Abby does a lot, which Sophie finds weird since she didn't get that vibe from her. Abby comes and pulls Sophie away to introduce her to people and her new friends warn her to be careful. When she is acting awkward at the party, a girl named Leah tries to get her to drink so she'll loosen up and while Sophie is initially hesitant, she decides to try a beer and says she'll only be a teenager once, taking a swig. She then starts to have more fun and drinks more, worrying Alicia and Danielle. Later on, she is completely drunk and when she finds out she's past curfew, she says she has to leave. Alicia offers her brother to come and give her a ride, but Sophie says she'll be fine and leaves. While biking home, she falls off and passes out in the middle of the street.  

In the morning, she wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize and is in a bed. Danielle walks in and tells her she's at Jamie's house and Jamie explains they found her in the middle of the road, shocking Sophie who thanks them for saving her from being killed or kidnapped or something worse. She explains that she got drunk because Abby and her friends made her feel like she belonged somewhere and if she drank with them, they would let her in their posse so she wouldn't have to worry about finding friends anymore. She then gets a text from Abby inviting her to another party, but Sophie says she'll be busy hopefully hanging out with her new friends Jamie and Danielle, which they agree to, making Sophie feel better about her place in the school. 


Sophie in Season 1

In Let's Get it Started, she annoys Moon at her lunch table by grabbing the attention of all her friends. Moon starts asking her very personal questions in order to have her friends lose respect with Sophie, but it doesn't work. Eventually, Moon starts acting nice to Sophie and Sophie is nice back. She is also at the FilmFridayz meeting.

In Love Drunk, she's eating lunch at her regular table and tells Jamie to have fun when she goes to talk to Jeremy. When Ethan talks about dating Danielle, she finds it adorable and asks Ethan if he's sad when she rejects him. 

In Fuckin' Perfect, she asks Ethan and Olivia if they want to go to the mall with her and they both reject her offer, Olivia running off after she does. That night, Olivia calls her and says that she is picking her up to go to the beach since she's at her mom's that night. Sophie is confused, but agrees to go. Abby invites her and Olivia over for a sleepover but Olivia says she can't go. When Sophie asks her why not, Olivia gets upset with her. She asks Scott about what goes on at Olivia's mom's house, but Scott says he can't tell her. She asks her one more time, but Olivia warns her to drop it. 

In Keep Holding On, she finds Ethan's crush on Danielle adorable and encourages him to ask her out. At the FilmFridayz meeting, she votes in favor of Jeremy's video like everyone else. 

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she asks Scott what he'll do about his parents if he ever were to date a guy. 

In In This Is How I Disappear (2), she is giving Scott advice after he sneaks off to Pride. She tells him that he could talk to Mr. Pendar and he thanks her. 


Sophie annoyed by Devon.

In Radar, Sophie asks Danielle what it's like to have a boyfriend, saying all she wants is some male attention. At FilmFridayz, Danielle pressures her to talk to the new guy, Devon. He starts flirting with her, but when she tries to leave, he follows her. She grabs Danielle and goes into the bathroom and when they get out, he scares them and was waiting for them the whole time, upsetting Sophie. The next day, Sophie tells Danielle that Devon has been following her all day and then he appears and takes her to his locker. While talking with her popular friends, Sophie is invited to their next party until Devon begs for them to invite him. They disinvite her and Abby apologizes as they leave, Sophie scolds Devon and leaves him. At lunch, she is talking to her friends about him when he shows up and wants to sit with them. After he keeps asking, Sophie screams at him. He gets upset and throw her lunch across the room and storms off. She later apologizes to him, but gives him restrictions on when he can talk to her. Danielle asks her to be nice to him and she agrees.

In You Da One, she is shocked that two guys asked Danielle to the dance in one day and tries to help her pick one. 

In Dancing On My Own (1), Abby asks her to homecoming and a girl's night out and Sophie agrees. They skip school the next day to go dress shopping and when she's zipping up Abby's dress, she gets a little attracted towards her. She skypes Jamie for advice and Jamie tells her to go for it. While they are doing their hair before the dance, Sophie tells her that a girl has a crush on her and Abby seemed to be fine with it. Eric pulls her away at the dance and asks her what Jamie was talking about when she told him Sophie was going to score. Sophie tells him that she likes Abby and that she's not sure what that makes her sexuality-wise. While they're dancing, Abby tells Sophie that she always pictured herself with a boyfriend at her first dance and Sophie makes her move by taking her upstairs.


Sophie at Homecoming

In Dancing On My Own (2), she takes Abby to a closet and admits that she has feelings for her and wants to kiss her. Abby agrees and they start to make out. When Sophie brings up the idea of dating, Abby denies it and continues to kiss her. They take their dresses off and start to take things further when Mr. Hanson walks in and sends them to the principal's office. Abby is very cool about it while Sophie is freaking out. After getting suspended, Eric checks up on her and she tells him how awesome it was and then goes to find her. She apologizes for getting them suspended and Abby replies by telling her she didn't regret anything.

In Eyes Open, she is at FilmFridayz and doesn't like the idea of doing a horror video. She then gives the idea to do an election video which the group goes with. At lunch a few days later, she tells Ethan to be nice to Moon so she doesn't leave the table along with Danielle.


Sophie feeling bad for choosing Ethan over her friends.

In Personal Jesus, Ethan starts flirting with her and asks her out. She was about to say yes until she sees Danielle and decides it's best to talk to her first so she tells him she will get back to him with her answer. She tells Scott and Danielle about it but they aren't thrilled and tell her to stay away from him. She gets upset because she wants to make her own decisions and after they both leave, she says that she will date him. She and Ethan are later making out in the courtyard and she asks him if she's a bad friend to Danielle to Ethan. He says she's not because you can't stop sparks and asks her if she feels them. She says yes and starts to kiss him again. She goes to find Scott and sees him along with many of their friends and they tell her about what happened to Caylee. She pushes the matter aside and pulls Scott away, asking him if she's bad for dating Ethan. He tells her no and she feels better.

In What You Waiting For?, she is at Scott's along with Sadie and Tim to film a video and Jamie and Moon need a ride from Caylee's. Tim goes to pick them up and Sophie insists she come with him. In the car, she notices the smell of pot and asks if he's high. He says no even though he is a little bit. On their way, he starts yelling about his stress level and crashes the car, scaring Sophie and almost getting them both killed. She is happy to be safe and tells Tim to be more careful.

In Want U Back, she is excited to be partnered with Alicia for a choir project and feels bad for Danielle when she gets partnered with Devon. She later helps her get rid of him by asking him his feelings for her and then having him see her kiss Brad. The plan works and she is excited and hopes that it's all over now.

In The Change, she is talking to a few FilmFridayz members when Sadie comes and tells them the plan for the new video. She expresses that she doesn't want to group to feel like a prison. At FilmFridayz, she is not one of the people messing around and is annoyed that no one is focusing on the video. Afterwards, she agrees with everyone else that Jamie would be perfect to be the new leader.


Sophie getting dumped by Ethan.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', she lies to Scott and Sadie about how her mother is acting unbearable which Jamie reveals as untrue. Moon talks to her about her and Ethan and she tells her she still has feelings for Abby after their makeout session at homecoming. Moon tells her to be honest with him and don't lie and Sophie reveals that she is going to do some serious lying. She goes up to Abby and is surprised to see Scott smoking. She asks Abby if she would like to makeout again and Abby tells her no because it might ruin their friendship. Sophie seems cool about it, but then goes and tells Moon that she and Abby made out again. She sees Jamie and Danielle talking and interrupts. After Jamie leaves, she tries to make out with Danielle who pushes her away and cusses her out before leaving. Ethan talks to her about the rumors going around about her being a lesbian and Sophie lies to him and tells him she's not into girls. She lies yet again to Alicia and Tim by telling them that she and Danielle made out and they will start dating soon. Then, she acts completely insensitive about dumping Ethan, leaving Alicia and Tim to feel suspicious about what she told them. Jamie talks to her about all her lies and Sophie tells them people are just spreading rumors. Jamie puts her in her place and leaves, so Sophie says that she will spread a rumor about Jamie now. The next day, Ethan breaks up with her due to the rumors about her being a lesbian. This leads to her having a complete meltdown and writing that Jamie fucked her best friend's boyfriend for money on the bathroom wall. She then puts her plan into effect by telling Jeremy that Jamie is stalking him and he could be in danger.

In Sick Muse, Sophie is at Caylee's party and asks Jeremy how things with his stalker are going. She also convinces him to trust her over Jamie.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, Jamie asks her why she spread the rumor about her stalking Jeremy and Sophie lies and said she didn't. When Jamie yells at her again, Sophie tells her if she doesn't stay in line, another rumor might circulate about her.


Sophie complaining about Jamie.

In Force A Smile (1), she fake cries in the bathroom to Danielle and Abby about how Jamie is treating her horrible because she thinks she's spreading rumors and convinces them to talk to her. After Abby talks to Jamie and finds out the real truth about Sophie and how she told everyone about their fling, she freaks out. She yells at Sophie and calls her a backstabber. The two eventually get into a physical fight which is intervened by Mr. Stein.

In Force A Smile (2), Sophie's fake good girl facade starts to fall apart even more when Jamie enlists a few friends to go around and tell people how cruel she is. When Sophie finds out about this, she talks to Jeremy about it who reveals that he is done with her for messing with his girlfriend. He leaves and she realizes that everything is starting to crumble. She yells at Jamie for what she did and tells her its way worse than anything she ever did. The next day, Jamie makes up with her after realizing how much she let it affect her and Sophie reveals to Devon that it might not last since she spread another rumor about her.

Season 2Edit

In Settle Down, she is shopping at the mall with Abby and Danielle and is hesitant to go into Hot Topic when Danielle wants to go. She disapproves of the dress and tapers Danielle buys, but doesn't speak up about it much. Danielle is later at her house and Sophie isn't surprised to hear Danielle's mother is making her return the dress. Sophie is surprised to see the racy photos Danielle took of herself and warns her against posting them on Facebook, even though she does anyway.

Sweet nothing2

Sophie watching Abby as she walks away.

In Sweet Nothing, she is talking to Danielle, Brad, and Abby about their scene they've worked out for FilmFridayz. Abby and Brad go off to get lunch and Sophie tells Danielle that she and Abby are going to go official that day once she asked her out after FilmFridayz. At the meeting, Sophie and Danielle are arguing because Danielle brought Angel. Sadie is very rude to Sophie and Brad and Abby mention they should get a new leader. Sophie brings up the time they all said Jamie should be leader and takes the job to convince her to take the position. Scott tells her the next day about Sadie's plan to quit and disband the group and the two plan to keep it from happening. She gets together a group and they beg Jamie to be the new leader. Jamie eventually caves and agrees to take the role and Sophie is relieved. She finds Sadie and confronts her about her plot to sabotage the group which pisses her off. Isaac pulls her away before the argument gets worse and he asks her why she cares so much about the club. Sophie tells him that after everything she did and all the friends she lost, it's all she has left and she would do whatever she could to save it. At Jamie's first meeting as leader, Sophie expects for Jamie to give her some form of power for getting her elected, but is furious when she doesn't and chooses her friends instead. Sophie reveals to Abby that she's not done planning Jamie's downfall.

In Bring Me to Life (1), Sophie is interested in who Alicia was staring at during lunch. She asks her about it the next day and even gave her and Trey a ship name. She supports Alicia's plan to date Trey, but not let her mother know.

In Bring Me to Life (2), she gives Alicia advice for her study date with Trey and seems very excited for her.

In Knock 'Em Out, she bumps into Dex in the hallway and introduces herself to him. He starts to develop an attraction towards her and finds her at her locker. She sees him trying to flirt and calls him out, asking if other people have been talking about her to him. She starts flirting back to him and tells him not to believe what everyone says before making a remark about him being perfect. After realizing what she said, she runs off, embarrassed. He finds her later in the lunchroom talking to Abby and pulls her aside, asking her out. They kiss right afterwards.

Young Blood

Sophie being yelled at by Moon.

In Young Blood, she and Dex are figuring out where they can meet during the day between classes and are about to kiss when Scott interrupts them. Sophie introduces him to Dex, but they already know each other. Scott tells her that he's going to make a move on his long-time crush Tim and she encourages him to. He leaves and she calls him cute. At lunch, she finds the rivalry between Moon and Jamie to be interesting. In science, she is talking about Dex with Abby and brings up their hookup at homecoming. Abby gets mad because they said they'd never mention it again, but Sophie argues that they can't act like it never happened. Abby says they can and changes partners, upsetting Sophie. At FilmFridayz, she slaps Danielle playfully and Angel makes a remark saying it sounded like she was hit with a fish. Sophie doubles over in laughter and falls off her desk, knocking it over as well. Liam yells at her for not being serious and she screams back at him, out of nowhere and leaves the meeting. She meets Tim outside the school and vents to him. He offers her weed to calm herself and she accepts the offer. They are both high and on top of his car. They share a moment and are starting to kiss when Danielle and Scott find them. Scott goes insane and screams at her for kissing his crush. They both yell at her for being a horrible person and say they are done with her. Sophie responds by laughing since she is high and falls off the car. The next day, she is listening to Moon and Scott talk about how she backstabbed him and Moon pulls her aside. She tells Moon that she feels horrible, but Moon tells her that no one wants to be her friend anymore and to leave them all alone. Dex comes and comforts her when she says that they all hate her for no reason. At lunch, her table rejects her for what she did to Scott and she realizes she's really alone. She goes to the bathroom and cuts herself in the stall.

In A Year Without Rain, Sadie facetimes her and asks for advice about relationships. Sophie tells her that being in a relationship won't make her happy since she is in one and miserable. Once Sadie tells her that she likes Scott, Sophie tries to convince her that she has no chance since Scott is gay, but Sadie will not listen to her.

In Hurts Like Heaven, Devon persuades her to go to Jeremy's wild party. At first she doesn't want to go because she doesn't want to face all her old friends, but Devon and Dex convince her this could be her new beginning. When she and Devon get to the party, they separate and try to meet new people. Neither of them have much luck. He tries helping her by taking her through a group of people, but her former friends start making snide remarks about her. She tries defending herself and apologizes for what she did, but Jamie gets on a chair and starts booing at her. Soon, the whole party joins in and boos her out. She screams at everyone before she leaves the party sobbing.

In Cough Syrup, she tries to be friendly with Olivia who denies her any remorse, so Sophie complains about it to Dex. Dex tells her to focus on the few people that still do like her and she says it's hard and that it's not fair what's happening to her. Dex tells her that it is her fault and she storms off, upset he didn't take her side. He meets up with her later and sticks up for her when Moon teases her. She wants to move schools, but Dex won't let her and she breaks down saying how sick she is of always being depressed. She runs away again and when Dex finds her, he worries that she really won't be happy again. When she can tell he's having second thoughts about dating her, she tests him and tells him to say he'll never leave her. When he can't say it, she threatens to kill herself and runs off yet again. He finds her safe and is relieved, realizing he needs her in his life. She forgives him for having doubts and tells him she doesn't know when she'll be happy again.

In Kiss With A Fist, she sees Ethan is back at school and passes by her old lunch table. Since he doesn't know she's not a part of the group anymore, she comments on how the lines of their friendships are blurred and walks away.


Sophie watching the cars.

In Panic Station (1), she wants to right all the wrongs that got her into the mess she's in. Olivia makes a mean comment to her and Sadie sticks up for her, saying she'll never leave her side. She sets out to make everything right and goes to talk to Tim. She tells him about how their makeout session is the reason everyone hates her and that she wants to tell everyone that Tim initiated the kiss so that people would be more sympathetic with her, even though she really initiated the kiss. Tim agrees, but then tells her she's just throwing others under the bus to save her own ass and tells her to leave. She apologizes yet again to Julia and Jamie, but they deny her apology and tell her they can never trust her again. She is crying in the hallway and Devon comes up to her and asks her what's wrong. She tells him she has no friends which upsets him since he's always been there for her and tells her that she takes for him granted. Already over the edge, he slams her into a locker and starts walking away. Dex sees and chases after him with Sophie following behind. Devon pulls a gun out on Dex and warns him to stay away. Both shaken, Sophie and Dex argue about whether or not to tell the school about Devon's gun. Sophie tells Dex not to tell anyone since Devon would know it was them who told. She then leaves and tries to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car, but fails.

Sophie getting dumped by Dex.

In Panic Station (2), she gets into a physical fight with Olivia in the hall when Olivia pushes her way too far after hearing her talk about her suicide attempt. They both get hurt and Mr. Hanson separates them, sending them to the office. Dex visits her outside the office and she tells him she's in big trouble since this is her second fight of the year. She also tells him about her suicide attempt which upsets him since she never thought about how he would feel if she succeeded. He breaks up with her and calls her crazy, driving her even further off the cliff. She loses it and screams all the way into the bathroom where Jamie and Julia later find her in the lockdown with a slit wrist and blood everywhere. She manages to stay alive, but unconscious and is wheeled into an ambulance as Dex watches feeling extremely guilty. She still has no idea about the events of Devon's shooting massacre.

In 21 Guns (2), Eric and Scott bring Dex to Sophie's hospital room who is still recovering from her recent suicide attempt. She is surprised to see him there and tells him he was great to her. When he says he's leaving her because she doesn't make him happy, she accepts and tells him to leave. Eric goes into her room and tells her that she'll never know the pain she caused him. She says he deserved it and tells Eric to leave.

In Long Way to Happy, she is back at school after her extended leave while in the hospital. She listens in when Olivia and Ethan talk about her mother not knowing about Troy and vice versa. Sophie is still looking for revenge after her fight with Olivia and calls her mother, knowing about her abuse from Moon, and telling her about Olivia's boyfriend. She tells her mother to have him over for dinner and surprise Olivia, happy with herself after the sabotage.

In Your Love is My Drug, Alicia tries to ask Abby to be her lab partner, but Sophie tells her that Abby is her partner. When Danielle is upset she got Alicia who is asking to change, Sophie tells her that sometimes an apology just isn't enough, referring to the time she kissed Tim and apologized, but Danielle wouldn't forgive her. Moon approaches her at lunch when she is eating alone and talks to her about making a plan together to break up Dex and Eliza. Sophie is interested and when Moon tells her she has to pretend she's still in love with Dex so he'll feel guilty and leave Eliza, she agrees to go along with the plan, but then reveals she has a plan of her own instead. When the plan was supposed to happen, she gets Sadie to take Moon away so she doesn't know Sophie changed the plan. She pulls Eliza aside and tells her that all Dex does it hurt people and to make sure he's worth the pain before continuing their relationship. Eliza is skeptical of her advice and leaves, but Sophie is happy with her work. Dex goes after her when Eliza tells him about what she said, and she tries again to convince Eliza to leave him, but she's on his side. When Scott gets them to leave, Moon tells her she can't believe she changed the plan, and Sophie admits to it and sees satisfied with herself.

In Waiting For the End, she is walking with Abby when she goes up to Eric to tell him that she is dating his brother. Sophie then comments that Eric is jealous before walking away and giving him a glare.


Sophie standing up for herself to Alicia.

In Hurricane, she is walking to class with Alicia when they see Dex and Eliza laughing in the hallway. Sophie becomes insecure that he found someone before she did and tells this to Alicia. Alicia says that she should focus on getting all of her friends back instead of guys and Sophie says that she can multitask and do both. Alicia suggests trying to get with Ethan again which Sophie shoots down right away. Alicia comments again that she got herself into trouble because of a guy last time and she shouldn't do it again, so Sophie comments that maybe she won't try to get with a guy this time after Alicia walks away. In science class, Abby asks if they can be partners for the lab which takes Sophie by surprise since Abby always partners with Leah. Abby then says that was when she hated Sophie, but that they are friends now. Sophie out of nowhere kisses Abby and quickly apologizes, but Abby didn't seem to care. She then asks Olivia if she saw that, which she said she did and calls her easy. Sophie asks if Olivia still hates her in which Olivia replies that she does because she craves attention too much. Sophie shrugs off the insult and blushes when Abby returns and starts mildly flirting with her. Leah approaches her in the hallway later that day and tells her that she knows about how Sophie is trying to get with her after Olivia told everyone. Sophie calls Olivia a rude name and Leah tells her that she can't try to get with Abby because she is already starting a thing with Eric and it will cause a bunch of drama. Sophie doesn't seem to care, even when Leah tells her this will put their friendship on the line. She is then determined to get with Abby after finding out she has competition. Sophie finds Abby working on MakeAWish after school and tells her that their "friend" kiss meant more to her. Abby then mentions homecoming and admits that she was high that night because she didn't have a date and that was the only reason she ever did anything sexual with Sophie. Sophie is discouraged that Abby doesn't like girls at all, but accepts it and asks about Eric. When Abby says that she really likes him, Sophie wants her to be happy and tells her to be with him. She later stops by Eric at his locker and tells him that if he ever breaks Abby's heart, she'll chop his balls off. She starts to cry, but then holds it back, determined to not let it get her down. Ethan later catches her tearing out the letters she had written to Abby but never sent and asks if she's okay. Sophie wipes away her tears and says that she is, smiling as Ethan walks away.
Sophie s2

Sophie in Season 2.

In This Too Shall Pass, Sophie transfers into Eliza's science class, which makes Eliza feel extremely awkward since she's dating Sophie's ex. Sophie picks up Eliza's textbook when she drops it and Eliza acts very awkward. She looks back and sees Sophie smiling at her and is very creeped out. Sophie later catches up with Eliza at her locker and asks if they can be friends. Eliza tells her why it wouldn't work, but Sophie still thinks that she's cool and tries to convince Eliza that she's changed, but to no avail. She is talking to Sadie about the situation, and when Sadie doesn't understand why Sophie wants to be her friend, Sophie says that it's because she treated Dex horribly and knows he'll never talk to her again, but being friends with his current girlfriend will make her feel better about the ordeal. She then spots Eliza again and tries once more to convince her they should be friends. Eliza still doesn't budge and starts to get very annoyed. Olivia passes by and when Eliza tells her that Sophie is annoying her, Olivia punches Sophie in the nose, causing it to bleed. Sophie is about to retaliate, but holds back, telling Sadie that it's proof how much she's changed.

In Play With Fire, she approaches Alicia and Keith who are putting up prom posters and asks to talk to Alicia alone. She asks her if she wants to hang out after school so they can start to rebuild their friendship. Alicia is hesitant to go all in with their friendship again, but Sophie convinces her that she's different now, so Alicia gives in and accepts the offer. Sophie then tells her to meet her in the back parking lot at lunch before hugging her and leaving. Is it revealed that "hanging out" meant smoking pot with Sophie bad friends. Alicia isn't sure if she wants to try any after Sophie offers her some for free, but eventually gives in. Sophie then stops her friends from being creeps towards Alicia. Things take a turn for the worst when Alicia's mom pulls up and sees them smoking. Sophie tries to hide it, but it's too late and Alicia's mom takes Alicia home and says that she's calling everyone's mother. Sophie starts to panic because she was already close to being sent to the loony bin and this might do her in. She then regrets inviting Alicia in the first place. The next day, Sophie acts very sassy towards Alicia and tells her how mad she is at her for getting them caught. Alicia tries to say it wasn't her fault and calls Sophie out on not changing one bit since kissing Tim. Sophie then loses it and says that it's hard convincing people she's changed, but that she really has. Before she leaves, she informs Alicia that she tried to stop everyone when they were calling her "Ass-Face Alicia," which makes Alicia feel guilty. In the end, they both apologize for the wrong things they did and said and decide to become best friends again, which makes Sophie overjoyed.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), she and Sadie are both getting ready for Prom and Sophie has dressed up in a tuxedo which Sadie finds awesome. She then finds it ridiculous that they would put Tim of all people in charge of the limo and doubts that it will be a good one. In the limo, Sadie is starting to feel self-conscious about her decision to take Sophie to Prom, thinking that people will think she's a lesbian too. Sophie raises herself out of the sunroof of the limo and when she comes back in, she lands on Sadie's lap. Sadie quickly pushes her off which confuses Sophie, but she doesn't say anything. They are later dancing to a slow song when Sophie realizes Sadie didn't wear the rainbow pin they were both going to wear. Sadie says she forgot and quickly changes the subject by asking Sophie to get her some punch, which she does. Later that night, she complains that Sadie and her haven't danced all that much and Sadie, who is now drunk, runs on the dancefloor with her. Sophie starts to put the pieces together and tells Sadie that it's okay if she's embarrassed to be there with a girl. Sadie quickly denies this and proves it by standing on a chair and announcing to everyone that her prom date is a lesbian. She then gets down and kisses Sophie in front of everyone. Sophie is extremely embarrassed and leaves in a hurry, throwing away her rainbow pin on the way out.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), she decides to ditch Sadie's graduation with Abby and go to the mall instead to avoid being humiliated again and having to face everyone who just found out she's a lesbian. She then tells Abby that she's bisexual and doesn't want everyone to know yet. They then head off to the mall. She later changes her mind and gets there soon after the ceremony has taken place. She hugs Sadie and accepts her apology, saying that she's upset she missed everyone getting their diplomas.

Season 3Edit


Sophie asking Danielle for another chance.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, she is sitting in her mother's car in front of the school and nervous to go back after being absent all summer. Her mother tries to comfort her, but ends up insulting her and calling her a drama-causing slut. Sophie rolls her eyes and gets out of the car hesitantly as her mother wishes her luck and drives off. She gets inside the school and removes her glasses, looking around. She spots her friend and announces to them that she's back to their surprise. Abby says that people thought she moved away, but Sophie dispels the rumors and asks for help in finding her classes. Abby quickly offers to do so and is almost stopped by Danielle, who warns Abby not to trust Sophie. Abby goes with her anyway as the others talk about her return. She goes to her math class and is surprised to see Ethan in it, thinking that he had to repeat freshman year. He explains that he tested out of freshman math and Sophie tells him that she's happy to see him around still. She then complains about having to catch up with everything she missed and Ethan offers to tutor her. They start to talk as their friends discuss them getting back together and gossip about where she disappeared to all summer. Leah asked her outright and Sophie tells them that she went to a Self-Help Center to get into a better state of mind, but that she wants to move on from her freshman mistakes and hopes they're all mature enough to do that. Her friends are shocked to see how different she is, but go along with it.

Later that day, she and Ethan are doing math together in her kitchen and she brings up how you miss a lot when you're in the hospital. Ethan gently asks her why she went to the mental institution and if anything bad happened over the summer. She tells him that nothing happened, but her mother was worried about her after her suicide attempts and that she's glad to finally be able to move on with her life. She then apologizes for the way she treated Ethan the previous year and he accepts it. She leans in, sensing a moment, and the two kiss. He soon pulls away, however; and leaves in a hurry, confusing Sophie. At school the next day, Danielle confronts Sophie about their kiss after Ethan tells her about it. Danielle tells her that no one can believe she's a good person now since she's hurt so many people over and over again and Sophie understands, but pleads for another chance to prove to everyone that she really has changed. Danielle accepts it hesitantly and Sophie thanks her, saying that she won't mess things up again. Later on though, Danielle overhears Sophie on the phone with her mother saying that she didn't tell anyone that she spent the summer in rehab and instead told them that she went to the mental asylum since it would make everything easier. Sophie then hangs up and walks away, not knowing that Danielle heard her conversation.

In You Know I'm No Good, she walks up to Alicia with Danielle and Eric and sees her throwing everything in her locker into the trash. After hearing that she's transferring schools, Sophie is shocked and upset, asking what is going on to make her do so. Alicia tells them that they wouldn't understand and Sophie tries to work with her by telling her that lots of people would be upset if she left since they all love her. Alicia doesn't listen and Danielle asks if she can speak to her in private, so Sophie leaves with Eric, still worried for her friend.

In Wonderwall (2), she is with Danielle and sees police cars at Angel's house, so they run up to see what's going on. After learning she called the cops on her dad for his pedophilia, Sophie tells her that she has guts to do something like that. She then brings up how pedophiles are treated in prison, which worries Angel and Danielle scolds Sophie for bringing it up. When Angel starts having a panic attack from her worry, Sophie freaks out and tries to help her by calling for her mother.

In Ray of Light, Abby is high on drugs and hugs Sophie tight when she passes by, excited to see her. Sophie is confused by what's wrong with her and they go to class with Eric.

In Black Sheep, she is with Ethan at his locker discussing the fights they got into last year such as when Olivia beat up Sophie and Eric punched out Ethan. Ethan reflects on how stupid they were and Sophie says that they still are sometimes. Micah comes up to Ethan asking for lacrosse information and Ethan ignores him, walking off with Sophie.

In Clarity, she is at lunch filling out an application and Abby and Eric come and ask if she's applying for a job. Sophie tells them that it's a request for to visit Ethan in DH after he is sentenced to time in juvey. Abby feels bad for Ethan and Eric tells her that it's Ethan's fault it happened, but Sophie corrects him and tells him that this time someone planted the drugs in his drink. Eric leaves and Abby tells her not to worry about him since they've always hated each other and Sophie understands. Abby comments how crazy it is for Sophie to be visiting her boyfriend in prison and Sophie tells her they aren't official yet, especially with him in juvey. Abby tells her that she's going to have to decide quick whether or not she wants to date him since he's going to need to know if she'll wait for him until he gets out. Sophie says that she hates that she's being rushed and still doesn't know how she feels. At the prison, she puts all her metal in a box and is led down a hallway to the visiting room. She meets him in his orange jumpsuit and he hugs her tightly, thrilled to see her. He asks if people know what happened and she tells him that people don't believe he was sabotaged. He tells her that they're the same and people will never believe that they really have changed and then asks if he can call her his girlfriend. She tells him that she doesn't know how she feels and he tells her it's alright, that it's just nice that she visited him. He hugs her again and she is conflicted on what to feel.

After leaving the prison, she goes to the Hub where she sees Lindsay and is shocked to see her. It is revealed that they met while Sophie was in rehab and Lindsay just got released and is 38 days sober, which she did so she could be with Sophie again. Lindsay then kisses her and Sophie comments how much she missed that. Lindsay says that she wants to be a good girlfriend now and Sophie is shocked she used that word, asking if she's staying in Clearwater. Lindsay reveals that she convinced her mother to move and they have an apartment. She asks Sophie out for that night and kisses her goodbye, confusing Sophie even more on her feelings. She goes to the play callbacks to see Sadie and get advice, saying that she belongs on a messed-up teen show since her almost-boyfriend is in prison. Sadie comments that when they went to homecoming, Sophie was really into girls and Sophie confesses Lindsay to her as well and that she gets fuzzy feelings from both of them. Sadie tells her that she shouldn't commit to either if they both attract her and that she knows Sophie will do the right thing. Sadie then runs off to work on the play and Sophie leaves to figure out her feelings.


Lindsay on her date with Lindsay.

She goes to the Hub all dolled up for Lindsay, who comments on how gorgeous she looks. Sophie is happy to be with her and tells her that she's honored that Lindsay quit drugs for her, since the guy she's talking to didn't. Lindsay then gets upset that she got with somebody else after leaving rehab when Lindsay waited for her. Sophie tries to tell her that she picked her and knows she's the one, but Lindsay tells her that she doesn't want to be an option, she wants to be the only option and grabs her purse to leave. Sophie tries to stop her, saying she wants to be with Lindsay, but Lindsay tells her that she thought Sophie was different and she doesn't want to chase her around like she did her ex. She then leaves and Sophie is upset, so Tori comes and gives her free cake, but Sophie pushes it away and runs out of the Hub. She goes to Abby's house where they smoke weed on her back porch talking about what happened. Abby suggests she stay single for a while so she can figure out her sexuality, but Sophie admits that she doesn't feel sparks with Ethan like she did with Abby or Lindsay. Abby tells her that she might not be bisexual after all and Sophie agrees, saying that she doesn't need Ethan dragging her down and she needs to focus on getting her friends back and staying clean. Sophie finally comes out as a lesbian to Abby and they hug, Abby telling her that she called it since they first met. Sophie then leaves to confess everything to Ethan and Abby wishes her luck. She is sitting with him in the same room and he tells her that this is the last time they can see each other for 3 months while he is in the detention facility. Sophie then admits to him that she doesn't believe he was sabotaged and thinks he actually took the drugs himself, which he understands. She then comes out as gay to him and says that she needs to focus on getting better and not relationships. He understands and says that they will talk more when he gets back. He then is taken away as Sophie waves goodbye and says that she is going to move on to the next chapter of her life as she leaves the facility.

In Dark Horse (1), she is called to the auditorium by Sadie along with Scott to be the backup set directors after the last broke his leg. Sophie tells her that she has no idea what she's doing and Sadie says they can work together to figure everything out. She asks if they are on speaking terms again and Scott says that they are, which makes Sophie light up. She then tells Sadie to calm down since it would be awful for the director to have a heart attack and that everything will work out fine. She and Scott are later trying to set up the props when Micah and Candace come in to help. While Sophie is on the ladder, Candace comes to help and Sophie asks if she can lift her higher by her butt so she can tie a rope. Candace does so awkwardly and when she gets down, blushes when she sees how gorgeous Candace is. They continue to work as Sophie gives Candace a flirty glare that is reciprocated. She is later seen being science partners with Abby.

Sophie is at the vending machine later and Candace watches her, going to tell her that she can help Sophie with the props anytime since she knows how to set should look. Sophie thanks her and compliments her hair, stroking it playfully. She then leaves and Candace watches her with enticement. While working along on the props, they are moving a couch and look into each other's eyes, immediately dropping the couch and starting to intensely make out on it. Candace stops her and tells her that she has a boyfriend, which makes Sophie stop and apologize as Candace leaves. Candace meets her later and Sophie asks what's going on between them. Candace admits she felt something between them, but has never felt for a girl like this and doesn't know what it means. Sophie says that she can't tell her and Candace kisses her again, saying she already cheated once, so why not again.

In Dark Horse (2), she is making out with Candace again in the theater and says that she wants to take things further, but can't since Candace has a boyfriend she should be doing this stuff with. Sophie explains that she doesn't want things getting out of control. She then explains that she identifies as unofficially lesbian since she might like a boy again in the future and then consider herself bisexual. Candace says that she wishes she could commit to liking one gender and leaves for class. Sophie then wishes her luck in the play that night. Later that night before the play, she is with Candace and Micah about to have a threesome and comments that she can't believe she is doing this. They then start and things get intense. Afterwards, they rush to the play and get there in time to start working. She asks Eric what she can do and he tells her to call an ambulance since Sadie is overdosing on pills. Sophie is shocked and confused, but does so without argument. After, she walks past Candace and tells her that the threesome was hot, but that Candace seemed to want her more than her boyfriend and winks before walking away. She is seen in the crowd of people involved in the play watching Sadie being taken away on a stretcher and asks what they do now without a director. After the play is over and a success, she informs Candace that they have to stop since her ex Lindsay texted her back and wants to talk, but that she had fun with her. She then kisses Candace's cheek goodbye and goes to be with her friends, breaking Candace's heart.

In Pills N Potions, she is walking with Abby up to the school after Thanksgiving break and asks why it can't be two weeks long instead of one weekend. She then leaves when Eric comes up to them so Abby can have privacy with her boyfriend. After science ends, she waves her hand in front of Abby's face to get her attention and asks what's wrong since she didn't take any notes and didn't hear the bell. Abby doesn't want to talk about it and rushes out of the class, worrying Sophie.

In Uprising, Adrianna shows the video she got of Sophie and Candace making out to Wendy. She is seen at the pep assembly with Alicia and Brad and says that she is happy she gets to see the cheerleaders in booty shorts, high-fiving with Brad who agrees. During Candace's big finale in the cheer routine, the video of her threesome with Sophie and Micah plays on the big screen, shocking and embarrassing Sophie who runs out of the assembly.


Sophie in Season 3.

In Big Girls Don't Cry, she is painting a mural in the hallway during class and Sophie asks Danielle for help, saying that she's so much better at art than Sophie is. They hear a slam and see Mr. Teller holding a box and walking away. Sophie is shocked to see him still there, but Danielle informs her that he just got fired because of the picture of her kissing him. Sophie says that she doesn't understand why Danielle did that, but believes that she did have a good reason. Sophie then reveals to Danielle that she's going to post a coming out post on her Facebook page that day. Danielle brings up that everyone already knows after the pep assembly disaster, but Sophie tells her that she wants a sincere honest thing coming from her. Danielle tells Sophie how proud of her she is and they hug, finally becoming best friends again. Danielle asks what Sophie will do if people give her shit for it and Sophie says that it's her life and she's gonna live it the way she wants. Danielle tells her to let her know if anyone is ignorant so she can take care of them and Sophie agrees, going back to painting. At the Hub later that day with Abby, she is trying to write her coming out post, but doesn't know what to put and starts second guessing it, thinking it might be too stereotypical. She then sees an ad for Ladies' Night at the Cosmic Lounge and she and Abby guess that means lesbian night. Sophie decides that before she comes out to everyone, she needs to be more comfortable with everything and thinks going out to a lesbian night might help her. Abby offers to go with her for support, but Sophie tells her that she wants to go alone and looks excited.

She goes into the club and uses her fake ID to get past security, starting to get nervous when she sees strippers and tons of people. She then notices that one of the strippers is Brittany and is shocked, taking a picture of her on the runway for proof, however Brittany sees this and runs off the stage before Sophie can get anymore shots of her. Before she sends the picture to her friends, she turns and bumps into Lindsay who is shocked to see her there. Lindsay then admits she's there trying to get over Sophie and tells her that she's clean, which Sophie agrees with and also tells her that she hasn't been ruining anyone's lives either. They then part ways and both look upset that they didn't talk more. Sophie goes and sits alone at the bar, trying to act natural when Brittany comes up to her and asks her to delete the picture she took. Sophie says that she wasn't going to do anything with it, but Brittany gets her to admit that she was going to send it to her friends. Brittany then pleads that she only does this because she has to, and that's not who she really is. Sophie apologizes for taking the picture in the first place and deletes it, saying she's not that girl who plays with people for no reason anymore, but is scared that she might end up that way again in the future. Brittany tells her that they both are in control of their own fates and that they should help each other not make stupid mistakes. Sophie agrees and they part ways, but Sophie runs into Lindsay again. Lindsay tells her that she tried talking to every girl in the club, but none of them could get her mind off Sophie, which Sophie responds that Lindsay makes her want to be a good person and they agree that they need each other. Sophie admits that she is afraid of hurting Lindsay and Lindsay wraps her arms around Sophie and says that she can't get any more messed up than she already is. They kiss and decide that it feels right, so they continue to do so in the middle of the club. That night, Sophie calls Danielle and says that she knows how she is going to come out to everyone, showing Danielle her Facebook profile which now says she is in a relationship with Lindsay and her profile picture is the two of them kissing. Danielle asks how people are reacting and Sophie says that everyone is acting great about it. She then tells Danielle how happy she is to have stability and that she has friends and a girlfriend and is finally happy, ready to enjoy herself for the first time since high school started.

In Same Love, she sees Candace eating alone and goes to check and see if she's okay. Candace explains that all her friends turned on her and Sophie explains that she sat alone her freshman year too, but she was just kind to people and stopped being a bitch, and everyone came back to her over time. After Candace explains the cheerleaders don't want to be around her because they think she's a lesbian, Sophie calls it bullshit saying even if she was a lesbian, that doesn't mean she's going to hit on all of them. Candace says that she regrets ever hooking up with her and Sophie says that she understands and Candace just needs a plan to get everyone back on her side, saying she has one in mind. She gets Candace to be the figurehead of a Gay-Straight Alliance rally at the school and is excited after Candace gets the okay from Mr. Hanson. The next day, she is bringing all of the gear they made for it and introduces Moon to Candace. She continues to help and asks Candace why she looks upset after Candace feels bad taking all the credit for an idea that isn't her's. She also helps Candace prepare for her television interview and hugs her for good luck. She also congratulates her after and is unaware when the video of her and Candace kissing is posted all over online and in Candace's locker.

In Catch My Breath, she is at Eric's 16th birthday party and encourages him to blow out the candles before the wax drips all over the frosting. She then goes out to the garage to look at his new car.

In Misery Business (1), she is in the hall with her friends when Candace comes over to seek Sophie's help involving the photos of them being posted online. She stops her friends from teasing Candace about being Sophie's girlfriend and goes into an empty classroom with her so they can talk in private. Candace shows her the photos and asks what they're going to do about it. Sophie tells her nothing, which confuses Candace. Sophie explains that people are always going to talk shit, but all you can do is shake it off. Candace doesn't think that's good enough and is worried about how it'll tarnish her perfect record, even insulting Sophie on her bad record, which annoys Sophie. She tells Candace to stop acting like a snob, even if it's what she does best and leaves.

In Misery Business (2), she is in class with Keith and Alicia discussing spring formal and how they plan to get Alicia a date since they already have ones. Scott comes in, furious with Keith and Sophie asks what's wrong, worried about him. After Scott explains that Keith told his parents they were together and he almost got sent to straight camp, Sophie is shocked and after Scott leaves, she scolds Keith saying that Scott is a great guy and didn't deserve that. They then leave Keith and sit on the other end of the class.

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, she is shocked to see Ethan back and asks why he never told her. He explains that he didn't tell anyone and they have a private moment where she asks if they're okay after the rocky breakup. He says that he's over it and it's not her fault she doesn't like boys. She thanks him for understanding and they hug. He then says he wants to meet her girlfriend and she is confused on how he already heard, but he explains things travel fast in this town and winks before walking away, making Sophie smile. She introduces her to Lindsay later when they cross paths in the hall.

In Internet Killed the Video Star, she is at Danielle's art show and is impressed, asking when her dad is coming. She is then shocked when Peyton crashes it and throws paint everywhere.

In Vampire Money (1), Ethan enlists Sophie to help him take down Micah since he knows she's good at plotting against people. She asks for Ethan to meet her at the Hub later so she can explain to him her plan and brings Lindsay along. She admits that her plan is intense, but that it will work. She explains that Ethan gets their friend from rehab to beat him up and then blame it on Micah while Lindsay hacks into the school's security cameras and gets the footage of Micah getting Ethan's personal information. She tells him where to go to meet their rehab friend and ensures him that Hector knows what he's doing and won't severely injure Ethan.

In Vampire Money (2), Sophie is shocked to hear that Ethan obtained possession of her threesome sex tape with Candace and Micah while at spring fling with Lindsay and asks Lindsay to go get them punch so she can talk to him about it. She asks if he's seen it and he says that he hasn't and promises that he won't. Sophie is embarrassed and asks for him not to judge her, saying she didn't know it was being taped. He tells her it's fine, but that he expected her to do better than two freshman, but that they're not together so he doesn't have a say, visibly still a little hurt. He walks away and Sophie looks somewhat upset that Ethan is still not completely over her. After Abby is arrested in front of the whole school, she tells Lindsay that they have to go down to the station and help her, but Lindsay stops her and says that they should let them handle it. Sophie is unsure, but follows her girlfriend's advice and looks upset as her friend is taken to jail.

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Ethan Webber

Sophie and Ethan in Season 2.

Main Article: Ethan-Sophie Relationship

Dex Smith

Main Article: Dex-Sophie Relationship


Sophie and Lindsay in Season 4.

Lindsay Miller

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  • Sophie is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScott, AliciaJamieMoonEricBrittanyEthanCayleeJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • She is one of the 2 characters to have an episode where they have the main plot in every season of the series. The other is Caylee.
  • Sophie is tied for the most plots in Season 1.
  • She is the first person to ever speak and be shown in the series.
  • She is the first main character to drink and become intoxicated.
  • She attended the first ever FilmFridayz meeting.
  • She is one of the many characters to get suspended from school.
  • She is one of the 5 characters to appear in every episode of a season along with Alicia, Danielle, Ethan, and Eric. She is the first character to do this twice, both in the first and fourth seasons.
  • She and Abby were sent to the principal's office together twice. Once in Dancing On My Own (2) for making out and a second time in Force A Smile (1) for fighting.
  • She is the third of five characters to harm themselves, the first two being Olivia Jerl and Eliza Bell and followed by Kate Stellar and Scott Taylor.
  • She has been in the most fights with 2. Once with Abby Ulmer and another with Olivia Jerl. Both were broken up before there was a clear winner.
  • She is the first character to attempt suicide. Once in Panic Station (1) and another time in Panic Station (2). Both times she was unsuccessful.
  • She came out as a lesbian to Abby in Clarity, but didn't come out to everyone else until Big Girls Don't Cry.
  • She went to Prom 2013 with Sadie Carroll.
  • She is the first person to ever overdose on drugs. She overdosed on heroine over the summer before her sophomore year which was revealed in How to Be A Heartbreaker, the second was her good friend Sadie, and the third was Justin Stem.
  • She frequently has the main plot in the eighth episode of each season. The only seasons in which she does not are Season 3 and Season 6.

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Sophie s1 p2

Sophie's style in season 1.

In Season 1 when she starts her first semester of high school, Sophie still hasn't grown out of her baby face and does not look her age. She had chest-length stringy brown hair that she would normally just brush, but on occasion would put up in pigtails or ponytails. She didn't have a personal preference with her style and wore a hodge-podge of outfits ranging from torn jeans and graphic tees to business-casual outfits. She wore no makeup and looked very much like a younger kid. She was very short and extremely skinny. Once her popularity started to peak, she went through a fashion change and started to wear very stylish clothing. She started to wear some designer clothes and a little bit of makeup while also starting to grow more and look older.
Sophie s2 p2

Sophie's style in season 2.

In Season 2, she comes back from winter break with a completely new wardrobe made up of very chic and in-fashion designer outfits. She started wearing more revealing clothing such as crop tops and tank tops with leggings or skinny jeans. She also started using accessories such as big statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Her appearance started to look much more mature and she became "hot," getting the attention of many boys in school. She dyed her hair dingy blonde and would either curl it or straighten it everyday, making it look nice and healthy. She also started using makeup such as heavy eyeliner and dark red lipstick.

Following the events that stripped her of her friends, dignity, and popularity, she fell into a depression that caused her to attempt suicide. These feelings were extremely noticeable in her style which she changed again. She now wears gothic-inspired designer clothing sich as leather jackets, heavily-patterned dresses, and clunkier and studded jewelry. She ditched the dark eyeliner and now uses it moderately but with a heavy smoky eye. She now has a very sultry and vampire-ish look to her which borders on gothic.


Sophie in Season 3.

In Season 3, Sophie returns from rehab with her vamp-ish look still intact. She continues to wear heavy eye makeup and darker colors, but incorporates a lot of leather and jackets into her wardrobe. As the season continued, her style toned down as she felt more confident with her friends and relationships and not as much of an outsider. She now has started to wear her more fashionable and colorful outfits more and straightens her hair almost every day.

In Season 4, Sophie's style has started to tone down once again. She now wears minimal makeup, comfortable clothing, but still has a tinge of girly style here and there with colorful patterns and jewelry. This fashion change is most likely due to the minimalist look of her girlfriend at the time and inspired by her fashion choices. She lightened her hair once again to the color it was during the second half of her freshman year and she usually weird it straight and down or in a neat ponytail. Not worried about her appearance as much, now that she has ditched her rotten attempts for popularity, she looks more down-to-earth and simple.


  • "Hello Clearwater, time for a new adventure..." (First Line)
  • "Eric has the body of a god but Ethan has the heart of a…frog."
  • (to Abby) "All I know is that I really want you to kiss me right now…"
  • "Please, just no more car crashes. For the good of humanity."
  • "I don’t care if people think I’m a liar…I don’t care if people think I’m a drama queen…but I’m about to lie and start some drama."
  • "You do not mess with me, bitch."
  • "Whoever said love at first sight doesn’t exist is a moron"
  • "Everyone thinks they know the person I am, they think they know me as this manipulative evil bitch, but that’s not all of me! Yes, I can manipulate people when I want and be a bitch like every other girl. But I’m not heartless."
  • "Look who’s back, bitches!"
  • "God, I barely know American math, now I have to learn Greek math?"
  • "I thought high school was going to be amazing and when things didn’t go my way, I just lost it. Did whatever I could to get my way, I didn’t care who I even stepped on. As long as I was happy, I didn’t care."
  • "I can’t believe it took me this long to realize, but I like girls. Not boys. Only girls. And I need to focus on staying better and mending all my broken friendships."
  • "I used to do horrible things to people…didn’t care who I stepped on. It was like a game. But I’m done with that."