This is the season premiere of Season 2.

Settle Down
Settle Down
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date July 5, 2013
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Trey finally decides to come out to his parents with disasterous results. Meanwhile, Eric invites his new friend Keith to a party that gets a little too crazy and Danielle rebels against her mother's wishes for her to change her style.

Main PlotEdit

Trey is finally convinced by Tim to come out as transgender to his parents, but they react in a way even he couldn't imagine.

Sub PlotEdit

Eric decides to bring his new friend Keith along to a wild party, but he might get a little too crazy for Keith.

Third PlotEdit

Danielle's mother tells her to change her intense style, but instead Danielle decides to do just the opposite.

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  • Lauren: "No, this is a historic point for us guys. I mean, one more semester until we graduate."
  • Ms. Hooper: "Wipe that off right now, you look like prostitutes!"
  • Jeremy: "Your parents and those crazy people at the mental ward might not accept you, but we do."