Scott Taylor
FULL NAME Scott Taylor
NICKNAME(S) Nanny McPhee (by Dex)

Scottard (by Eliza)
Slut (by Eliza)
Spaz (by Jake)

D.O.B. April 1998
FAMILY Linda Taylor (mother)
Dylan Taylor (father)
RELATIONSHIPS Jake Wolinski (boyfriend)
Dex Smith (ex-boyfriend)
Hank Pistol (kissed; fake relationship)
Keith Rossen (kissed; former attraction)
Tim Sharpe (former attraction)
Harley Wahlstrom (ex-girlfriend)
Eric Stem (former attraction)
Ethan Webber (former attraction)
JOB Student
Employee at Pizza Time
Pac Sun
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)

Scott Taylor is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and one of the original thirteen characters, regarded as the most developed male character on the series. He is extremely selfless and constantly puts other people's feelings and wants over his own which has led him to become extremely unhappy over the course of the show since so many people take advantage of this. After dating a girl, he realizes he is gay, facing backlash from many people because of it, including his parents. Both his unwillingness to do something for himself and his look for love are ongoing storylines in his character's plotline. He is well-liked by mostly everyone due to his caring and kind nature.  

In the second season, he falls deeply in love with new kid Dex Smith, but he is soon taken by his best friend, Eliza, causing a very awkward love triangle that lasts until Dex dumps her in the fourth season. After starting a short flirtatious relationship with sworn enemy, Keith, it ends badly when Scott refuses to tell his parents about them and Keith does it for him, causing Scott to be kicked out. He lives with Angel for a short period until she blames her drugs on him and gets him kicked out as well. He ends up sleeping on a bench until faking a relationship with Hank Pistol to have a place to stay. Finally, Dex acknowledges his feelings for Scott after long suspicions, but Scott ends up turning him down to save getting hurt again, but they soon reconnect and get together.  

Scott is happy for a short period of time while in a committed relationship with Dex, but following being shot and held hostage in shooting and Dex's mental deterioration and depression diagnosis, Dex leaves town and breaks up with Scott. This leads to Scott being very unhappy again and running into serious financial problems.  

He is best friends with Eric Stem and Danielle Hooper. He is good friends with Eliza Bell, Peyton Valentine, Lana Davis, Brittany BrithChloe KavenEthan Webber, Sophie Clark, and Angel O'Brian. He is enemies with Keith Rossen, who has destroyed his life on multiple occasions. He still has strong feelings for Dex Smith, who is the love of his life. He is currently in a relationship with his manager, Jake Wolinski. He is portrayed by Kenton Duty. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit


Scott nervous about making friends in high school.

In Anything Could Happen, Scott is first seen entering his first class of high school and spotting Brittany, one of his old middle school friends. He exclaims how happy he is to see a familiar face and tells her how relieved he is to see someone who doesn't hate him, referring to something that went down over the summer. When Brittany tells him that not that many people hate him, he doesn't believe her and also doesn't believe her when Brittany says he won't have trouble making new friends now that they're at high school. He tells her that he had a solid clique in middle school, but now only has a couple of people left who talk to him. Brittany promises that she and Olivia won't leave him and he says that he hope's they don't. At lunch, he finds Brittany and sits with her, saying he still hasn't talked to anyone new and Brittany tells him it takes time. Discouraged, Scott says he wants to make a friend before he's fifty while watching the popular table all talk and have fun, asking why that can't be him. Brittany tells him there's no reason it can't be, but Scott is skeptical and angrily eats his lunch.

Later on in the hallway, Scott spots his old friend Eliza and asks her what's up. She informs him that she's trying to find her class and looks happy to see him, so Scott asks if she wants to hang out later that day. Eliza says that she and their friend Moon are going to hang out and that she's busy for the rest of the week, discouraging Scott yet again when she tells him she'll let him know when she's free before walking away. He walks into his next class and doesn't recognize anybody, but sees they're all talking and having fun, so he sits in the back and stays silent, feeling bad about himself.

While walking home from school, his friend Chloe approaches him and he asks how her first day was and she tells him it was fine, asking him back. Scott tells her that he wishes he knew more people and Chloe says that Brittany told her how lonely he's been and that she's there for him. Scott thanks her and Chloe says they can hangout and talk even if they don't have classes together. She also reminds him that friends will come if he is patient and tells him to text her, making him feel better. That night, he calls Olivia and asks if they can hangout. She seems excited and tells him that she'd love to and to meet her at her locker before school so they can talk. This gives Scott more confidence about high school and he actually looks happy.

In Love Drunk, he gives Eliza advice about her new crush Blake and tells her he's bad news and not to rush anything with him since he is worried for her. He later comforts her along with Moon when things with Blake don't work out.

In Fuckin' Perfect, Sophie asks him to tell her about Olivia's home life, but he refuses to break his promise with Olivia and tell her.

In Keep Holding On, he invites Olivia over for a Walking Dead marathon, but realizes it's Wednesday and that she can't. Eliza asks him if he knows what's been going on with her and he asks if they should do something before Olivia shows up and he asks her how she's doing.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), he is checking out a guy and realizes he has feelings for guys with the help of Olivia and Brittany. Olivia invites him to the school's gay/straight alliance club and he accepts. He asks his mom if he can go and she is hesitant and finds it weird he wants to go, but allows him to try it. Before going to the meeting, he runs into Eliza and reveals that he's ready to come out as bi to more people. At the meeting, he is introduced to Jamie and when it is his turn to introduce himself, he tells everyone he is bi. When he tells his parents about the people in the group, they tell them that those people need help and he's not allowed to go anymore so he storms off. He tells his friends at lunch the next day and is upset because he knows his parents will never accept him. He ends up sneaking off to the next meeting anyways along with Olivia.


Scott excited about Pride.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), Scott is walking home from Pride with Lauren and his father finds him and takes him home. His parents yell at him and tell him they will pick him up every Wednesday to prevent him from going. He asks the leader of the group what he could do and he tells Scott to obey his parents and not go. At lunch, Brittany introduces him to her friend Harley who has a crush on him and he suddenly asks her out to FilmFridayz. At the meeting, he is close with Harley and Moon drags him out and wants him to tell Harley he has feelings for guys, but Scott refuses and goes back to Harley. He tells his mother he has a girlfriend and she is overjoyed because she was afraid he liked guys, so he tries convincing himself he's straight.

In Radar, Alicia encourages to come out as bi to more of his friends and he agrees. At FilmFridayz, he introduces Sophie and Danielle to Devon. He also lets Brittany come to youth group with him so she can be around her crush, Levi. He comes out to Gina and Chloe and when Gina insults him because of it, he feels hurt. Gina offers for her pastors to help him find his way back to God's path, but Scott refuses and calls her pastors bigots. At his youth group, Brittany tells him she only went to see Levi and gets them kicked out. He apologizes to Gina and she tells him not to talk about his love life around her, so he tells Alicia he'll bring it up as much as possible.

You da one

Scott helps Danielle choose her homecoming date.

In You Da One, he gives Danielle advice about her boy troubles.

In Dancing On My Own (1), Olivia asks him to homecoming and he rejects her because he is going with Harley, but promises to hang out with her there. Later on, he runs up to Olivia and tries to hug her but she pushes him off because he doesn't mean it, leaving him confused.


Scott in Season 1

In Dancing On My Own (2), At the dance, Chloe tells him about what Harley has been doing to Olivia and he is angry and goes off to find them. He finds Olivia and starts to talk to her about Harley but Moon, Eliza, and Tim run up to them and Eliza tells Scott it was a lie. Moon lets it slip that Olivia likes Scott and he is shocked. Olivia apologizes to him about everything and he forgives her and tells her that he's fine with her having a crush on him but then tells Eliza that's it's weird and he hopes she gets over it.

In Personal Jesus, he is playing patty cake with Harley when Brittany comes up to them and announces that she is satanic. They both seem okay with it and Scott brings up that her crush is a devout Christian which might make things hard. Later, he is hanging out with Danielle when Sophie comes and tells them she's dating Ethan. They both tell her not too which makes Sophie upset. When Danielle storms off, Scott follows her. He catches Leah and Brittany praying and finds it strange and also thinks Brittany's initiation debacle was funny. He is later seen with Caylee's friends waiting to hear from Jamie on what happened. Sophie pulls him aside and apologizes for being mean to him and Danielle and he apologizes back. They make up and hug.


Scott refusing to kiss Harley.

In What You Waiting For?, Harley tells Scott she's ready to be fully committed to their relationship and Scott seems hesitant. She tries to kiss him and he tells her he's sick. Ethan tells him it was a bad move and Scott says that he's a bad boyfriend. He later asks Tim to be in a video project he's doing that weekend and Tim accepts. He tells Eliza about what happened to Harley and she helps him realize that he's gay. He is worried for his parents to know and she says he doesn't have to tell them yet. He plans to break up with Harley since he never liked her. he comforts Tim along with Moon after he makes Sadie cry and then he and Moon plan to make the next day fun for Tim. He tries to kiss Harley but can't do it and runs away. He comes out to a few of his friends later that day which ends with Gina saying how wrong it is and Olivia bitching her out. Scott realizes he shouldn't have told anyone after the fight happens and leaves. The next day during the video shoot, Scott asks Tim to pick up Jamie and Moon and Sophie goes along with him. At his house, he and Sadie are talking when Gina and Chloe come and Gina yells at him for being gay. Scott replies with a speech about how he hates himself and wishes he were straight. He gets a phone call from Sophie saying she and Tim were in a car accident and he and Sadie run off to find them. At the crash site, he sees Harley's house and goes to break up with her, He does it and she starts crying. Scott feels bad, but is ready to move on. They all go back to his place after they clear the accident.

In Want U Back, he and Caylee swoon over how cute Jamie and Jeremy are as a couple. He talks to Brittany and reveals he has a crush on Ethan. Levi comes and tries to talk to Brittany, but she is speechless and Scott covers for her. He also tells her that she could never date him because of their opposite religions. The next day after Brittany and Levi are dating, Scott finds it funny when Levi reveals to be extremely religious.

In The Change, Scott is talking with a few other FilmFridayz members about how Sadie isn't a good leader. Eliza asks him along with Kat, Blake, and Chloe to come with her to Illinois to convince her brother not to get a sex change. When they are about to leave, Moon calls Scott and figures out what Eliza is doing. She runs to yell at Eliza and convince her not to go and talk to her brother. Scott and Chloe agree with Moon and stay behind. When he goes to FilmFridayz with Moon and Olivia, they see Jeremy and Sadie fighting and Scott and Moon slowly back away. He is talking with FilmFridayz members after the meeting and they all agree that Jamie should replace Sadie as leader.


Scott, scared by Olivia.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', Scott and Sadie hear from Sophie about how mean her mother is being and comfort her. Jamie later tells them that she's lying and Scott is also suspicious of her story. He later tells Olivia that he wants to do something rebellious and against the rules to shed his goody-two-shoes reputation. Olivia is against it and starts to worry about what he's going to do. He is later smoking with Eric and Abby which surprises Sophie. Ethan comes to look for Sophie and Abby tells him about her wanting to make out again. Scott offers to get the whole story from her. Olivia yells at him for wanting to be crazy and he lies and tells her he won't. Abby comes and tells her that he smokes with her now. Olivia tries to yell at him again, but Scott bumps into her and leaves. The next day, Olivia won't talk to him so he and Abby joke around about smoking. Olivia then stands on a desk and announces to the hallway that he smokes since he was treating it like a joke. Scott screams at her and then goes off with Abby to smoke and make Olivia madder. While he is filming a scene for FilmFridayz with a few others, Olivia threatens to push him off the staircase if he doesn't stop smoking. He tells her he is done and then calls her a psycho and leaves. Tim follows him and Scott says that he's sick of her ruining his life and leaves the school. Eliza gives him a cupcake the next day and asks him how he feels about Olivia and he says that he could see it in her eyes that she knew she could control him and he didn't want that. Eliza tells Olivia that Scott still wants to be friends to save her feelings, unbeknownst to Scott.

In Sick Muse, he is annoyed that Brittany still hasn't told Scott about her religion and when she tries to compare it to Scott not coming out to his parents, he turns rude and tells her to stop acting like her life is so hard. After Brittany and Gina's fight, he comforts Brittany and when Levi comes to talk to her, he leaves.

In Force A Smile (1), he asks Olivia where she was at FilmFridayz and when she says she's not allowed to go, he tells her he could talk his parents into letting her stay with him. He kisses her on the head and leaves. Later, he Chloe, and Eliza plan to tell the guidance counselor about her mother after they worry she might kill herself because of it. Moon later tells him that Sophie told Eric about Scott's crush on him (which was a lie). This makes Scott very upset with Sophie. Jamie talks to him about it and Scott reveals that he wants revenge. The two then plan a scheme to get Sophie back.

In Force A Smile (2), he and Jamie have pulled Ethan and Moon into their plan to take down Sophie. Jamie advises Scott to go around and tell people what she did to him and then they all go off to put their plan into action. He tells Alicia and Tim about this and they both seem upset about it. He ditches this plan to go find Olivia who went missing along with Eliza. The two go off to find other people to help them find her. The car he and Eliza go with to find her realize that she is going to San Diego and quickly head off to the train station. Scott calls the other search car to tell them the news. When they find her, Scott doesn't say much except offering her a place at his house again, which she denies. They leave and Scott says how crazy that night was.

Season 2Edit

I Knew You Were Trouble

Scott talking with Ethan.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, he enters the school for his second semester as a freshman with Eliza and sees Keith talking to Chloe. Blake asks who Keith is and Scott reveals that they were best friends before they had a huge fight. He also reveals that Keith was his first ever crush on a guy. He decides that he should talk to Keith again and forget about the past. He approaches Keith later that day and calls for a truce. Although Keith is reluctant at first, he finally agrees and Scott tells him to meet him at lunch. At lunch, they are laughing and having fun when Scott asks him if he ever liked him and Keith tells him that he did have a crush on him at one point. Scott tells him that he's always wanted to date him and Keith tells him that they can after Scott loses weight and tells his parents. Scott is taken aback by this as the bell rings and Keith walks away. He reveals this to Moon and then runs off to tell Eliza, not knowing that Keith told Moon that Scott threw himself at him. He tells Chloe after school and Chloe reveals to him that Keith is telling people Scott begged Keith to date him. Scott is heartbroken and can't believe it, upset that Keith isn't done backstabbing him. Scott is crying about it in the hall and Tim and Sadie give him advice and he is happy he didn't date him. He goes to class and sees Keith who says hi to him, but Scott ignores him. Keith gets upset and moves and Eliza asks what's wrong. Scott tells her that he just wants a good boyfriend and Eliza tells him he will come eventually. Dex bumps into his desk and apologizes and Scott blushes, telling Eliza that a boyfriend may come sooner than expected.

In Sweet Nothing, Sadie runs up to Scott, Isaac, and Jamie and tells them that she got an internship. He is very excited for her. He goes to FilmFridayz with her and is surprised by the number of people there. After the failed meeting, she reveals to Scott that she is disbanding the group since without her, it's nothing and Scott is furious with her, running off to warn everyone. He tells Sophie and the two plan to convince her not to before she deletes everything that night. He gets Danielle and confronts Sadie at lunch saying they won't let her do it. She leaves in a rage and Scott convinces Danielle not to give up yet. Once they save the group, Scott is very happy to have Jamie as the new leader.

In Bring Me to Life (2), he is happy for Alicia after she tells him she made out with Trey and finds it discouraging when she tells him he wants to meet her parents after they told her not to see him.


Scott embarrassed with himself.

In Knock 'Em Out, Keith is bragging about how perfect his life is and leaves Scott feelings jealous. Scott plans to show up Keith with Eliza by getting a guy that would make even Keith jealous. He comes up with the plan to have Sadie make an LGBT video about him finding love where he kisses a guy. When he approaches Sadie with the idea, she jumps on board and he gets very excited. He tells Olivia about his plan and she says a scripted kiss doesn't count. He tells her that he counts it and she asks him why he cares so much before leaving. Sadie comes to him and tells him that Brad would kiss him in the video. He lies to both Lauren and Sadie and says he kissed Harley while they were dating. He seems nervous to have his first kiss. He is in class with Keith and asks how he gets all the guys and Keith tells him they just come to him before leaving to see his new guy, leaving Scott even more jealous. He decides that he doesn't want his first kiss to be scripted and cancels the video with Sadie.

In Young Blood, he runs up to Sophie and her new boyfriend Dex and interrupts their kiss. Sophie introduces him to Dex, but they say that they already know each other. Scott tells Sophie that he's going to finally make a move on Tim since he's liked him all year. At the FilmFridayz meeting, he is shocked by how Sophie acted to Liam and goes with Danielle to find her after she's missing. They catch her high and kissing Tim. Scott explodes on her for kissing his crush and says he shouldn't have given her another chance. Danielle pulls him away and they both defriend Sophie. The next day, he is talking about how hurt he about what she did and that he is done with her for good.

In The Ghost of You (1), Eliza asks him if it's weird that she and Blake have been dating for 6 months without having sex and Scott tells her it's weird, but not a bad thing. He tells her she shouldn't let anyone convince her to do anything she isn't ready for.

In The Ghost of You (2), he runs up to Eliza the next day and asks how her date with Blake went. She starts crying on his shoulder and tells him that she had sex with him even though she didn't want to because he would leave her if she didn't. Scott tells her how wrong that was of him and calls Blake a dick; not knowing he was listening from around the corner.

Scott s2

Scott in Season 2.

In A Year Without Rain, he is facetiming Sadie and she is complaining about how she hates being single. He cheers her up by saying she has better odds of finding someone than he does and that she's find someone soon enough. The next morning, Sadie facetimes him again with a plan to make him like her. She tells him that she needs his opinion on her outfit and then changes in front of the camera. Scott freaks out when he sees her in her lingerie and tells her that next time she should change when someone isn't forced to watch and hangs up on her. Sadie's next plan involves Lauren sending him cookeis since she is his neighbor and telling him to date Sadie. When Lauren gives him the cookies, he is confused and she tells him all about the plan and what's been going on. He is shocked and instructs her to tell Sadie he doesn't like tits. He facetimes her that night and tells her he can't turn straight for her, but he won't let it affect their friendship.

In Kiss With A Fist, he is discussing a video idea with Danielle and Liam when he is the first to spot Ethan back at Clearwater, so he points it out to the other two. Scott is happy to see him back and encourages him on his upcoming court hearing. In class, he sits next to Keith and says that he heard Keith and Hank have gone official. He warns Keith that Hank is not a good guy from what he's heard, and while he's being sincere, Keith takes this as jealousy and calls Scott out on being bitter his life sucks while Keith's is great. Scott is shocked and speechless when Keith calls him pathetic. He's later there for Brittany when she dumps Levi and tells her that she's overreacting when she thinks there is something wrong with Levi. He goes to her locker the next morning and mentions Ethan's court case going on. A note falls out of Brittany's locker which turns out to be a hit list. Scott is shocked and scared when he sees many of his friends on there. They plan to talk more about it at lunch. As he is walking to lunch, Chloe starts berading him about having unprotected sex. Scott is confused at first, but then realizes Keith blamed the STD test Chloe found of his on Scott. Scott ends up covering for Keith despite what he said earlier, but doesn't want to talk to Keith after. He and Brittany decide to not tell anyone about the hit list until they know for sure who wrote it as Scott thinks it's just a joke. Keith calls him that night to apologize and Scott says that he still considers Keith his brother and has his back anytime.

In Panic Station (1), he is on the phone with Brittany who sees someone watching her from outside. Scott tells her that they need to tell the principal about the hit list since whoever wrote it is getting serious.

In Panic Station (2), he meets Brittany outside school with Chloe as cops are everywhere and he comments on how you have to go through a metal detector. He later helps Brittany find all of the people on the hit list and warn them about it after she thinks she sees Devon outside the school. While Scott is unsure, he decides to help anyway. He is the last to talk to Ethan and tells him about the list, but not to worry, before Devon comes and shoots him. Scott narrowly misses being in the way of the gun, leaving seconds before Devon shows up. He finds Brittany during the emergency evacuation and hides her in the janitor's closet so she is safe as he watches chaos unfold in the hall. He then joins her in the closet and assures her she'll be okay. They hear someone outside and Scott checks and sees it's Danielle. After hearing Alicia might be hurt, he runs off with Danielle and tells Brittany she'll be safe in the closet. After Devon almost shoots her and Scott realized it happened after he left her, he apologizes profusely and is very guilty.

In 21 Guns (1), he is at Jamie and Jeremy's housewarming party discussing how long Devon will be put in jail.

In 21 Guns (2), he is annoyed when Moon is trying to receive sympathy after her mother attempts suicide. He tells her she's a horrible person for trying to get all the attention from it. He has befriended Dex and is eating lunch with him when he asks if they can hang out, but Dex says no. Scott makes it clear he isn't hitting on Dex, but Dex says he just has a lot going on. Scott says that Dex can talk to him whenever he wants. He then talks to Eric about how they can help Dex through what he's going through regarding his ex, Sophie, almost killing herself because of him. He is walking with Brittany and Eliza when he meets Eliza's boyfriend. He immediately makes fun of Scott for being gay and Scott tries not to cry as he walks away. He is crying and bumps into Dex who asks him what's wrong. When Scott tells him, Dex goes after Josh and starts punching him. Scott tries to stop them, but Eric has to come and stop it. Dex then apologizes to Scott for what happened and Scott realizes Dex needs more help than they thought. He later talks with a few people about how Moon has been acting and gives her the benefit of the doubt, but doesn't want to be involved. Scott sends Eric to talk to Dex the next day and joins in on the hug after Dex breaks down to Eric. He is later at the hospital when Dex talks to Sophie and leaves with Dex to get food while Eric stays to talk to Sophie.


Scott talking to Eliza about his party.

In If I Lose Myself, he is walking in the hall with Eliza who asks him about his birthday party coming up. Scott lists off who will be there and is super excited to have his first good birthday party. Olivia comes and asks if she can ditch it for a date with Troy. Scott says it's okay, even though he is hurt by it, and hopes it's not a bad sign. At his party, he explains to Dex, who he has become much closer with, about why his parents are awful and all his friends agree. Dex offers him a place to stay and then cuddles with him closely during the cuddle puddle when they start watching the movie. Chloe takes Scott aside in private when they get drinks and tells him that Dex is flirting, which is shocking to Scott who is nervous about starting anything again since he's scared of getting rejected again. He then reveals that he's been crushing on Dex for a while and will start to flirt back if he has a chance with him. When he says goodbye to Dex that night, he is happy when Dex calls him a cool dude and accepts his offer to hang out again. Scott blushes when Dex hugs him and then is embarrassed when Chloe brings up his crush to everyone at the party. He refuses to take any chances with Dex, but then kisses the card he gave him when no one is looking.


Scott frustrated with Eliza.

In Won't Go Home Without You, he is hanging out with Dex and Eliza at his house. After revealing she also had a crush on Dex in the previous episode to Chloe, Eliza has since started to flirt profusely with him despite knowing of Scott's crush as well. Scott starts to feel rejected and left out when they ignore him to spark their own conversations. He complains to Chloe about this the next day who doesn't want to see Scott's chances being ruined again. She tells him to assert his dominance, but Scott is nervous to go all in with Dex. When he shows up, Scott says they should hang again, but lies and says Eliza can't hang out all that often when Dex brings her up. Scott starts to become more confident and decides to not let Eliza steal what he saw first. Eliza comes up to him a little later and tells him that Dex asked her out, but she didn't want to say yes without approval from Scott beforehand. Scott tries to avoid the answer and give her reasons not to date him, even bringing up the fact that he still likes Dex a lot, but eventually gives in and lets her date him despite his intense feelings. After seeing them kiss after she says yes to him, Scott breaks down and cries in the bathroom, being rejected once again. He is still extremely upset when Chloe and Jamie ask him what happened, realizing he was stupid to ever think he had a chance. He then leaves them because he wants to be alone. He is losing his mind from depression and buys ecstasy pills from Jarrod. Even though Jarrod told him not to take that at school, Scott doesn't hesitate and takes them right away, wanting to numb the awful feelings he has. He walks into class high and starts acting very irrationally, screaming Brittany's name and smelling Alicia's hair. Once they realize what's wrong with him, they panic and Alicia gives Scott a vomit-inducing pill to rid his body of the other one. He pukes on Brittany's shoes which gives Alicia the distraction to get him out of there before anyone notices he's high. After sobering up, he is about to leave school when he bumps into Eliza and Dex who invite him to hang out with them. Scott agrees, yet it still pains him to see them together. Without anything to distract him from what he's been feeling, he goes to the bathroom and cuts himself with a staple to release the pain.

In Long Way to Happy, he runs up to Eric before he has a chance to tell the office about Jarrod's drug dealing and tells him not to since it would get out that Scott bought drugs from him. Scott then tells Eric that Jarrod has a gang downtown and he would get into bigger trouble by telling on him. Eric agrees not to tell the office about Jarrod's drugs and Scott is relieved.

In Your Love is My Drug, he is walking with Jamie, Moon, Eliza, and Dex and they plan to go over to Scott's house the next day. After Eliza and Dex leave, Moon starts trash talking them even after Scott tells her not to bring them up. She tells Scott to break them up, but Scott says he doesn't want to hinder their happiness just to increase his own. He then warns Moon not to do anything to break them up. He later finds Dex furious in the hallway and asks what's wrong. When he hears Sophie is trying to break up him and Eliza, Scott gets suspicious and goes to help Dex find her. He stops Dex and holds him back when he starts getting very aggressive with Sophie. On the walk to his house, Moon brings up the fact that Eliza stols Dex from Scott and they start to argue about it. Scott is furious that Moon would bring it up in front of Dex since he still does not know about it and yells at her for it, being very rude. After Eliza and Dex leave and Scott hugs them both goodbye, he tells Moon that he's pissed she would bring it up because he doesn't even like Dex anymore. Moon believes him and apologizes, so Scott forgives her, telling her to stay out of his love life from now on.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), he is checking out guys with Chloe and is offended when Brittany calls them pathethic. After hearing she is talking to a 38 year old online, he is shocked and finds it very creepy. She tells him later that she sent full nudes to the guy and he is shocked, thinking she's letting him have all the control over her since she had no control over the shooting. Brittany denies this and tells him to deal with it. He is very concerned for her after hearing this. When he finds out that Brittany told the guy about all her friends, including Scott, he is pissed and freaked out, leaving in a rage along with Eliza.

In Hurricane, Danielle tells him that she thinks Angel's friend Felicity is trying to get Danielle out of the picture and Scott finds this ridiculous, telling Danielle to just forget about it before she does something stupid. He later gives Angel advice about the situation and tells her to keep the two of them apart as best she can.

In This Too Shall Pass, Eliza asks him what to do when Dex's ex, Sophie, wants to be her friend. Scott reveals that he doesn't hate Sophie anymore after what she did to him, but doesn't want anything to do with her and thinks that she might have changed. He then covers for Eliza when Dex comes and asks what they're talking about.

In How You Love Me Now, he is at the mall with his friends and is annoyed when Eliza is being mean to Dex. He is shocked to hear the court wants Brittany to testify against Devon and can tell she doesn't want to do it. He is later comforting Brittany in the nurse's office with Harley after she has a panic attack. He and Harley talk for the first time since their breakup and she lets him know that she understands why he broke up with her and is okay with it. This makes Scott very happy and relieved.


Scott about to get beat up.

In Carry On, he is walking with Alicia and is dreading going to gym class. When Alicia rushes to talk to the teacher, Mr. Teller, he is very annoyed since he hates him. After Mr. Teller tells Scott that he wants him to participate, Scott gets very upset because he hates both the teacher and the class. During class, Scott shows Mr. Teller that he doesn't care what he said by not doing the stretches despite Alicia's warnings. After Mr. Teller makes a rude remark about how Scott needs to lose weight, Scott is very offended and upset. He doesn't understand when Alicia tries to stand up for Teller and plans on causing more problems in the class for him. After getting chosen for dodgeball teams, Jarrod makes a comment about getting the fag on his team which gets Scott even more upset. He tries to hit Jarrod, but doesn't even get it over the net, becoming very embarrassed. After getting hit again and getting called faggot by Brendan, Teller calls Scott out and wants to talk to him on his work ethic even though he was just hit in the face. Scott calls his class laughable and walks off. After returning to the locker room to retrieve hisEenglish book, Jarrod, Brendan, and a few more members of their gang start making derogatory comments about Scott being gay in the male locker room. They get offended when Scott jokes about them dreaming to be gay and start to beat him up. Not being able to fight back, Scott lets them beat him and is left in pain on the locker room floor once they leave. He limps to his locker later on and is seen by Eliza and Dex. He tries to lie, but eventually tells them Jarrod beat him up, but makes them promise not to tell anyone, especially Eric, at the fear they will try to get involved and just get themselves into danger. Dex hugs him in comfort and Scott shows that he still harbors feelings for him when he is sad to let go. He then lets them take him to the nurse. The next day, Mr. Teller makes a comment about Scott taking on the mathletes and losing and Scott snaps and tells him to stop harassing him. Alicia still stands up for Teller, and Scott doesn't understand, worrying about her.

In Clearwater Goes Hollywood, he is at Jamie and Jeremy's pre-Hollywood trip party and is happy that Jeremy got onto Spotlight Stars. Following the trip, Danielle calls him before walking inside and wants his advice on whether or not she should tell her mom that she found her dad in Hollywood with a new family. Scott tells her that she should tell her mom, which she goes along with.

Season 3Edit


Scott in 3A

In Summertime Sadness, Scott is hanging out with his friends at a playground and laughs as he watches Dex flip off a swing. When Dex tells him to try it, he tells him that he doesn't feel like breaking his neck. When Dex and Eliza go off together, Angel asks if Scott is checking out Dex's butt and Scott freak out, telling her to be quiet. He explains that he doesn't have feelings for Dex anymore and only thinks of his as a bro, but Angel doesn't believe him and he playfully pushes her. Dex gets a call from his mother frantically asking him to come home, so he takes Scott's bike and leave, who then tells the others he lost his ride home.

The next day, he is back at the playground with Dex, Eliza, and Angel and Scott rolls his eyes when Eliza picks a fight with Dex. When Dex leaves following the fight, Scott follows him to make sure he's okay. When he asks what's wrong, Dex doesn't want to tell him about his problems since he knows Scott has ones of his own to worry about. Scott then tells him that friends help each other out and he's there for him. Dex then informs Scott his brother is bring shipped off to Iraq and Scott comforts him by rubbing his arm and telling him he doesn't have to act tough all the time. When Dex said he was too worried about his bad boy image, Scott reminds him that no bad boy has a gay best friend, which makes Dex laugh. Dex then hugs Scott and asks for him not to mention to anyone that he got choked up. Later on, Dex plans a hangout between just the two of then to try and get away from Eliza.

In That's Not My Name, he is walking with Olivia and they see Danielle putting flyers up for something, both then commenting that she's always up to something. They then hear dubstep music blasting and follow it to Danielle's auditions where Scott asks what she's doing and thinks she's crazy. They then leave when Mr. Hanson comes and he wishes her luck with him.

In Honeymoon Avenue, he tries to find Brittany's older online boyfriend with Chloe and Eliza. After they find him, Scott tells them that his name comes up on a sexual predator website, freaking them all out and causing Chloe to take action and break them up.

In Girl On Fire, he is in class with Moon and she admits to him that she is in love with Eliza's older brother. He then tells her that it's ratchet since she's known him since she was 10. He asks how it came about and she starts to rant just as Eliza walks by, which makes the situation awkward. Later, Scott has a conversation with his friends about how bitchy Eliza has been lately, but mostly stays quiet through it.

In Wake Me Up, Scott walks up to Olivia and Troy and asks Olivia if they are still on for their hangout the next morning, which Olivia confirms she is. She then invites Troy to it and he declines and leaves, making her suspicious of why he was acting weird. They then see him talking to Brendan which Scott finds weird because of the problems he's had with him in the past. He also brings up how Brendan is in a gang and hopes Troy isn't involved, worrying Olivia. When they are hanging out the next morning, they see Troy with Brendan again and Scott tries to get Olivia to calm down and not think the worst, but she goes and listens in on their conversation anyway. Danielle joins her and they hear the guys trash talking Scott and his homosexuality. Danielle walks over and sticks up for him and causes a fight between Olivia and Troy because Troy hates that Scott is gay.

In How to Be A Heartbreaker, Scott is at the Hub before school and talking to Tori about how busy it is as Sadie walks in. When Scott sees her, he rolls his eyes in annoyance before putting on a fake smile and acting like he is happy to see her. After they hug, she tells Scott and Tori that she has a boyfriend and they are shocked. When Tim walks in and Sadie tells them she is dating him, they are shocked and after they leave, Scott laments to Tori about how Sadie can get a boyfriend, but he can't and Tori laughs at how ridiculous that is before getting back to work and leaving Scott to feel insecure.

At lunch, he tells his friends about Sadie getting a boyfriend and they are all shocked as well. Scott brings up again how pathetic it is that she's had a boyfriend and he hasn't and Angel tells him not to be one of those people who feel like they need to be in a relationship to be happy. He tells her he doesn't think that, but it'd just be nice to experience one. Dex then tells him that he can't rush relationships and he jokes back that he's had 2 girlfriends in six months, making everyone laugh and Dex to playfully push him. Dex then lays his head on Scott's shoulder and tells him that he'll be his boyfriend and Scott brushes him off and looks at Angel who gives him a look. He then tells them all how he's hanging out with them later and isn't looking forward to it.

At Tim's apartment later that day, Sadie suddenly thanks Scott for being okay with her dating Tim. When Scott is confused about why he wouldn't be, Sadie reminds him that he used to like Tim and "got everyone to hate Sophie when she kissed him," causing Scott to point out it didn't happen like that. Tim then tells Scott it's okay if he likes him, and Scott says he doesn't. Clearly embarrassed that Sadie would bring that up since it was so long ago, this causes Scott to be even more agitated with Sadie than he was before. When Scott is leaving with Tim, Sadie tells Scott not to steal her boyfriend on the way and Scott rolls his eyes, which Tim sees. He asks what's wrong and Scott tells him that he wished Sadie bring up the fact that he used to like him, making it clear he doesn't anymore. Tim tells Scott that he knows and apologizes for Sadie's "in your face" actions about their relationship, blaming it on her excitement to finally not be single, which Tim points out Scott knows a lot about. Finally reaching his limit, Scott makes up a lie about Sadie telling Tori how happy she is that she finally reeled Tim in and that it was a game for her to get him. This shocks Tim and Scott lies more by saying she used to tell him last year that Tim would give in and date her eventually. Tim then drops Scott off, upset that getting with him was all a game to her. After Tim leaves, Scott asks himself when he turned into the guy who breaks up relationships and feels guilty.

The next day, Sadie is venting to Caylee and Scott about her breakup after Tim dumps her following his talk with Scott. When Sadie goes to the bathroom, Scott tells Caylee he made up lies about Sadie to break them up because he was annoyed and jealous of her rubbing their relationship in his face. Caylee is shocked and tells him that he'd better hope she doesn't find out. Scott agrees and says how bad he feels, but that she can never find out.

In Wonderwall (1), he is in Scott's room looking amazed at all the drawings he's done and watching him draw something. Dex says that anyone can draw and Scott corrects him and says that he can barely draw a stick figure. Dex tells Scott to try it and Scott takes his drawing seat, but doesn't know what he's doing. Dex then takes Scott's hand and tries to help him draw something, but it turns out awful. Scott says he'll find his thing eventually and Dex goes looking for a movie they can watch as Scott puts the drawing they drew in his pocket.


Scott at Dex's party.

The next day, he is blowing up balloons for Dex's birthday party with Jamie and Moon discussing what they got him. Scott reveals he's giving him an art project he made that Dex knows he spent a lot of time and effort on. Jamie points out that he's giving him one of his most valuable possessions and Moon shouts out that he's in love. Scott tells them that the feelings he has for him are gone and that he just wants to be his best friend now, but Jamie says things can change. Scott tells them that he's dating one of his best friends and he's not breaking them up, even adding in that Dex is straight, which both girls doubt. He is later getting ready for the party at his house with Dex and tells Dex he looks amazing in the shirt he picked out for him. Dex comments that this is the reason he has a gay best friend and is about to start heading out, but Scott stops him and tells him that he wants to give him his present before the party starts and it gets crazy. He then gives the backstory on the gift as Dex opens it, mentioning that he didn't want to get him something stupid, but something meaningful and hopes Dex doesn't think it's stupid. Dex tells him that he loves it because he loves personal gifts so much more. He then hugs Scott and lifts him into the air, spinning him around. Scott tells Dex not to hurt him, and Dex promises he won't as he puts him down and kisses him on the head. Dex then starts heading out to the party, but Scott can barely walk from the shock of the kiss. At the party, he looks disappointed when he sees Dex and Eliza sharing a romantic moment. When Eric comes with alcohol, Moon says that Scott won't drink since he's a goody two shoes, which makes Dex disappointed, so Scott takes a chug right from the bottle to prove Moon wrong. Everyone starts drinking as Scott looks nervous about what he's doing.

Later that night, Eric mentions that he can't drive now and Scott offers for him to crash there that night. He then tells Brad to stay too and asks Scott if he wants to, which Scott stutters that he would. Scott goes to the bathroom to get an aspirin for the headache he's getting and Moon follows and tells him that he's in love with Dex, which he denies again, handing the bottle of pills to Moon to open. She opens it and tells him that he needs to stop lying to himself and just accept that he's in love with his best friend who is dating his other best friend after he set them up because it's okay. She then leaves and Scott starts pondering how he's really feeling. Later, Dex walks in on Scott cleaning the kitchen. Scott says that Dex shouldn't have to clean up at his own party and Dex tells him that he's too good to him. Scott then asks if Dex is sure he's okay with Scott sleeping over and Dex asks Scott if he's slept over a guy's house since coming out, which Scott says he hasn't. Dex says he can have a gay guy spend the night if he wants since it's his party, but makes sure Scott knows that he doesn't see him as his gay best friend, but just his best friend. He then corrects himself and says Scott is his brother, and Scott agrees hesitantly. He then tells Scott he loves him and hugs him as Scott looks ecstatic about the hug and tells Dex he loves him back. Dex gets back to the party and Jamie walks in. Scott spills that he is in love with Scott to Jamie and she tells him it was bound to happen eventually, but that it's going to be hard to spend the night with him now. That night, he is on the air mattress with Dex and watching him sleep as he tells himself that he has to get over how feelings because he can't have him, which is breaking his heart.

In Wonderwall (2), Scott is leaving Dex's house the next morning as his father picks him up and gives Dex a hug goodbye. When he gets in his father's car, he gets a text from Danielle talking about how he's in love with someone, which his father sees and asks him about. Scott tries to say Danielle heard something wrong, but his father doesn't buy it and asks if he's in love with a girl, so Scott appeases him and says he is. At the Hub later that day, he barely touches his food and Brittany comments how weird it is seeing him in love. He comments how Dex is all he thinks about, but knows he has a girlfriend and to stay away. Brittany, however, tells him that maybe Dex would go for him if he realizes he can do better than Eliza and might even be bisexual. She convinces Scott to take a chance or he'll regret it forever.


Scott being dragged by Moon.

Scott then goes to Eliza's house and tells her that Dex is seeing someone other than her. When she starts freaking out, thinking he's cheating on her, Scott stops himself and tells himself he can't do it, meaning breaking up Dex and Eliza. Eliza asks him to fess up about what's going on, but he doesn't want to admit what he was trying to do, making Eliza think Scott is covering for Dex. She bolts out of the house before Scott can explain, leading him into even bigger problems. He gets home and tries to call Dex to explain, but Dex comes to his house before he can. Dex asks what's wrong with him and why he would try to break them up and Scott can't form a sentence to explain himself. Dex gives up and leaves, furious with Scott. Scott then starts to cry and calls Moon over for help. At the Hub, they discuss what's going on and Moon is shocked that Scott would do something like that, mentioning he wasn't like this last year. She tells him he's acting like Sophie now by ruining everyone's relationship out of jealousy and he needs to let other people be happy. She tells him that people are having legitimate issues while he's pouting over a boy not liking him and tells him to grow up before leaving him there. Leah approaches a very distraught Scott and offers him a joint. Scott refuses it and tells her he's not going to turn into Sophie and do drugs every time something goes wrong. he then sets off to make things right.

He goes to Dex's house who still isn't happy with him and explains that he only did what he did because Dex deserves better than Eliza. He apologizes and tells Dex he understands if he doesn't want to be friends anymore. Dex then tells him they're brothers, not friends and hugs him, letting him know that he forgives him, but that he can look out for himself. Scott is thrilled and they hang out together, much to Scott's chagrin.

In Ray of Light, Scott is with Brittany and overhears that Olivia's mom is coming into the school for conferences. Scott suggests she ask her dad to come instead, but she tells him that he works. He tries along with her other friends to convince her to go against her mother and turn her in, but Olivia doesn't want to risk it and leaves. He then mention that he can't stand seeing her hurt like this anymore and everyone agrees.

In Stubborn Love, he goes up to Dex at his locker and reminds him that they were supposed to hang out that weekend, which Dex forgot. Dex tells him that Eliza has been super clingy and he had to be there for her, but Scott reminds him that he has friends too and not just a girlfriend, obviously jealous that Eliza has been taking all of Dex's time. Dex tells Scott that he thinks something is wrong with Eliza and Scott agrees that she's been distant. Dex promises Scott they'll hang out later that day and apologizes for neglecting him, but Scott says he understands and leaves. At lunch, Angel and Scott notice Dex looks like he got punched, but he tells them he just hit himself with his locker on accident. When Angel points out his wound is bleeding, he runs to the bathroom to clean it and Scott and Angel both talk about the possibility of Eliza hitting him, which they don't find far-fetched. Scott says he might be lying about it because it might be humiliating for him to say his girlfriend hit him. Scott then makes it his mission to figure out what happened.

At Dex's house that day, Scott notices a bruise on Dex's arm and touches it, realizing what is happening. Dex tells him he fell down the stairs, but Scott doesn't buy it for a second and tells him that. Scott puts his hand on Dex's shoulder who then breaks down in tears and confesses that Eliza is the one hurting him and he's scared of her. Scott tells Dex he's not pathetic and that he needs to leave her. Dex then says that he still loves her and doesn't know why, but is also scared she might kill herself like Sophie tried to do when he dumped her. Dex then starts to sob and holds tightly onto Scott who hugs him and tries to comfort him, saying he's sorry and that she couldn't find anyone better than him because he's one of the best people he's ever met. Dex looks at him and Scott tells him he's perfect. Dex then suddenly kisses Scott, who is completely taken aback. Dex immediately apologizes and says he's messed up and didn't mean to kiss him, but thanks him for staying. Scott tells him he's not going anywhere and Dex asks him not to tell anyone that Eliza hit him because sh'ed be furious, which Scott agrees to. They then exchange I love you's and a hug and Dex goes to the bathroom as Scott cries, still shocked and confused by the kiss.

In Clarity, Scott is walking with Danielle as the cops come and ask to take Danielle down to the station regarding her relationship with a teacher. She tries to deny it, but the cops then show her the photo she took of her and Mr. Teller kissing as blackmail and Scott is shocked by it. Before she goes, Danielle asks Scott to go to her house and warn her mother of what's going on and make sure Angel goes with her to the station, which he agrees to.

Dark Horse (1), Sadie calls in Sophie and Scott to take the old set director's position on her play. She asks if they are on good terms again and Scott awkwardly says they are, although he hasn't talked to her in forever. They then agree to help and he warns her to calm down before she hyperventilates. They are later trying their best, although Scott explains to Candace they have no idea what they're doing. Micah then helps Scott lift a box when he can't do it himself. He and Sophie along with Candace and Micah work together to get the job done. He is later helping Sadie and Caylee paint a wall and is nervous when Sadie mentions Tim is back in town since she still does not know he is the reason she was dumped. He than warns her against taking anxiety meds since they're not prescribed to her. When she mentions how she's planning on talking to Tim, Scott tries to convince her against it so the truth doesn't come out. At another practice, Sadie comes in high on anxiety meds and Scott tells her that he warned her not to take them and explains to everyone what she's on.

Later on after Sadie talks to Tim about their breakup and learns the truth, she finds him in the Hub with Angel and Olivia and calls him a dick in front of everyone. After she calls him out, he tries to explain himself, but she cuts him off and says they're done being friends and that she's going to make sure everyone knows what he did. She then takes Olivia's smoothie and pours it on his head in front of everyone. Olivia tries to chase after her and fight her for doing that, but Scott stops her and tells her that he deserves what she did to him. Tori then comes and gives Scott paper towels as they discuss how unstable Sadie is.

In Dark Horse (2), Scott tries to make things better with Sadie and explain himself again, but she doesn't want to give him the time of day. He says that if Tim left her that easily just because of something he said, it's probably good they didn't get serious anyway, but this only angers Sadie more (who is also high on meds) and she tells him that he's pathetic and couldn't even get Tim after he broke them up. She then tells him she never wants to talk to him again and storms off, making Scott feel worse about his actions. The night of the play when Sadie overdoses on meds, Scott is present and starts to cry, saying it's all his fault, believing she started to take the pills because of her breakup.


Scott in 3B

In Pills N Potions, Scott is shortly seen as his lunch table talking with his friends before going off with Brittany to study for a bio test. Later, he is with Danielle when they see Angel and Peyton together both wearing very scandalous clothes which Scott is shocked by. When they talk to Angel, Scott brings up how he heard she was smoking with Peyton and asks what's happening since this isn't the girl he knows. She then tells him that he must not know her well then and leaves as Scott and Dex discuss her crazy behavior.

In Do What U Want, Scott and Chloe approach Brittany at school and Scott tells her that he heard about Bernard blackmailing her for money using a video of them having sex. Brittany knows that Chloe told him and is initially upset, but Chloe reminds her that Scott won't tell anyone and helped her with Bernard before, so she goes on to tell them she has a plan on how to get the money. Instead of telling them, she gives them an address and tells them to meet her there at 8 and she'll show them. Scott and Chloe are both confused, but listen and wind up at a bar. Once they get in, Scott realizes they're at a strip club and are astounded to see Brittany in lingerie dancing on stage. Scott looks away and says there's too many boobs and they wait in a corner and discuss what's going on. Scott tells Chloe she must have gotten in there illegally since she's only 16 and says she must be pretty desperate as they look back in worry.

When she gets off, they both start judging her. While Chloe says it's trashy, Scott is more worried about the implications of her being a minor and doing this. He tells her that it needs to stop when she says that she likes it and how confident it makes her feel. She then asks if she'd be better off selling drugs and neither say anything, which gets Brittany upset that they think that is better than dancing on stage. Chloe calls her a slut and Brittany loses her mind. Scott tries to say Chloe didn't mean it, but Brittany screams at Scott to leave and throw a hairbrush at him, so he darts out following Chloe.

In Big Girls Don't Cry, Scott is going over the plan for his and Dex's movie night they are having and Dex mentions that he didn't know Scott liked X-Men, which Scott says he does, but the look on his face says otherwise when he turns away. Eliza comes and tries to invite herself to their movie night, so Scott tells her it's a guy's night out. Eliza is mad and tells him they're hanging out on Sunday no matter what before Mr. Hanson calls for Dex on the PA. He says it's probably about him failing a class and Scott says goodbye. Scott is walking to class when he sees Dex running through the hall looking upset and asks what the principal wanted. Dex then starts to cry and buries himself in Scott's shoulder, making Scott worried. Dex then tells him that his brother died in the army and Scott is shocked and comforts him as he cries.

They are later sitting on a bench while Dex lays his head on Scott's shoulder as they discuss why Dex doesn't want to be around his family right away. Eliza comes and asks Scott to give them some alone time, but Scott says if Dex wanted to be with her, he'd find her. Eliza gets very annoyed as does Dex, who tells them that they need to love him more than they hate each other because he hates having to deal with their fights. Eliza sits down and the three sit in an awkward silence together. Soon after, Eliza's mom texts her that she's there to pick her up and Eliza says that Dex should come home with her. At first, Dex is about to say he'd rather stay with Scott, but Eliza then says he needs to stop ignoring her, so he decides to appease her and leaves Scott. He tries to get Scott a ride home so he doesn't have to walk, but Eliza purposely says no and kisses Dex while staring right at Scott. They leave as Scott is left feeling furious with Eliza.

The next day, Dex calls Scott after seeing missed calls from him. Scott picks up immediately and asks how he is, saying he's there whenever he needs him. After Eliza revealed Scott's feelings for him and said she'd leave Dex if he picked Scott over her again, Dex says they won't be able to hang out for a while and hangs up. Scott is heartbroken and confused.

In Same Love, Scott walks past Dex and Eliza and Eliza purposely turns them in a different direction so he can't talk to Dex. He meets up with Keith and talks about how they're going to nail the presentation they're doing together. Scott says he's nervous about talking in front of the class, so Keith says to act like Scott is just talking to him. They stop in front of Scott's class and Scott tells him that he didn't need to walk him to class, but Keith says he wanted to and they high five before Keith leaves. They are later working on their project in the hallway and kiss. Keith brings up their past, but Scott says they were so clueless about everything back then and things are different now, making Keith believe maybe they might work out this time.

In a flashback Keith has, it shows the initial reason behind Scott and Keith's rivalry and the reason everyone hated Scott in the first episode was because Keith told the whole school Scott stole money from his parents after Scott's dad caught them cuddling and kicked Keith out. The next day, Keith puts his arm around Scott in the hallway and Scott mentions that his friends are convinced they're going to date. Keith asks if they are as they sit and Scott says he doesn't know. Keith brings up their past and all the stuff he did, but Scott says he's just focused on the present and that Keith was the first guy he fell for, but that they should take things slow to make sure things work out. Keith kisses him and asks if he's allowed to do that and Scott says definitely, so they then make out. Scott then leaves and accidentally bumps into Eliza and Dex. Eliza thinks that Scott is stalking them and calls him out on it, upsetting Scott who tells Eliza she can't manipulate Dex forever. After Eliza accuses Scott of flirting with Dex, which Scott wants to keep secret, she calls him a slut for now being with Keith and Scott is shocked. He looks to Dex to stick up for him, but instead, Dex says Scott should leave them alone for a while. Heartbroken that Dex would betray him for Eliza, Scott seeks out Keith's comfort and asks if his parents will be home that night, confirming that he's only using Keith to get his mind off of Dex.

In Catch My Breath, Scott is at Eric's birthday party and after Keith makes a remark about blowing things after Eric blows out his candles, Eliza comments that she doesn't need to know what they do in their free time. Annoyed, Scott tells her they are not doing that. Scott is then shocked to see Eric's new car. He later goes on a double date with Keith, Eric, and Abby.

In Misery Business (1), Scott walks back into school with Keith holding hands and Alicia comes asking if they've defined their relationship yet. Keith explains they're taking it slow and Alicia tells them that everyone already thinks they're dating anyway. Scott then kisses Keith goodbye before heading to class with Alicia. He is later in class with Angel texting Keith and she gets his attention, acting worried that he's talking to him again. Scott asks what's wrong with it and she tells him that he's using Keith to fill the void Dex left. Scott denies this, saying he and Keith have always had something. When Angel says it's convenient they started talking right when the love of his life left him, Dex asks if they can stop talking about this and says Dex was just a crush. He then says he's not into Dex anymore and will prove it before walking off. At lunch, Keith asks if they can have dinner with Scott's parents so he knows they still don't hate him and Scott is shocked. Keith explains that he wants the whole world to know about them this time and Scott says he'll talk to them about it, but in his head knows that it will never happen.

Scott is freaking out at his locker and Olivia comes and asks if he's going to come out to his parents, but Scott is lost on what to do. He explains that he's been ready to come out forever, but he's not sure how his parents will take it and reminds her of how they freaked out when he wanted to join the pride club. He says it's not likely they're opened their minds when Olivia brings up that might might have. Olivia then says she'll talk to Keith because he shouldn't have to force Scott to make this big decision, which Scott is grateful to her for. After the talk doesn't go well, Keith goes to Scott and sets up a date for the dinner, which Scott unhappily agrees to, starting to freak out. He calls his dad from an empty classroom and hopes to tell him over the phone so it won't be as bad, but as soon as he brings up Keith, his father calls him a faggot and Scott realizes they will never be okay with him being gay. He makes up a lie about why he called and hangs up, stressed about what to do. Dex walks by and sees him looking distraught and walks in asking if he's okay. Scott doesn't want to talk to him and tells him to go back to Eliza. Dex tries to make things right between them, but Scott is furious that Dex ended their friendship because his girlfriend asked him to and tells him he doesn't want to be a fair-weathered friend. He then tells Dex that he's had a lot of people leave him, but none of them hurt more than Dex did and leaves. He runs into Keith and tells him that he can't do the dinner with his parents. Keith says that he doesn't want to be his secret and Scott explains that they have a better chance being together if his parents don't know since they might banish him or send him to therapy. Keith gets mad and says he's still the same pussy around his parents that he's always been and Scott asks why he's so upset to which Keith replies that he doesn't want to be with someone who's embarrassed to be seen with him. Scott explains that he kisses him in the halls and everyone at school knows they're together, but his parents just can't know. Keith doesn't understand, so Scott raises his voice and says he wishes things were as easy for him as they were for Keith and that he's jealous that Keith's parents were totally fine when he came out. He says that all he wants is for his parents to love him unconditionally, but that won't happen and that he shouldn't be punished because of the circumstances he's been put in. Keith doesn't listen to anything and leaves. Unbeknownst to Scott, Keith tells his parents they are together.

In Misery Business (2), Scott is walking home and is on the phone with Angel. They are talking about him and Keith and he tells her that he has no idea what is going on between them because they haven't talked since their fight. Angel says that maybe they aren't right for each other since Keith is being so selfish about Scott coming out to his parents. Scott tells her that he knows this, but needs to just get away from everything for a while. After telling Angel he's going to sit in his room and binge watch Pretty Little Liars all night, he walks into his house and sees his parents waiting for him at the kitchen table. Scott gets worried and asks if someone died, but they tell him that Keith called them and said they'd been dating for a month. They then outright ask him if he's having relations with a boy and Scott is speechless, not knowing what to say, but furious that Keith would do that.

At school the next day, he asks Keith what's wrong with him as he bursts into his class before the bell and tells Sophie and Alicia what he did. Keith shows no remorse and says he was helping him, but Scott explains that he had to lie to them and say he was joking or they were going to send him to boot camp. Scott then tells Keith that whatever they had is over and leaves. He is seen crying by Caylee who comes to comfort him. After explaining what happened, Caylee tells him that maybe Keith helped him in a weird way since now he has no other option other than to come out, which he was never going to do on his own. Scott says that he has too much drama going on already to deal with this now and Caylee hugs him, saying they'll get over it eventually. Scott starts to believe that maybe they will accept him after some time and mentions that Dex isn't there for him when he really needs him. Caylee tells him that he deserves better, but that things will work out very soon. Scott then says he's going to come out to his parents and hopes they'll accept him.


Scott about to come out to his parents.

He gets home and goes straight to his parents and says he's gay. His mother tells him that he lied to them yesterday when he said he wasn't and Scott says that he doesn't want to go to therapy or a pastor because there is nothing wrong with him. His father says that something is because the bible says how wrong homosexuality is, but Scott mentions that they always skip over the "all men are equal" verse. His father insists they get him help, but Scott says he can't change who he is, which makes his father say he's delusional for thinking the way he does. His parents say that he must go to therapy, but Scott refuses and tells them that everyone at school knows and is okay with it, making them upset that other parents know they have a gay son. After Scott refuses yet again to go to therapy, his father tells him to get out of the house because he's filthy and disgusting. Scott starts to cry and begs his mother to not disown him, but she backs away as his father calls him a faggot and tells him to pack his stuff. They both leave the room and Scott's legs give out in heartbreak and disbelief as he continues to sob alone, abandoned by his parents.

He is next seen on a park bench with suitcases and calls Dex, but only gets a voicemail made by Eliza, causing him to cry harder since Dex's voice was the only thing he wanted to hear. He calls Angel and tells her he has no home and asks if he can stay with her. She tells him she's on her way to pick him up and tells him everything will be okay, but Scott says it won't be this time before laying down in misery on the bench, feeling completely alone. He walks into school the next day with Angel and everyone wants to try and console him after hearing about what happened, but Angel tells them to give him some space and Scott asks if he's going to have to explain it to everyone now over and over again. She tells him he doesn't have to tell anyone anything he doesn't want to and he thanks her for the help again. Scott sees Keith coming and warns Angel to leave since this could get ugly. Keith says he heard what happened and says he never meant for that to happen. Scott says he doesn't believe him because he knew this was going to happen. Keith says that he knows he's a bad person, but knows he's not evil and Scott says that he could have fooled him before slamming his locker and leaving.

In I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Scott finishes moving into Angel's house and tells her mother that she doesn't know how much is means to him for her to let him stay there. Scott is later one of the few people who welcome Ethan back after his time spent in juvey and gives him a hug. The next day, he gets out of the shower and Angel asks him what he thinks about Keith, feeling insecure about herself after planning revenge on Keith with Olivia. Scott says he doesn't hate Keith as much as she might think. He says that he doesn't have to worry about him anymore since he's cut out of his life and isn't going to try and get him back because he cares more about what people think of him as a person rather than getting revenge. This causes Angel to stop her revenge plot on Keith. Dex comes and knocks on the doorframe as they are both shocked to see him. He asks if he can talk to Scott alone and then sits next to him, saying he's sorry for ditching him because of Eliza. Scott says he was mad at Dex for a long time, but now all he wants is for him to be back in his life. Dex quickly hugs Scott. Scott immediately hugs back tightly and looks relieved to finally have him back in his life. They then head out to hang out unbeknownst to Eliza and make up for lost time.

In Almost Is Never Enough, Scott overhears that Dex needs a tutor and says he'll do it, which annoys Eliza who says he needs a real one. Scott says that he shouldn't pay for one when he's willing to do it for free. Dex agrees and put shis arm around him, looking to Eliza for approval. Eliza unhappily agrees, but tells them not to goof off the whole time because he really needs help, and they agree. They are in the library studying and Dex thanks him for the help, bringing up how he has to get his shit together for college. Scott mentions how it'll be weird not having him around next semester when he graduates, but Dex promises they'll still hang out. Dex then hugs him goodbye and leaves as Moon comes and tells Scott he seems back to normal with Dex. Scott agrees and mentions that he feels responsible for Dex's disastrous relationship with Eliza since he was the one to introduce them to each other. He says that if he were a good friend, he'd help get him out of the toxic relationship he's in, but Moon warns him that his plan can only end badly and he shouldn't butt in where he doesn't belong. Scott says as his best friend, he has to help him.


Scott asking Dex about him and Eliza.

Scott and Dex are studying on Dex's bed and asks how he and Eliza have been. Dex says they've been fine, she's just pissed at him because of his grades like she always is when he messes up. Scott says he shouldn't let her control him, but Dex says he can't think about that right now because he's focused on his grades. Scott asks if he's ever thought about dumping her which annoys Dex who then asks if they can just work on his homework. Scott apologizes and Dex takes his hand and apologizes back for acting annoyed and tells him he's grateful that Scott is worried about him, but he just needs to do well this last semester so he can get into a good college. Scott then gives him a math problem to do and looks worried.

At school the next day, Eliza comes up to his locker and says she knows he's trying to get in between her and Dex and break them up. Scott says they're just friends, but Eliza brings up that Scott is in love with him. Scott says that he used to be, but that doesn't make it right what she did to him involving Dex and separating them or how she treats Dex. She doesn't know what he's talking about, so Scott tells her that she abuses him physically and emotionally and the only reason no one sees it is because the girl is the one abusing the guy and society is sexist. She denies hurting Dex, but Scott says he's seen her slap him and says it might not leave a scar on his skin, but leaves one on his brain and misses when she wasn't a terrible human being. He then leaves and she is shocked.

In Vampire Money (1), he gets home and sees Angel with Eric and a bunch of other people and asks what's going on. Angel says it's not a good time to barge in and he doesn't want to know, so he goes to his room to watch TV. At school, he starts getting worried about what they are doing and Angel explains they're trying to trace people by their phone numbers, but can't do it. Scott then says they're lucky he watches a lot of MTV and follows how they do it on Catfish, successfully finding all the people. He starts noticing that the people he found are all missing and gets worried that his friends are in trouble. After he finds the last person and sees he's dead, Scott is horrified.

In Vampire Money (2), Scott is seen at the spring fling with Alicia and when he announces they're there as dates, everyone gives them a weird look. he then tells them that couples tickets were cheaper and goes off with Alicia to find lonely boys to dance with.

Season 4 Edit


Scott in Season 4.

In Know Your Enemy, he is seen in the hallway at school with Dex and looks extremely annoyed when Eliza and Dex both act friendly with Brendan. After Brendan walks away, Scott reminds them that he was the guy who gay-bashed Scott the year before. Seconds later, Sophie walks by and Eliza starts an argument with her, which Scott tries to break up. After things get physical and Eliza starts to attack Sophie, Scott and Dex both grab her and pull her off of Sophie. He later walks in on Eliza and Brendan making out and immediately freaks out. Eliza and Brendan try to calm him down, but he just keeps screaming and runs out of the room. Eliza chases after him and Scott tells her how gross that was. Eliza reminds him that they've been friends for a decade and that he can't tell Dex, but Scott reminds her how she's treated him like shit for months and asks why he would ever keep that secret from his best friend. Eliza sees a chance for manipulation and tells him Dex is replacing him as his best friend with Brendan, angering Scott. She also reminds him how messed up Dex is and if Scott told him, it would only make things worse. Scott asks why she did it in the first place then and Eliza dodges the question, so Scott says he won't tell Dex as long as Eliza ends things with either Dex or Brendan ASAP. They then shake on it and Scott asks if Dex has been hanging out with Brendan when he says he's been hanging out with Eric and Eliza lies and says that he has. Scott then gets discouraged about how everyone always leaves him for someone better, so Eliza apologizes for everything she's done to him lately. Scott doesn't accept it, but just says again how he can't believe he's hiding this from Dex. He then warns her that if he ever finds out, Scott will be by his side in a heartbeat over her's. He then leaves, frazzled and upset.

He later goes to get coffee with Eliza, who comments about how she misses when they used to hang out, trying yet again to manipulate him into hating Dex and coming back onto her side. When Dex walks in with Brendan, Scott gets very upset, so Eliza tells him to stick up for himself and not be a doormat anymore, adding fuel to Scott's fire. Dex walks over and says hi to them and Scott immediately tries to leave, but Eliza holds him back, forcing him to confront Dex. Dex asks if Scott is mad at him and asks why, so Scott says that he is and tells him to look to his left, referring to Brendan. He then storms out.

In Heaven Knows, Eric bumps into Scott and Scott sees that he's visibly upset, asking if it's about Abby's imprisonment. Eric says that is it and feels guilty since she's in there because of him. Scott says that it's not his fault and he shouldn't be so hard on himself. They bump into Eliza and Dex and when Dex tries to talk to Scott, Scott ignores him and walks away. Sensing something is wrong, Eric follows him and asks what's up with him and Dex. Scott responds by explaining the Brendan situation. When Eric asks if he's going to forgive him, Scott asks why he should. Eric agrees he shouldn't and points out that they're both missing the people who mean the most to them. Scott then suggests that they hang out and get their minds off of everything, which Eric agrees to, pointing out how they've always been good friends, but have never hung out just the two of them. They then start to plan what to do as Dex watches in jealousy. He later hears of a rave going on from Brad and passes on the info to Scott, in which they decide to try one out and go together.

They go to the rave that night and as soon as they walk in, they see people having sex, taking drugs, and being totally crazy. Scott seems very uncomfortable and wonders to Eric if this was such a good idea. Eric suggests they go back to his place and chill, which Scott says is a good idea. Before they can go, Eric bumps into his brother doing a line of cocaine and Scott is shocked. As Eric talks with him, Scott is seen being fondled and flirted with by two women, making him very uncomfortable. He slips away with Eric and they decide to go home, narrowly escaping the police as they raid the place. Scott asks about Eric's brother and shows remorse for how he's acting. Eric then brings up that just because he's friends with Keith doesn't mean he condones what he does, regarding him getting Scott kicked out. Scott says he understands and parallels it to his relationship with Eliza, talking about how he can't ditch her for good since it's against what he believes. Eric then asks about how that works with Dex and Scott mentions how he gives Dex everything and feels like he only gets 50% back. They then agree that life sucks before seeing that Abby got released from juvey. They then rush to go see her. On the way, Eric gets a call saying his brother overdosed on cocaine and when Scott hears, he apologizes and asks why Eric doesn't seem more effected, which Eric replies he's done caring about him. He then asks Scott to keep it between them, which Scott agrees to. He and Eric go to Abby's house and when she opens the door, they both shout "welcome home." Scott says he's glad Abby is back safe and sound before giving them privacy.

After getting home at Angel's that night, he feels much better about everything going on due to his talks with Eric and walks in on an intense conversation between Angel and her mother, unbeknownst to him that Angel just blamed her drugs on Scott. He tells Angel that Abby is out of juvey and realizes that something is wrong when they both stare at him. He asks what's wrong and Angel's mother tells him he has until midnight to get his things and move out due to his "drugs." Scott is confused and asks what she's talking about, but Angel plays along with her lie and tells Scott to drop the act because her mom found his drugs. Scott asks what drugs she's talking about, totally lost as her mother tells him he has an hour to leave before walking away. Angel bursts into tears and Scott asks what she did, so she explains her mother found drugs she had on her, so she told them they were Scott's. Scott then freaks out and tells her to tell her mother the truth since she'll understand and he has nowhere else to go. Angel refuses to tell her and Scott tells her that he'll have to sleep on the street. Angel apologizes again before locking herself in her room and leaving Scott to move out. He starts to panic and cry as he tries to figure out what he's going to do.

In Ain't It Fun, he is seen a few hours following the previous episode sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night with a duffel bag of his things trying to get a hold of someone on the phone. He calls Danielle, but gets her voicemail and quickly moves on to calling someone else. After getting voicemails from Caylee and Brittany, he tries to call someone else, but gets a message saying his service has been cancelled due to not lack of payment. In anger, he chucks his phone across the park he's at and lays down on the bench, saying that this is his bed for that night. He then struggles to fall asleep in the cold while looking up at the stars.

He gets to class the next day late and Chloe comments that he smells like he hasn't showered, so he comments that he needs a home in order to shower, which he doesn't have. He then explains how Angel kicked him out and how he had to sleep on a park bench. He then asks Chloe along with Brittany and Alicia if he could spend the night at their houses that night while he tries to figure everything out, but they all come up with excuses, angering Scott who brings up how great it is that they're not there for him even though he is always there for them whenever they need someone. He then leaves class before they can try and comfort him any more. In between classes, he gets to his locker and starts to break down, hiding his face in his locker, but hears Angel calling his name and quickly composes himself. Angel tries to explain herself further, but he doesn't give her the chance and tells her that his life is ruined because of her, but she corrects him and says it's because of Keith. Scott then changes his mind and says his life sucks because he gives everything he can to everyone else, but no one ever returns the favor. He then says that he's over people apologizing but then not showing it after Angel tries to do so, so she asks what she can do to help. He says she can try to not disappoint him like everyone else has, but then says it's too late for that. As the warning bell rings, Scott walks off and Dex walks up to him, mentioning that he heard what happened and is sorry. Dex tries to hug him, but Scott dodges it and says he can't deal with him right now. Dex doesn't understand since they're best friends, but Scott brings up all the bad things Dex has done to him like ditching him for Eliza, befriending Brendan, and talking him him when it's most useful to him. Dex apologizes, but Scott tells him also to prove it. Dex tries to by inviting him a place to stay, but Scott refuses his offer. He then says that no one cares about him and he doesn't care about himself either now, so Dex tells him that he cares about him a lot. Scott then asks why Dex and everyone else treats him like shit and says that he's done with everything and doesn't see a point to anything anymore. Dex says that Scott has him, but Scott comments that he won't if Eliza finds him dangerous to their relationship. He then leaves to find a job leaving Dex upset at where they stand.

Scott is next seen filling out an application for a pizza shop and is recognized by Hank, Keith's ex-boyfriend. They start up a conversation about Keith and Scott tells him how Keith got him kicked out of his house. When Hank asks where he's staying now, Scott says a park bench, alarming Hank who quickly offers him a place to stay. Scott at first seems hesitant because Hank is 20, but seems more interested after Hank leaves him his number and reminds him that they both share being screwed over by Keith. He goes to the hub with Eric, Abby, and Sophie and mentions that he might sleep at the school when Abby asks. Sophie says he should tell Mrs. Dayton, the guidance counselor, about his problem, but Scott says she'll put him in a group home and wants to figure it out himself. He asks if any of them would let him stay over for the night, but they all refuse. Sophie then gives him money for him to go get her a coffee, which Scott does with annoyance. At the counter, he is greeted by Keith who comes in. Scott tells him not to talk to him and when Keith thinks he's mad because Keith rejected him, Scott very loudly and sarcastically exclaims that that's why he's mad, because he got rejected by "Mr. Fuckboy." Eric tells Keith to leave after people start to watch them, but Scott says he'll leave instead. On his way out, he bumps into Olivia and tells her that he's fine even though it's apparent he isn't.


Scott talking with Eliza.

Later that night, Scott is walking through the hallways at school with all of his things and sees Eliza, explaining that he's sleeping at the school that night. Eliza tells him to stop being stubborn and forgive Dex so he has a place to stay, but Scott refuses to let him get off easy after everything he's done. Eliza blames herself for making Dex choose between her and Scott (leaving out how she recently pitted him against Dex under false pretenses) and Scott brings up how Dex chose Eliza in that situation. She then apologizes for everyone that has hurt him, but tells him he has to accept help from somebody and doesn't have to deal with everything alone. She then leaves and Scott chases after her, asking if he can use her phone. He calls someone and asks them if he can stay with them. Eliza smiles, believing it's Dex, but in the next scene, it's shown that he was actually talking to Hank, getting picked up by him and driven to his house. Once in Hank's car, Hank hugs Scott out of nowhere and sniffs his hair, freaking Scott out. Hank then tells Scott they'll have to share a bed since he only has one, which freaks Scott out even more. Hank says that they're going to have a lot of fun together as he strokes Scott's thigh and drives off, leaving Scott feeling very uncertain and scared of what he's getting himself into.

In Bad Blood, Scott notices Danielle looks annoyed when she walks into class and asks if something is wrong, which she says there isn't. She then asks if he has somewhere to stay. which he tells her he does. He then asks her about her struggles, wanting to focus on someone else's rather than his own for a change. She talks about how she really doesn't like her mother's boyfriend and Scott tries to get her to give him a chance because her mom deserves to be happy.

In Glory and Gore, Scott comes to his door one night after Hank says someone is there to see him. He sees it's Dex and is shocked to see him at his new place with Hank. Dex expresses his concern over Hank's age, but Scott tells him he's only 19 and has been through hell because of Keith as well, so they understand each other. Dex asks if he'd rather stay with someone he knows, but Scott says that Hank doesn't make him pay rent and now that he has a job at the pizza shop, he can save up for a place of his own and move out soon anyways. Dex apologizes for how he acted and says he wants to be best friends again, but Scott is still unsure about how he feels about the situation. Dex then brings out a picture frame from behind his back and reveals it's a photo from Scott's 15th birthday party, the first time they ever hung out, and tells Scott he has that sitting on his nightstand, which shocks Scott. Dex explains that he knows he messes up sometimes, but that Scott is the most important person in his life, even over Eliza and his family after Scott asks. Scott then caves and admits that Dex is his #1 and he was just nervous to forgive him in fear he would just treat him like shit all over again. They agree to become best friends again and hug after Dex says he needs one from him. As they hug, Dex kisses Scott on the forehead as Hank watches from the window looking angry. Dex then brings up that Scott has always been there for him and it's his turn to return the favor, making Scott feel guilty since he is still keeping the secret of Eliza's affair from him.

At school the next day, they are walking together and walk into Eliza, who is shocked to see them on speaking terms again. Scott comments that they're best friend goals and Dex mentions that he and Dex tell each other everything unlike other friendships they have, making Eliza worried about her secret. After Dex hugs Scott and leaves, Eliza asks if Scott told Dex about her affair, which Scott says he hasn't.

The next day, Scott finally decides to tell Dex about Brendan and Eliza's affair. When he does, Dex is furious and Scott feels like a horrible friend for going against Eliza, but says he'd also be a horrible friend for keeping it from Dex. Dex then angrily goes searching for Eliza as Scott tries to stop him and say how mad she'll be if she finds out Scott told him. Dex doesn't listen and Scott awkwardly listens to their fight as Eliza brings him into it saying he only knows how to be a bad friend. Dex sticks up for him as Scott doesn't know how to react to what's going on. After Dex breaks up with Eliza, she looks for retribution by telling Dex that Scott is in love with him, mentioning how Scott follows him around like a puppy and saying she kept that secret because she was a good friend unlike Scott. Scott is completely blindsided and embarrassed, quickly turning red and telling her to shut up. When Dex asks if it's true, he can't form a response and says "fuck you" to Eliza before running off in shame. Dex finds him later on and asks if he can sit next to him, which Scott replies that he can if he wants. Scott then tries to apologize, but Dex cuts him off, saying he never would have kissed Scott if he had known how he felt. Scott then corrects that he kissed him twice and Dex says he's okay with how Scott feels, but is worried about things becoming uncomfortable between them. Scott then explains that he doesn't feel that way about Dex anymore, but goes over how he fell for him in the first place and how Eliza interrupted that. Dex apologizes for causing him so much pain, but Scott says he shouldn't feel sorry for his stupid feelings. Dex then says that they're not stupid before leaning in to kiss him, only to be interrupted by Sophie, who came to warn Dex that Eliza is telling people he's gay for Scott, believing it to be only a rumor, but now seeing it's not. Scott covers for him by saying Dex is just trying to make him feel better, so Sophie leads them to continue their conversation, but first gives Scott a high-five, embarrassing him even more. Dex says he wasn't kissing him just because he felt sorry for him, but Scott stands and says they're better as friends and can't be anything more because they both know Scott would be the one getting hurt in the end. Dex takes his hand and asks for him to stay, but Scott leaves to process everything that just happened.

In With Every Heartbeat, he wakes up to Hank singing him happy birthday and putting a cupcake on his chest. Scott is confused how Hank even knew it was his birthday and Hank explains he saw on facebook. Scott then blows out his candle and refuses to tell Hank what he wished for since then it wouldn't come true. Hank understands and suddenly kisses Scott, throwing him off guard. He then starts to make out with him as Scott doesn't reciprocate and looks very uncomfortable. Hank pulls away and looks hurt that Scott isn't into it, asking what's wrong. Scott says that nothing is wrong and realizes he can't ruin things at his new home, so he brings Hank in and starts to make out with him very heavily. When Hank starts to stroke Scott's inner thighs, he looks very uneasy, but continues to keep Hank happy. Hank stops him and says he has to go to work, but says he has a special surprise for him that night, running his hands down Scott's chest and insinuating it's something sexual. Hank leaves as Scott looks very confused and worried, taking a bite of the cupcake, but not liking it and putting it on the dresser.

He comes into school late and sees many of his friends at his locker waiting for him for his birthday. Abby asks where he was first period and he explains that the ovens broke at work so he had to go in and help fix it. Dex then wishes him happy birthday and everyone else follows suit. He thanks them and says he's surprised they remembered, noting that Hank even remembered. Danielle then notices that Scott has a hickey and asks where it's from. Scott quickly covers it and goes to his locker to distract attention from it. When Jamie and Caylee press for him to reveal who it's from, he says it's from Hank and tells them that he's not with him, but Hank thinks that he is, so he's going along with it to avoid being put back on the streets. His friends all start to speak their disapproval of what he's doing and when Angel brings up how weird he is and suggests he might rape Scott, Scott tells her he wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for her, causing her to angrily walk away. Scott then apologizes to everyone for his behavior and explains he just has a lot on his plate and can't focus on his birthday, but appreciates their wishes, saying he loves them all. Everyone leaves except for Eric, Abby, and Dex who continue to worry about the situation he's in. He assures them all he's okay before hugging them all and leaving for class. Dex and the other two then agree they have to do something to help him.

He sees Keith in the hallway and asks if Hank is dangerous, reminding him that he wouldn't come to him if he wasn't desperate. Keith refuses to help him, saying that Scott got himself kicked out of his house and doesn't owe him anything. Scott asks how he got himself kicked out and Keith explains that if Scott were a good boyfriend, Keith wouldn't have had to tell his parents about them. Scott notes that they never even dated officially, so Keith says he doesn't feel bad leaving him. After Keith leaves, Scott looks upset and hopeless about his new-found nervousness about Hank. Peyton overhears their conversation and offers her help to him, noting she's done a lot of background checks in the past and can do one on Hank. Scott thanks her for her help, but she says this is her birthday gift to him, going off to do her work and winking at him, causing Scott to feel much more relieved over the situation. He sits down on a bench to ponder what's going on and Danielle comes to sit with him. He tells her his moral dilemma of how he thinks Hank wants to have sex with him and that he doesn't want to, but is afraid that if he doesn't, Hank will kick him out. Danielle tells him how disgusting that is and asks if he's ready to have sex. Scott says that he is if it were to be with someone he loved, but he has no feelings for Hank. Danielle suggests he clear things up with Hank and say he just wants to be friends, but Scott is worried that might get him kicked out too. Danielle says she won't judge him if he fucks Hank just to have a place to stay, but warns him that other people will if they find out. Scott agrees and says this is a test of how much self-respect he has for himself. Danielle tells him that he'll do whatever is the right thing and hugs him, leaving just as Eliza comes and tells him that she forgives him for telling Dex about her affair. Scott points out that he did the right thing and doesn't need to be forgiven for it. Eliza then accuses him of breaking up every relationship around him because of his jealousy and loneliness, bringing up how he did it with Sadie and now with her. This causes Scott to lose his shit, pointing out what a terrible person she is and how bad of a friend she was to him, saying he is completely done with her shit and everyone else's. He storms off leaving Eliza looking furious.


Scott telling Hank he's not ready for sex.

Back at Hank's apartment that night, they are watching TV together when Hank starts to touch Scott's leg and kissing him, saying how hot he is. He then unzips Scott's pants and inserts his hand into Scott's underwear, saying he wants to see what he's packing in there. Scott is very uncomfortable and pushes Hank off of him after Hank says he's hung. He very carefully tells Hank that he barely knows him and isn't ready to have sex yet with him. Hank is completely okay with it to Scott's amazement and says they can hold off until he is ready. Hank then brings up the surprise he mentioned earlier and brings Scott into the garage where there is a new car for him. Scott is completely astonished and asked how much he paid for it, not expecting to get anything from Hank. Hank doesn't answer the question and goes to get his jacket so they can go on a test drive. Scott immediately calls Danielle when Hank is gone and says he's in deeper than he thought, saying how Hank got him a car and he can't possibly leave him now. Danielle is flabbergasted and calls Hank a psycho. Scott hangs up on her as Hank comes back and suggests they go to the beach to watch the sunset. They get in and Scott starts to back out of the garage as Hank kisses his cheek and Scott looks very overwhelmed and shocked.

In Call Me When You're Sober, Scott is sitting with Abby who is researching base jumping. Scott asks why she wants to go and she explains that she wants to try new things after being released from prison. He comments how scary it looks and she looks hurt, asking if he would still do it with her. Scott sees Eric coming and says that her very understanding boyfriend is here to take his place. After they start to argue over Jarrod sending her to prison, Scott says it's his cue to leave and walks off so they can have their privacy.

In Elastic Heart, Scott goes to Caylee along with Moon and Olivia after her secret relationship with a teacher is exposed, seeing how she's doing. When she can't figure out where she is, they tell her he got expelled from the school district and Scott asks her what she expected to happen after he had a relationship with a student.

In Bed of Lies, he is seen listening in on a conversation Eliza was having with Moon and Olivia about possibly being pregnant and not knowing it if the baby would be Dex's or Brendan's. He is completely shocked and is later seen talking with Alicia about her abortion she is going to have. She asks if he's going to tell Dex about the baby since it might be his, but Scott says that with everything going on, he doesn't need to know about it and worry about that as well. Alicia comments about how people will react when they find out about this, but Scott says that no one can find out. When she is confused and asks why he is protecting Eliza due to their friendship being over, Scott corrects her and says he's protecting Dex, not Eliza.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (1), Scott is in Dex's room covering his eyes while Dex gets his birthday present ready. Scott starts to get impatient and suddenly hears the song "Birthday" by Katy Perry, getting very confused. After Dex says he can open his eyes, he sees Dex holding two Katy Perry concert tickets, causing Scott to freak out, not believing they're real at first. Scott jumps up and down in excitement and tells Dex he loves him, hugging him and making Dex laugh. Scott then points out that Dex doesn't even like Katy Perry, but Dex said watching Scott see his queen perform will be hilarious to watch and worth it. Scott says that he can't believe Dex would do this for him and Dex comments that after all the bullshit he's been through lately, he deserves this. Scott continues to admire the tickets and tells Dex he's going to have to deal with him freaking out over the concert for 4 months.

After Alicia cancels on her double date with Brad and Olivia and Troy, Brad asks Dex to come and make things less awkward, so Dex brings Scott with him, who mentions he's never mini golfed before , but doesn't mind being there for Brad. At the first hole, Scott mentions that he has no idea what he's doing, so Dex starts helping him by re positioning his hands on the club, making Brad and Troy smile since they believe Dex likes Scott back. Dex quickly lets go of Scott's hands and lets Scott try it, who gets a hole in one. When Troy tells Scott he just has beginner's luck, Scott says his teacher is just really good and high-fives Dex. After golf, Dex walks Scott to his apartment, mentioning that with the crazy person stalking Abby, who knows what he wants. Scott thanks him for tonight and says that he had fun even though he sucked. Dex mentions they should do things like that again and Scott asks if he means going to couple's nights at places and pretending to be a couple to get a discount. Scott then says he's happy they're friends again and Dex tries to apologize for his actions again, but Scott says it's in the past now and asks how he's been doing since the breakup. Dex says he's been doing better, which makes Scott happy who says he hates seeing Dex upset. Dex says he should be getting home and they start to reach out for a hug, but suddenly, both lean in for a kiss and start to make out. Scott quickly stops it, saying Hank might see and get upset since he thinks they're a couple. He then says that Dex doesn't feel that way about him, but Dex admits that he doesn't know how he feels anymore. Scott then says he's been down that road before and got hurt and doesn't want Dex to get his hopes up, so they need to stop doing this right now. He then wishes Dec good night and goes inside, still shocked by what just went down.

In Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (2), he walks into the spring fling with Hank, upsetting Dex who was planning to tell Scott his feelings about him that night. He is later seen slow dancing with Hank as Dex watches, figuring out what to do next. Dex sees Scott is alone and walks up to him, asking where his boyfriend went. Scott specifies he's not his boyfriend and says that he went off with old friends, asking Dex if he's having a good time. Dex says that he hasn't danced with anybody yet and wants Scott to change that, so Scott says it'd be his honor. They then start to slow dance and Scott mentions that they'd better be careful or people will start making gay jokes about them, but Dex says he doesn't care. Scott mentions that he saw Dex talking with Eliza and asks how that went. Dex says he's not giving her any more of his time and Scott says that's good because she doesn't deserve it for what she did to him. Dex brings up what she did to Scott as well and Scott once again says it's in the past and they can move on now. Dex says he can't because he wonders what would have happened if he had figured out who was the right one for him to begin with, implying that person is Scott. Scott is shocked by Dex's statement, but Hank comes up to them before he can react. Hank pulls Scott away to introduce him to some of his old friends, but Scott can't stop looking at Dex, shocked that Dex might have real feelings for him.

Jamie walks up to Scott later on and asks how serious he is with Hank. Scott says not at all and is expecting her to judge him for faking a relationship with him just to have a place to stay, but Jamie says she understands he's only doing what he has to do to get by. Scott says he feels like a shitty person, but Jamie corrects him by saying he's a good person who has shitty things happen to him. Scott asks her if she's having a good night, but she moves on and tells him she saw him and Dex dancing, asking what that's about. Scott says he thinks Dex might have feelings for him and isn't sure if that's a good thing or not. Jamie says that Dex is the love of his life and Scott doesn't argue with it, but says that now the idea of them being together is a possibility, he's scared to death that if they dated, they would soon break up and not speak anymore. He says he'd rather be best friends than date for a while and end up hating each other. He also brings up that he knows Dex cares a lot about his image and masculinity and wouldn't want to keep it a secret like he thinks Dex would if they got together. Jamie says he needs to stop worrying and just be happy, but Scott says he doesn't know what makes him happy anymore before leaving again with Hank. He goes to dance with him, but Dex comes and asks if he can talk to Scott for a minute. Scott asks if everything is okay and Dex then asks him out very loudly in front of the entire dance, shocking everyone listening, including Scott. Hank and Dex then start to argue and Hank almost punches Dex, but Scott breaks it up and tells Dex he doesn't know what to say. Dex tells him to say how he's really felt all along and to just be with him, but Scott can't say it in fear of losing him as a friend forever and says he's with Hank. Dex tells him that he doesn't love Hank and that he knows Scott loves him. Scott says he can't love Dex anymore because it hurts too much and watches in pain and sorrow as Dex and Hank start to argue again. Scott stops it and tells Dex he's sorry he can't be with him before leaving the dance with Hank, breaking Dex's heart.

In Mad World, Scott is one of the few people throwing flowers on Abby's grave with her parents at her funeral and sadly does so. When Eric says she didn't deserve this, Scott says she obviously didn't and leads Sophie away to check on Danielle so Eric can have some alone time with Abby's parents. He later goes to the Hub with some of his close friends after the service and rubs Eric's back as he sits in pain without her. When Eric wants to find who did this to her and get her some justice, Scott agrees with him. The two then go to Blake's house to get more information and Scott is the one who asks him if he knows anything about what happened to her. After they get their information, Blake asks Scott how Eliza is doing since he hasn't talked to her in forever, but Scott says he doesn't know since they don't talk anymore. Scott and Eric then leave and Scott supports him.

After Eric's breakdown, his parents call Scott who immediately rushes to Eric's house and bursts into his room asking what happened. Eric says he had a meltdown, but is okay now, relieving Scott. Scott then notices that Dex is also in the room, making things very awkward since they haven't spoken since he turned him down at the spring fling. Dex leaves to get water and Eric immediately tells Scott to be with him if he loves him and now knows not to skip out on anything you love because life is too short. Scott asks if he's okay and they discuss his meltdown. Scott then says him and his friends will always be there for Eric and will help to put him back together now that a piece of him is missing. Scott gives him a hug and Eric starts to cry into Scott's shoulder.

In Glitter in the Air, he is seen walking into Bubble with Hank, upsetting Keith. He is later seen after school with Hank and a few of his other friends as Hank explains that someone crashed into his car. Scott is shocked and upset that someone would do that just as Keith drives up to the school in his car which is wrecked. Chloe points it out and Hank gets very upset, knowing Keith must have been the one to crash into his car. Scott tries to calm him down, but Hank goes after Keith and everyone follows. When Keith admits to crashing into his car because he's bored, Scott says it was because Hank was dating Scott and he wanted revenge.As everyone starts bashing Keith, he says that Scott shouldn't be treated as the victim when he starts everything, which Scott is surprised to hear and thinks it ridiculous. Keith goes on about all the stuff Scott did to him, but Scott retorts by going over everything Keith did to him and because of him, he hates living anymore. Scott then tells him that he's done caring about him at all and that he can rot in hell for all he cares. Keith suddenly snaps and slaps Scott across the face extremely hard, sending Scott to the ground in shock. Everyone is shocked by Keith's action and out of nowhere, Dex comes and decks Keith so hard in the face that he instantly gets knocked out. Dex and Hank then start to argue over Scott and almost start to fight, but Scott gets up and stops it as Principal Hanson comes over and tells everyone to get into his office. On the way, Scott smiles at Dex and mouths the words "thank you" to him, which Hank sees and is upset by.

In the office, Keith finally wakes up and Hanson asks why the fight went down, so Scott says it's because Keith is a psychopathic maniac. He then explains everything Keith has done to him to Hanson and Keith's parents and reveals that he crashed his car into Hank's. Keith explains that he hates Scott because his parents loved him and spent time with him and that's all he ever wanted, which is why he got satisfaction of getting Scott's parents to hate him. Keith starts getting sympathy for people after a heartfelt speech to his parents and Scott quickly squashes it by saying he doesn't get sympathy after everything he's done and that he will never forgive him for how badly he's screwed up his life. He then leaves and tells Hanson how the fight went down, thanking Dex for sticking up for him and being the only one who truly loves him still. He then apologizes to Dex for everything before rushing out of the office, leaving everyone floored.

In All About You, Scott is brushing his hair in the bathroom as Hank comes in and asks if they want to finish watching Gossip Girl that night. Scott says he can't because he's hanging out with his "squad," listing off names when Hank asks who is in his squad, leaving out Dex's on purpose. When Hank mentions Dex as one of the members, Scott is silent for a moment before agreeing with him. Hank then tells Scott he doesn't want him hanging around Dex anymore now that he knows Scott used to have feelings for him just like Dex does now. Scott is angry, saying that Dex is his best friend, but Hank says that they have Gossip Girl and Scott reluctantly texts Danielle telling her he can't come and why. He then texts Dex directly and apologizes for not coming, but Dex is angry and responds with "whatever." The next day at school, Scott apologizes again in person to Dex, who sarcastically says he wouldn't want to upset his boyfriend. Scott reminds him that he has to have a place to stay and wants to talk in private about matters that they have yet to discuss. Dex refuses and says he doesn't have anything to say to Scott, upsetting him. Dex then says he can't look at Scott without feeling like the biggest idiot in the world and walks away, making Scott feel horrible. Brittany walks by and notices the fight, offering Scott some advice by saying she knows he's still in love with Dex and he should stop torturing himself and just admit it. Scott says he'd rather have Dex in his life as a friend than nothing at all and knows they wouldn't work out as a couple. Brittany says they might end up happily married but he'll never know if he doesn't give it a shot. Scott admits the thought of them together when they're fifty makes him tingle and Brittany tells him to man up, so Scott is then seen trying to gather courage to come out with the truth.

At lunch, Scott witnesses Dex sticking up for him when Eliza starts talking shit and smiles. When Dex and Eliza notice he's there, Eliza leaves and Scott takes her seat, thanking Dex for sticking up for him. Dex says that he will until the day he dies and Scott tells him how much he misses him, asking if they can start talking again. Dex says that he can't trust himself around him despite knowing they're better off as friends. Scott then admits he can't be just friends with him anymore and Dex invites him over after school so they can talk everything over. Later that day, they sit in awkward silence on Dex's porch. Scott mentions that he hates how awkward things are now and misses when they were fun, so Dex mentions that a lot has happened since then. Scott apologizes for embarrassing him in front of everyone when he shot him down at the dance and Dex says it's fine if he doesn't feel that way back. Scott admits that he does feel that way, but he can't let Hank know since Hank thinks Scott is in love with him. Dex admits he should have let Scott stay with him, but was still trying to figure out his feelings and sleeping in the same room felt weird. Scott says that he understands and mentions he can move out soon with the money he's made from his job. Dex apologizes for choosing Eliza over him all those times and Scott says it's okay since he was in love with her. Dex corrects him and tells him he was only ever in love with one person and he's with him now. This makes Scott blush and stand up, saying they need to have fun again like old times. They then decide to go night swimming in Dex's pool and get into their boxers. They fight about who should go in first and Dex pushes Scott in, making them both laugh. Dex jumps in and they chase each other in the water for a bit until Scott finally catches him, wrapping his hands around his neck. Dex turns around as Scott is still wrapped around him and they look into each other's eyes, saying how perfect this is. Scott then kisses him and they start to make out as Dex presses Scott up against the side of the pool. Scott lets out a sob, which scares Dex who asks what's wrong. Scott admits he's just really happy and tells Dex he loves him. Dex starts saying he loves Scott too and has wanted to say that for so long. Dex grabs Scott's face and makes out with him as they both laugh with giddy of finally getting together. Dex then grabs Scott's torso and wraps his legs around Dex's body as they continue to make out in the pool.

The next morning, he's back at home with Hank and making breakfast, much to Hank's surprise. Hank points out that there has to be a reason for it since Scott hates cooking and Hank then sees a text Scott gets from Dex saying "have you told him yet ;)." Hank asks what Dex means and Scott starts apologizing, making Hank realize what's going on. Scott says that he's going to move out, but Hank tells him to keep the apartment because he's done with Clearwater. He then tells Scott he's just as bad as Keith even though he acts like a saint, headed for the door. He tells Scott not to be there that night so he can get his things and tells Scott goodbye. Dex then calls and comforts Scott who starts to believe he really is as bad as Keith. Dex then tells him he has a surprise for him at school and Scott is excited. At school, they wear shirts that say "mine" and point to each other as a way to come out as a couple to everyone. People are excited and cheer for them as they look truly happy..

In Dream Catcher, he and Dex are helping Jamie and Julia move into their apartment after getting kicked out of Jamie's house. Scott says how surprised he is that happened, but explains how they basically started World War 3 at school. He then offers them support along with Dex.

In Ultraviolence, he is informed by Alicia that Eliza told the whole school Dex got her pregnant, but she aborted the baby because he abused her. Infuriated over this, Scott immediately finds Dex to talk about it. He tells him that he can't believe he got her pregnant and forces him to discuss this with him when Dex initially doesn't want to. Scott asks if Dex knew he got her pregnant and Dex yells back that he didn't, scaring Scott who tells him to stop yelling. After Dex brings up how she's twisting the story, Scott brings up how she was the one who abused him, upsetting Dex even more. Scott then asks why they didn't just use a condom, but Dex doesn't want to think about the "what ifs." This causes Scott to say that he didn't sign up to date someone who just knocked a girl up, but Dex retorts by saying he didn't sign up to be that person either. Dex then tells Scott to leave since everyone probably will and leaves Scott with a tough decision. 

Peyton and Wyatt later approach him at his locker and are worried about him due to everything going on, but Scott tells them not to worry about him since they don't know the full story. They both then try to convince Scott to leave him, believing what Eliza said about Dex abusing her and warning him abusive relationships are dangerous. Not wanting to deal with the lies anymore, Scott angrily slams his locker and furiously approaches Eliza, saying that she's going to tell everyone the truth. Eliza begs to differ and Scott explains that Dex is contemplating leaving school and she's taken this too far. Eliza replies by saying she doesn't feel bad for Scott since he was the one who outed her cheating, but Scott reminds her that he was the one who introduced Eliza to Dex in the first place and she owes him. He asks her one more time to tell the truth and end the drama, but she refuses to due to her reputation. Moon and Jamie overhear and quickly come to Scott's side. Together, the three of them threaten to oust all of her dirty laundry, reminding her of all the dirt they have on her. Eliza finally gives up and tweets that Dex never abused her, making Scott happy. Scott then tells Jamie and Moon he has to talk to Dex since he wasn't the best boyfriend earlier, feeling bad about how he went about the situation now. He says that they all do stupid things and he has to accept that getting Eliza pregnant is one of Dex's mistakes. They then go separate ways and are confident that if Eliza comes after them, they have plenty of ammo. 

Scott rushes home and sees Dex packing all of his things. Dex says that he's moving out and understands why Scott would leave him since he's so pathetic. Scott apologizes for what he said earlier and explains he was just shocked, but that Dex shouldn't be so hard on himself since everyone makes mistakes. Scott tells Dex how much he loves him and asks him not to move out, telling him he's not breaking up with him. Dex is elated to hear that and runs over to Scott, kissing him and apologizing again. Scott apologizes as well and asks that they never let Eliza get in between them, which Dex agrees to. Dex asks if it's bad he's happy she got the abortion and thinks about how different things would be, but Scott reminds him not to focus on the "what ifs." They then kiss again and both look happy to be together again. 

In Wide Awake (1), Scott kicks Jamie out of the bathroom so he can do his eyebrows for work, but she reminds him he works at a pizza shop and no one cares. Dex comes in and tells Jamie that Scott cares and Julia comes in as well looking for toilet paper. One of their phones goes off and all 4 check to see if it's there's, but it's Jamie's. Scott is then shocked to hear Liam went missing and points out he left the night before he's supposed to stand trial against his father. He then leaves with Dex and Jamie to help Caylee look for him. 

In Wide Awake (2), Scott is in class and notices Angel writing down the name Tripp in her notebook, asking who Tripp is. Angel tells him he's her future husband and Scott asks for her to explain. Angel tells him that she just met him, but that they're going to Lana's party together and that he might be the one. Scott warns her that she barely knows him and he might turn out to be a total dick. He gets worried and points out she's not sounding like herself, but she says she's just in love and wants Scott to stop popping her bubble. He tells her he just doesn't want her getting hurt, but she asks to dream about him in peace, so Scott appeases her wish, but looks both confused and worried about her.  

He is later seen walking into Lana's party with Dex and is shocked at how many grinding girls there are. When they and Alicia see Angel twerking on Tripp, Scott explains what she said about him earlier. He then leaves with Lana, Dex, and Peyton to help Angel.  

In OctaHate, Scott is present at Alicia's intervention for her returning eating disorder and tries to get her to eat food, but to no avail. 

In My Everything, he and Dex notice Eric looks upset and they go to check on him. Scott points out that Eric has a scary look in his eye. He gets very freaked out when Eric says he wants to murder his brother for killing Abby and says he's just upset right now and doesn't actually want to do it, but Eric won't listen and pushes past them. He is later there for Eric when he says goodbye at Abby's grave one last time and gives a short speech along with everyone else there.  

In Her Diamonds, Jamie walks in on Scott giving Dex a blowjob and they stop when they see her, but she quickly closes the door and leaves. When Eliza comes up to him and his friends at lunch trying at act cordial, he gives her a weird look, wanting no part of her. When she asks if they can be friends, he tells her no and asks her politely to leave. He holds Dex back when he almost gets up and tells her she can't just treat them horribly and then come back expecting them to forgive her just like that. After she leaves, Scott comforts Dex when he is sick by just seeing her and tells him he never has to speak to her again.  

Scott and Dex get home that night and see Jamie and Julia packing Jamie's things. Scott asks what's going on and is saddened to hear Jamie is moving out and seems less than enthused when Julia tells him she's staying. Scott looks underwhelmed along with everyone else when Julia announces she got accepted into Clearwater Community College since everyone who applies gets in. Scott then brings up that they're all going to be at college next year and the apartment will be lonely and they all group hug, promising to all stay close. They then help pack Jamie's things into Julia's car. 

In I Will Never Let You Down, Scott and Dex are brushing their teeth together and after, Scott fixes Dex's hair, but Dex reminds him he's just going to his final exams and doesn't have to look good. They hear a knock at the door and Scott goes to check who it is, initially thinking it might be Julia who forgot her key again, but is disappointed to see it's Dex's father. His father asks to see Dex and Scott goes to get him, but warns him that his father doesn't look happy, commenting that he never does look happy when he sees Scott. After a fight between Dex and his father, Scott rubs his back to comfort him and asks if he's okay. He then asks if Dex wants to have one more study session before his exams, reminding him what the letter his father read to him said about his grades and what's at stake. Dex gets angry with Scott and says that he heard it, but calms down and hugs Scott to apologize. Scott decides they should get Dex's favorite coffee before his exams and tells him that he's going to ace his exams, making Dex feel better who then kisses Scott.  

Eric later comes and drops Dex off at the school with Scott who wishes him luck again and rubs his arms before kissing him again and getting back in the car with Eric. He is later seen at the Hub with Eric during Sophie and Danielle's conversation. He gets home later on and calls for Dex, asking him how the exam went. Getting suspicious when he doesn't hear Dex home, he sees the bathroom door cracked open and walks in to see if Dex is in there, seeing Dex with a razor pressed to his wrist. Scott immediately freaks out and stops him, asking what happened after Dex throws the razor. Dex explains he got caught cheating on his final, shocking Scott. Scott feels terrible for him after finding out Dex is now getting held back, but explains that cutting himself won't help anything. Dex reminds Scott that he did it, but Scott explains he tried it once, but it didn't help and nothing did until he took control of the situation. Scott kneels in front of Dex and says he just wants to help him, asking if he wants to move back home after mentioning he barely sees his family. Scott tells him to move home if he wants because he doesn't want to be the reason he's unhappy, but Dex assures him he's the only thing putting a smile on his face. Scott then convinces him to stay home for a couple of nights and tells Dex to call him if he ever wants to cut himself again. They kiss and Dex goes to pack a bag as Scott watches him, looking very concerned.  

He later talks to Danielle while Dex is at the senior hangout and wonders if he is the reason Dex is so unhappy. He threatens to walk out right then if it ends up being true and Danielle rubs his hand as they watch Dex look happy with his other friends.  

In The Edge of Glory (1), he is seen on the last day of school talking with his senior friends about how far away they're going to be and kissing Dex on the cheek when he seems disappointed he doesn't get to leave as well. He is later getting help by Julia and Dex for prom and comments how crazy they're going to be on their wedding days since they are being so particular about prom. Scott then looks very happy when Dex makes a comment about their wedding one day. After Julia finds out she got accepted into St. Petersberg university, Scott is very excited for her and they all jump up and down together. He is later seen slow dancing at prom with Dex. 

In The Edge of Glory (2), he along with Jamie, Caylee, and Dex make Julia breakfast in bed after she is kidnapped at prom and he later drives Jamie back home so she can get her dress. He later shows up at Caylee's grad party and Eric and Danielle are excited to see him, saying that Dex is running late, but telling Caylee that her father has arrived in his wheelchair. He is later in the big group photo along with Dex and their other senior and graduated friends.  

Season 5 Edit

In Cool For the Summer, Scott comes back from work looking exhausted and greet Dex with a kiss. When Dex asks him how his shift was, Scott says he's excited for school to start back up so he can quit doing 10 hour work days. He notices the art Dex is working on and commends him for how great it is. When Dex doubts his abilities, Scott tells him how great of an artist is. He then shows him his latest paycheck, which Dex is shocked by because of how much it is. Dex hugs him and says that he should be working, Scott tells him he wanted Dex to take the summer to perfect his art in order to be accepted into a great school for it. Dex thanks him for letting him do that and says he sees how exhausted Scott is from working as hard as he is. Scott says he wants to do something special with his day off the next day and use some of the extra cash he got to get new outfits for the Katy Perry concert they have the next day. Dex says that sounds perfect and Scott tells him to finish his work while he takes a shower. Dex jokes that he wants to take one too and they both laugh as they head for the bathroom together.


The next day, they are shopping for clothes and Dex comes out of a fitting room in a very flashy outfit, which Scott is shocked to see him in. Dex says that it isn't him, but Scott says that if he likes it, he should get it. Danielle's mother, Mary-Beth, calls Scott's name, and he is very excited to see her. He tells her it's been so long since he's seen her and she asks him about his parents, telling him she's sorry. He tells her he's over it and notices Dex standing and watching them awkwardly. He introduces Dex to her, saying she's his second mom. Mary-Beth asks if he used to date the girl with the red hair, meaning Eliza, and Scott states that was before he knew he was gay. Dex corrects Scott and tells him he's not gay. Scott seems very confused and Mary-Beth awkwardly leaves them. After she's gone, Scott asks him why he didn't tell her he was gay. Dex tells him it's because he's not. Scott asks if he should have said he was bi, but Dex tells him he's straight. Scott gets very confused and Dex asks him how he didn't know that. Scott admits he doesn't understand and Dex explains that he's attracted to girls only, but he fell in love with Scott. Scott says that's different, and Dex asks him if that's okay with him, which Scott says it is, but by the look on his face is not at all.

Scott and Dex are later having coffee with Eric and Peyton and Scott tells Peyton the concert tickets were the best birthday gift ever when she asks if he's excited for the concert. Dex kisses his cheek and goes to the bathroom and the second he is out of earshot, Scott tenses up and tells Eric and Peyton he needs their help. He explains how Dex told him he identifies as straight, and Eric is confused and thinks he should at least consider himself bi since he's dating a guy. Peyton explains that she's heard of people who are straight, but fall for one person of the same sex, but it never happens again. Eric asks Scott if he's okay with that, and Scott seems unsure, worried Dex might fall for a girl again and leave Scott since it would be way easier to just be with a girl rather than him. Eric assures him that Dex is head over heels for him. Peyton tells him he needs to talk to Dex about it now before it starts to gnaw at him and Eric and Peyton immediately leave as Dex comes back, forcing Scott to talk to Dex about it. Dex is confused when he gets back and sees the other two gone, and Scott says that something came up. He then asks if they can talk about something and says he doesn't understand how Dex can identify as straight while being with a man. Dex explains that he's never felt anything for a guy other than him. Scott asks how he knows he feels something for him at all, which Dex responds that he just does. Scott asks why he doesn't just be with a girl and make his life easier, but Dex says he'd rather be with him. Scott admits that it'd be easier if Dex were just bi, which upsets Dex who thinks Scott wants him to change himself just to make Scott happy. Scott tells him that's not what he means, but Dex says that in relationships, you have to love everything about the other person, not just pick and choose. Scott says this is just new to him and he needs time to process, but Dex gets upset because he gave up so much to be with Scott. Scott gets upset and tells Dex to go be with a girl and get pussy like he really wants instead of wasting his time with a guy. Dex says that he will and slams the concert tickets on the table before walking out, leaving Scott very upset.

Later that night, Scott is at the Katy Perry concert with Danielle, who is having a great time and dancing while Katy sings "Teenage Dream." Danielle thanks him for bringing her and notices that Scott doesn't seem very happy to be there at all. Danielle tells him that she knows he'd much rather be there with Dex, but to try and have a good time. Scott asks how he can have a good time when he and Dex might break up over this. Danielle explains that if he breaks up with Dex over this, he's a dumbass since Dex chose to be with him over a girl for a reason. She also says that he saw how hurt he was for so long because of the feelings he had for Dex, so now that he has him, he should never let him go. Scott jokes that Dex can get it up with him, so he must be attracted to him. They laugh and Scott admits he shouldn't have been so stupid and Danielle mentions that if Scott could get over Dex possibly having an aborted baby with his enemy, they can get through this. She tells him to stop being a sad sack and to dance with her, which Scott does.

After the concert, Scott gets home and crawls into bed next to Dex. Dex asks how the concert was and Scott says it would have been better with him there and apologizes, saying he was right about everything. Dex admits he should have told him sooner, but Scott says it's okay and that he expects everyone to leave him, so he was pushing him away so it wasn't harder later on. Dex rubs Scott's arm and explains that he's never going to leave him because he's never felt a love like this and is willing to give every piece of himself to Scott just to make him whole again. Scott says he just wants Dex to be happy and isn't sure being with a guy will make him happy. Dex tells him that Scott has gotten him through everything and he wants to be with him until he dies. They pinkie promise over it and Dex starts play fighting him and tickling him. Scott kisses Dex to stop him and Dex says Scott smells like cotton candy and stripper from the concert. They then cuddle and go to bed.

In Fight Song, he walks into school along with Danielle, Alicia, Peyton, Eric, and Dex and talk about Danielle's upcoming campaign for student body president. Scott tells her that everyone already knows she's going to win, which she says that she hopes comes true. When they get into the school, they see posters everywhere that say "Lana Davis For President" and everyone, including Scott are shocked to see her running. Scott wishes her luck in beating her since she's a piece of work and looks worried for his friend. He, along with the others, grab posters and head off to start hanging them.

He later meets with Eliza for lunch and immediately says that hanging out with her again feels weird. He is shocked when she tells him that she misses him and hesitantly sits down across from her. He tells her that he misses the old Eliza that was his best friend. She tells him that she wants to be that girl again and orders them drinks, in which Scott is shocked that she remembers his favorite. She asks him how things are with Dex and he asks if she really wants him to answer that question. She says they can leave him out of the conversation and he asks about her homeschooling. She then asks if he would tutor her, and he tells her that he can't because he's working 50 hours a week and has no time to commit to something else. Eliza tells him that she thought he wanted to fix things between them, and he explains that just because he can't tutor her, doesn't mean that's not true. Eliza gets up and says that she tried and Scott apologizes, but she refuses the apology and when Zak delivers their drinks, she tells him that Scott will pay for them and leaves. Scott is shocked and when Zak asks what that was about, he tells him he has no idea.

After hearing loud noises outside their apartment that night, Scott and Dex come rushing out and see Dex's car completely smashed. Scott knows who did it and looks furious as Dex mourns his car.

In Lean On, he is seen walking in the halls with Dex and Eric by Keith, who was hoping Eric would walk with him instead. Scott later walks up to Angel and asks if she's ready to rock their English assignment. She's not into it and when he asks her what's up, she explains that she feels like she's being ditched by her best friend. Scott tells her that he knows how that feels, but most of the time, the other person doesn't even realize they're doing it. He asks if this has to do with Danielle, and when she says yes, he reassures her that she's just busy with the election, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still want to be best friends. Angel mentions that she's hanging out with Lana 24/7, and Scott tells her it's because they're running partners and that Angel should talk to Danielle about how she feels and to cut her some slack.

In Ex's and Oh's, Scott, Eric, and Sophie try to be there for Peyton following her being exposed as being a helper in Clearwater Secrets and being shut out by Danielle. He tells her that hate is a strong word when she says that Danielle hates her and offers her a place to stay with him and Dex since Danielle kicked her out, but Peyton says she has somewhere to stay. Scott tells her things will get better and puts his hand on her shoulder before heading out with Eric and Sophie.

In Feeling Myself, Scott is talking to a co-worker on the phone at his locker when Olivia comes up to talk to him and apologizes after hanging up. Olivia mentions how she hasn't seen him in forever and he explains that work is taking over his life. Olivia says they should hang out soon and catch up, but before Scott can answer, Dex comes running over to him and says he's going to fail his calculus exam. Scott tells him he helped him study all night, but Dex said it's got all jumbled in his head and asks if they can go over it again before his class. Scott agrees and asks Olivia for a rain check before heading off with Dex. She later sees them making out in an empty classroom instead of studying and gets very annoyed.


Scott in the fifth season.

In Used to Love You, Scott and Dex are doing foreplay in their bed, but when Scott starts getting close to giving Dex a blowjob, Dex gets up and says they should get ready for school. Scott jokes that he might not be a straight guy if he's passing up a blowjob for school and Dex says he just has a busy day and doesn't want to get distracted. Scott senses something is wrong and asks for Dex to just tell him. Dex explains that they're entering dangerous territory since they've been living together for four months and haven't had sex yet. He says he doesn't want to do anything that Scott isn't ready for, explaining that he's been ready, but once they go there, they can't ever go back. Scott assures him that he's ready and there's no one else he'd rather have his first time with. Dex says he wants it to be perfect and Scott says that if it's with him, it will be and tells him he's been so bust with work and school, he wants more time with just Dex. Dex then brings up the blowjob, which makes Scott laugh as they go under the covers.

Later that day, Dex gets home and Scott tells him it's Italian night as he cooks pasta. He asks where Dex was and is worried when Dex tries to lie, saying it's okay if he doesn't tell him. Dex admits he can't lie to Scott and explains he was at his parents' house. Scott asks if he had fun and when Dex starts tripping over his words again, Scott asks if he's okay. Dex then proceeds to tell Scott that his family wants him to move back home, and a part of him wants to move back as well. Scott asks why he wants to leave and Dex explains that he hates taking care of himself when Scott is gone, which is all the time. Scott explains that someone has to pay the rent and he doesn't mind working doubles so Dex can focus on school, but he thought Dex was also okay with that. Scott offers to pick up less hours, but isn't sure how they'll make the rent each month. Scott then gets very emotional and tells Dex not to leave because he needs him, which frustrates Dex who feels like he's being pulled in many directions. Scott says they'll figure this out, but Dex tells him that he will figure it out himself because it's his life, which offends Scott. Scott says that he thought Dex was happy with him, but guesses he was wrong. Dex tells him he was wrong because he's not happy, causing Scott to go in their room and slam the door, crying. Dex follows him into the bedroom where Scott asks if he wants to break up, which Dex replies that he doesn't, but admits things aren't fun anymore. Scott asks what happened to them that morning, and Dex explains that the second Scott leaves, he's depressed. Scott offers to quit his job, but Dex tells him not to and that he's going to stay with his parents for a few nights to figure things out. Scott tells him to have fun with his asshole father and leaves, very upset.

Dex later returns the next day and finds Scott sitting in silence. Scott explains he's thinking of a way to make money without working and Dex tells him not to quit his job. Dex apologizes for not realizing everything Scott was doing for him and giving up for him, which makes Scott feel slightly better. Dex apologizes for being a jerk and taking out his homesickness on him. Scott asks why he doesn't just go home more often, and Dex explains he wanted to believe he was adult enough to live on his own, but knows now he's not. Scott tells him that he always tries to act like a manly man who can take care of everything himself, but it's okay to not be that guy sometimes. Dex says that when Scott is at work, Dex will go home and see his family, which makes Scott happy. Dex tells Scott that he makes him happier than anything in the world and kisses Scott, who then tells Dex he's so happy he didn't lose his virginity to Hank or someone he doesn't even know anymore because he knows Dex is his guy and the only person he wants to lose it to. Scott explains that he doesn't want to mess things up with him and wants to grow old with him. He then tells Dex he wants to have sex. They proceed to take their clothes off and get into bed, exchanging "I love you's" and having sex.

In Haunted, he is walking through the school hallways with his friends discussing how Eric's brother is back in town. Scott offers up that he might actually be sober, but Dex tells him that's not likely. When Eric wants to move out of his house because of his brother's return, Scott and Dex offer him their spare bedroom.

In Wildest Dreams, he is getting lunch with Peyton and Sophie when Tripp comes up and takes Peyton away to talk, leaving Sophie and Scott to tease her from afar about it.

In Love Me or Leave Me, Keith suspects Scott of sabotaging his new relationship and approaches him and Scott, calling him out for it. Scott tells him it wasn't him and after Keith insults Dex, Scott holds Dex back when he almost punches him. Scott tells Keith he's had it good for too long and karma was going to catch up with him eventually before walking away with Dex.

In La Lune, Scott is helping Danielle prep for the student council debates and tells her she looks fine and to stop worrying about her competition, Lana, because she's going to slay. She then tells him he's the best and hugs him and he wishes her good luck as he sits with Brittany in the audience. He later brings her flowers along with the rest of their group after her win.

In American Beauty/American Psycho (1), Scott is seen in a dream sequence in Moon's head at her funeral along with Danielle and Olivia talking about how even though Moon died, they still have Jamie, who they like better. He is later at the Hub with a big group of friends having fun and when Eliza tells them to quiet down, he tells her to ignore them. When she calls them out for trying to purposely make her jealous, he tells her none of them even give her a single thought and tells Danielle it's not worth fighting her after she spits at them.

In American Beauty/American Psycho (2), he is at the Hub with Danielle and their friends talking about her first moves as school president when they notice a news report about Eliza in a car chase with police. Scott tells Wyatt, who is working, to turn the TV up and they all watch in shock. Scott comments that Dex sure dodged that bullet, jokingly. He later visits Moon in the hospital when she is in a coma and mentions that she's a fighter and will be okay.

In One Last Time, he and Danielle are seen eating chips and salsa on his couch alone on Thanksgiving. He comments what a great Thanksgiving feast this is and Danielle comments he has queso in the fridge too once they finish the salsa. They toast chips to eating their feelings and after Danielle explains how her Thanksgiving ended up bad, Scott explains that he planned a nice day with Dex, but he went to his family's last minute and left Scott with no plans. He then gives Danielle advice for taking in the fact that her father just came out as gay, saying it was harder for him to accept himself because the culture growing up portrayed gays as disgusting. He comments that he couldn't imagine how hard that would be and pushes Danielle to talk to him since coming out was very hard and knowing his daughter supports him will mean the world. She complains about how awkward it's going to be, and he tells her she's going to need to bite the bullet on this one. Danielle rests her head on Scott's shoulder and asks what he's going to do alone all day since it's not fair to him. Scott says he'll be fine since he has to finish Parks and Rec and might hang out with some people later. Danielle thanks him for being so great and tells him that even though life pulls them apart sometimes, he has always been the best guy in her life and hugs him. She then goes, leaving Scott to spend his Thanksgiving alone watching TV.

In Arms Around a Memory, Scott is at lunch having fun with his friends. Peyton tries to join the group and Scott is accepting of her, but when everyone else is not, she leaves, and Scott follows her. He explains that most of everyone is over the Clearwater Secrets drama, but Danielle is not. He then apologizes for not being able to see her more and asks how she's doing. She says she's alright, but he tells her that her tone wasn't very convincing. He asks if her ex-boyfriend who she's living with is treating her right and she explains that he had a meltdown that morning. He offers her his spare bedroom to stay in, but she doesn't want to be in the way of him and Dex. He tells her that she wouldn't be and when her ex tries to get her to come home by manipulating her, Scott tries to get her not to go since it's not safe for her to be around him. When she refuses not to go, Scott tries to go with her, but she shuts him down and leaves, making Scott very worried.

In Roses, Scott and Peyton walk in on Lana having a conversation with Danielle and Alicia and Lana tells them that she and Eric hooked up. Scott congratulates her and when they start talking about the size of his penis, Scott gets uncomfortable and reminds them they're talking about one of his best friends. At lunch, everyone is discussing Lana and Eric potentially being the new power couple over Scott and Dex, and Scott mentions that if he's going to give up the throne to anyone, he's glad it's them. When Dex calls Lana stuck up, Scott explains that she comes off that way, but is actually really sweet and funny. He then gets very nervous when a fight breaks out between Sophie and Eric over Eric moving on from Abby.

In This is Gospel (1), Scott is seen getting hired at Pac Sun, which brings the ire of Keith, who watches upset. Keith confronts him, asking what he's doing there. Scott says he's working there now and asks Keith what he's doing there. Keith reveals that he works there and asks why he's working there now too. Scott informs him that Pizza Time shut down, so he needed something. He asks Keith why he's working here, and Keith says it's to pay off Hank's car which he wrecked. Scott is shocked that Keith has been keeping a secret job, and Keith says that he is embarrassed about having to pay for something on his own. Keith asks Scott if he wants him to pay him to quit and work somewhere else, and Scott is confused as to why they can't both work at the same place. Keith says that too much has happened between them, and Scott explains that it's not like they're hanging out, they'll just see each other occasionally at work and it isn't a big deal. Keith tells Scott to stay out of his way, which Scott annoyingly agrees to. Keith later gets annoyed when he sees Scott entertaining all of his co-workers, leading to Keith not getting any attention. Keith then plans to get Scott fired. He ends up taking clothes and slipping them into Scott's bag.

When Scott goes to leave that night, he sets off the sensors and his manager finds a ton of merchandise stuffed inside, which confused Scott, who adamantly says it is not his. Scott looks at Keith, knowing he must have something to do with it. His manager, with no other option, fires him. Dex meets Scott and kisses him, asking how his day was, but Scott is frozen in place. Scott informs him that he was fired because Keith stuffed clothes in his bag. Dex chases after Keith as Scott tries to stop him and Dex asks Keith if he has to steal everything from Scott. Keith tries to act clueless, but Scott says that he obviously didn't steal those clothes. Keith says they have no proof that Keith did anything and Keith tells him that Scott has always had a problem with stealing, alluding to the lies he spread when they were in middle school. Scott loses his temper and gets in Keith's face and tells him that he will never break him because of the amazing people Scott has in his life, which Keith doesn't have and that this is the last thing Keith will steal from him. Scott then leaves with Dex.


Scott calling out Keith.

In This is Gospel (2), Keith learns that Scott filed a restraining order against him. Scott is seen with Peyton arriving at Angel's house. Her mother called them there to try and help Angel, who has been crying and saying she wants to die for hours. They both try to comfort Angel, but she tells them she's not worthy of living and doesn't say anything else after that. Knowing there's nothing they can do, Scott decides they should go. Scott tells Angel's mom that she's like a zombie and to keep an eye on her in case she tries to harm herself. They leave, upset that they couldn't do more and by seeing their friend that messed up. Scott later is called into work and sees Keith being fired. They are left alone and Scott says that sometimes the world is fair. Keith is shocked that Scott filed a restraining order against him, but Scott reminds him that he said it would be the last time Keith took anything from him. Scott reminds him that he has to be 30 feet away and goes to help Peyton, Keith very upset with him. Scott is later at the Hub with all his friends and Angel comes in following her bipolar diagnosis. Scott tries to be there for her. Dex then pulls him aside and reminds him how much he loves him, saying it took a while to figure out, but he knows Scott is the one for him. They kiss and look very happy as they return to their friends.

In Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Scott is decorating the tree when Dex comes home with food and is shocked to see the apartment so decked out with decorations. Scott explains that he saw they had some spending money and couldn't stand their place not being festive for the holiday. Dex says he's happy Scott decorated and is so excited for Eric's Christmas Eve party and then spending Christmas with Dex's family. Scott gives Dex a kiss, who is surprised to hear Scott is coming to his house for Christmas since he never brought it up to them. Scott asks if they would care and Dex reluctantly says it'll be fine. Scott says after their shitty year, this will be the best Christmas ever. Dex rests his head on Scott, and doesn't look so sure.

As Scott and Dex get to Eric's party, they are shocked to see all of their friends came and both give Eric an awkward hug since they are carrying so much stuff. Scott stops and catches up with Kat. He later is taking pictures with friends when Dex calls him over to talk. Dex tells him that he's leaving early to go to church with his family and Scott offers to come with, thinking the more time he spends with his family the better. Dex is hesitant, and Scott asks if they don't want him there, but Dex lies and says he just didn't want to make him leave the party since he's having so much fun. Scott tells him he'll just come back when the service is over and Dex agrees they can leave. As they reach the church, Scott is a little nervous since he hasn't gone to church in a few years, but Dex assures him he will be fine. They meet up with Dex's family who all say hi to him, but then complain to Dex about him being there. When Scott doesn't say the prayers along with the rest of the congregation, it angers Dex's family even more. When Scott doesn't sing the first one, Dex asks if he's going to, and Scott says he doesn't know the song, bringing even more ire to Dex's family.

As they leave the service, Scott mentions how beautiful it was and no one says anything. Dex's family tell them to go back to their apartment and they'll go back home too and Scott thanks them for inviting him. Dex's father scoffs and pushes past Scott, causing Scott to ask what is wrong. Dex's father says everything is dandy, and Scott nervously tells them he'll see them tomorrow. When it comes out that Dex's family did not invite Scott as he thought, Dex's father angrily tells him that he can try to force himself into the family all he wants, but it'll never work since none of them want him in it. Scott is crushed and stands up for his beliefs when Dex's father tells him he's not even Christian. Dex's family leaves and Dex apologizes for what happened but Scott is very embarrassed and upset that Dex lied to him and made Scott look like an idiot. Dex tells him that he didn't have to heart to tell him his family didn't want him for Christmas and says they should go home, but Scott says he can walk and stomps off.

Scott gets home and Dex apologizes again, but Scott said he would have been better off just knowing the truth rather than making himself look like an idiot. Scott asks what Dex is going to do the following day since his family doesn't want Scott there and he's going to have to choose between Scott and his parents. Dex tells him not to make him choose, but Scott reminds him his parents are the ones who are doing that. Scott then breaks down, realizing he may be alone on his favorite holiday and asks Dex to stay with him, reminding him he was alone on Thanksgiving and felt awful about himself. Scott tearfully says he wanted Dex's family to like him, but they already made their minds up. Dex tells Scott that he loves him, and Scott says to stay with him then, causing Dex to cry out of frustration. Scott breaks down and tells Dex that he knows he has a great boyfriend and friends, but can't help but feel alone all of the time and that he doesn't think he's meant to be happy. Dex gets upset because he says he thought that he made him happy, and Scott tells him he does, but it's scary knowing he's the only thing that makes him happy anymore. Dex holds Scott as he cries, and Scott tells him he hates that Dex has to, but he has to make a decision. On Christmas the next morning, Scott sits alone in his apartment and Dex is shown unhappy at his family's house.

In First of the Year, Scott and Dex are at Lana's new year's party and she tells them to go get the rest of the alcohol she got from Adam's car. Scott tells her that he's a shrimp and can't carry all that, and Dex takes him with him anyways. Dex later brings Scott his favorite drink and Scott tells Dex he can stop trying to make up for Christmas, as he understands. Dex agrees, but says he still feels bad and Scott kisses him to make him feel better. Danielle tells them they have to wait until midnight to kiss and pulls Scott away, telling him that she's freaking out since Lana left the party and put Danielle in charge of everything. Scott is confused as to why Lana left her own party and agrees to help Danielle keep things under control, taking the right side of the house to watch over. Scott is shocked to see that Alicia tweeted Chloe's nudes and runs up to stop Chloe from fighting Alicia. Scott tells Alicia to leave the party after everyone boo's her. She gets into Adam's car, which Scott and Dex leave unlocked, and drives away, meaning Scott indirectly caused the hit and run that she would get in which leaves Lana paralyzed. Scott and Dex are seen kissing at midnight.

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Scott in the sixth season.

In Impossible Year, Scott and Dex rush to the hospital after hearing about Ethan and Lana's accident. They are late and Scott apologizes as he hugs, Ethan, who reminds him not to hug too tight. Scott apologizes and is horrified as he hears the story of what happened from Ethan. Then he, Dex, and Danielle go on a breakfast run for everyone since they're going to be there for a while with Lana still in surgery. Later, after Lana's mother gives them bad news about how terrible her injuries are, Scott holds Peyton as she cries and lays on Dex for support, saying he can't lose another friend this year, reminiscing about Abby's death. Scott is also delighted watching Mr. Stein bitch out Lana's mother when she threatens to sue Ethan. After watching Ethan finally accept his step-father, Scott asks Dex if their kids are going to love them like that one day, and Dex says they would never be embarrassed about them like Ethan was with his two dads. Scott is then elated when Lana is alright, but saddened to learn she'll never walk again.

In Guns For Hands, Scott isn't very pleased to see Eliza back at Clearwater High and discusses with his friends that despite her mental disorder, she can't blame every single thing she did on it and some of them were because she's just a vindictive person, which everyone agrees with except Dex. She later apologizes to Scott, who has a hard time accepting it and is not happy to see her and Dex hugging and making up later on.

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Harley Wahlstrom

Scott and Dex in the fourth season.

Main Article: Scott-Harley Relationship

Dex Smith

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Scott and Jake in the seventh season.

Jake Wolinski

Main Article: Scott-Jake Relationship


  • Scott is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleAliciaSophieJamieMoonEricBrittanyEthanCayleeJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
    • He was the second to do so and the first male.
  • Scott lost his virginity during his Junior year in the fifth season to Dex.
  • He is the first character to have a coming out storyline.
  • Eliza was the first person he came out as bisexual to, which he did in the 8th grade.
  • He had the A plot in the first ever 2-part episode of Clearwater.
  • It was said by Jamie that Scott is generally well-liked by everyone.
  • He is the fourth person to self-harm. The first three were Olivia Jerl, Eliza Bell, and Sophie Clark. Ironically, he has been best friends with all of them at some point.
  • He is one of the seven characters to appear in every episode of a season, the others being Sophie, Danielle, Alicia, Ethan, Eric, and Peyton.
  • He is a huge fan of Katy Perry, who he saw in concert with Danielle.
  • His favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story.
  • His first kiss was with his first love, Dex Smith, during a game of truth or dare. His first non-staged kiss was also with Dex.
  • The password he uses for everything is buglebutt428.
  • He is tied for the most plots in Season 6.


  • "Finally, a familiar face!" (First Line)
  • "You guys might not agree with my beliefs, but you can’t cut them off from me and you can’t change my mind."
  • "I can’t accept something I don’t think is right…"
  • "If you want to help you can tell your bigot pastors to go talk to someone with real problems."
  • "You are such a bitch! I thought people judged you and spread rumors about you, but you really are just a manipulative, horrible bitch!"
  • "Even the hardest rocks chip sometimes."
  • "You know I’ve had a lot of people leave me. More people have left than have stayed, probably."
  • "All I’ve wanted for a long time is for my parents to accept me."
  • "You abuse him, Eliza. Physically, mentally, emotionally, you’re a fucking staple couple for those flyers they hand out in health classes explaining what an abusive relationship is. The only difference is that no one sees you like one because it’s the girl who’s doing the abusing and society is sexist as fuck."
  • "Why does everyone do this to me? Find someone better and leave me in the dust?"
  • "My life is a mess because I give all that I can to other people, but no one else ever wants to return the favor."
  • (His final words to Abby at her grave) "You lit up the room with your smile and maybe that’s why the world seems darker since you left. But anytime I need a little cheering up, I think of you and how much spirit you had, and I can’t help but smile."
  • "I guess the universe is fair sometimes despite what people say."
  • "I know I have so many amazing friends and a perfect boyfriend, but I just feel so alone in this world all the time."

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