The eighth episode of Season 1 of Clearwater.

Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date March 10, 2013
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This Is How I Disappear (2) You Da One


Sophie is being stalked on by Devon and doesn't know what to do while Scott runs into problems when Gina thinks she can turn him straight again. Also, Brittany crushes on Levi, but Moon doesn't think he's right for her and tries to sabotage her advances.

Main PlotEdit

Sophie runs into trouble when her new friend, Devon, starts to follow her and won't let them be apart.

Sub PlotEdit

Brittany meets Levi and immediately is head over heels for him, but Moon tries to put an end to her attraction towards him.

Third PlotEdit

Scott comes out as bi to his friends Chloe and Gina, but Gina won't accept it and thinks she can change it.

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  • Brittany: "Drama, drama, drama. Will it ever end?"
  • Danielle: "Giving a friendship restrictions, nice."
  • Gina: "I can deal with your immoral lifetsyle as long as you don't talk about it."
  • Scott: "It basically sounds like the second I get a boyfriend, she’s going to dump me as a friend. Why not piss her off a little and have some fun before that happens?"