Peyton Valentine
FULL NAME Peyton Valentine
NICKNAME(S) Pey (by Danielle)
Peyton-Cake (by Maverick)
D.O.B. October 1997
HAIR COLOR Auburn (dyed)
FAMILY Mary-Beth Hooper (adopted mother)
Danielle Hooper (adopted sister)
RELATIONSHIPS Johnny Whelan (boyfriend)
Tripp Nathanson (hookup)
Maverick Zephite (ex-boyfriend)
JOB Student
Con Artist
Employee at Rue21
Employee at PacSun
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
AFFILIATION(S) Rave Repellent
FIRST Dark Horse (2) (315)
PORTRAYER Kathryn Prescott

Peyton Valentine is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and recurring character in the third season of Clearwater. She later becomes a main character in the fourth season. She was sold to sex slavery by her mother as a child and saved by Alexander Mansfield who she assisted in conning across the country. She currently lives with Danielle and Mary-Beth Hooper after sending Alex to prison after he tried conning them, making this the first time she's lived a normal life and has true friends and family. Peyton is reckless, sassy, and has an abrasive attitude. She is also a skilled musician who plays the violin and is interested in art. She is a free-spirit who doesn't follow society's norms and has no intentions to, not caring what anybody thinks about her. She was also a part of Danielle's band, Rave Repellent where she got close to Abby before her death.

She is best friends with Danielle and Angel O'Brian and is also good friends with Lana Davis, Scott Taylor, Ethan Webber, Eric Stem, and Sophie Clark. She is enemies with her ex-boyfriend, Maverick Zephite who was extremely abusive to her. She is portrayed by Kathryn Prescott.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 3 Edit

In Dark Horse (2), she is at Danielle's house with her father for a surprise dinner so that Danielle can meet them. When Danielle comes home after an awful day of getting drunk, getting into a fight, and losing her best friend, she is a mess and is shocked to see her mother has company. Peyton starts making smart remarks about Danielle's condition and compares her to Lindsay Lohan, finding the situation funny while her father is unamused.


Peyton at Thanksgiving.

In Forget Forever (1), she and her father arrive at Danielle's house for Thanksgiving and is given the tradition of lighting the dinner candles, something Danielle has done for years. They then sit down at the table and begin to eat. Alex tells Peyton that they have news and Peyton asks if they're getting married already, which he says no and that they are moving to Clearwater so he can be closer to Mary-Beth. He tells Peyton that she is now going to attend Clearwater High, which upsets Danielle even more. After Peyton brings up Danielle sleeping with her teacher, Danielle has enough and storms out of the house.

In Forget Forever (2), Danielle sneaks back into the house and sees Peyton washing dishes. Danielle calls for a truce between the two and Peyton says that they were never in a war and that they can just be nice to each other, saying that everything doesn't have to be so dramatic. Danielle agrees, but tells her that she's not showing her around the school which Peyton replies she wouldn't have let her do anyway. They both smile and Danielle leaves the kitchen.


Peyton in Season 3.

In Pills N Potions, she is sitting in Angel's seat during her first day at Clearwater and tells her that there are plenty of other seats when Angel tells her that the seat is her's. She then tells Angel to introduce herself and does the same, commenting that Angel's name is a good girl name. Angel tells her that she almost went to DH last year for theft and possession which Peyton thinks is impressive, but asks about her record now. Angel tells her she's had a clean record since moving to Clearwater since it's no fun without people to do it with and Peyton asks for them to hang out after school. Angel is confused since they don't even know each other and Peyton says that's how you make friends, which Angel agrees to. They walk up to the skatepark and Peyton starts to smoke. She asks Angel if she wants one, but says she's not going to peer pressure her. Angel takes one and they sit down. Jarrod and Blake take interest in them and she asks them if they know how to get pot. Jarrod tells her that he'll give her some if she kisses him, which she does. They ask Angel the same and Peyton tells them that she's a good girl now and won't do it, but Angel surprises them by making out with Blake and grabbing his junk. She gets pot as well and Peyton applauds her.

At school the next day, they are walking together in the hall wearing revealing outfits and grabbing the attention of Angel's friends, mostly Danielle, who are worried about her hanging out with Peyton. They later go to the mall instead of going to French class and Peyton tells Angel to steal an expensive sweater she likes. Angel tells her that she used to be the master of theft and Peyton wants her to prove it. While Angel tries on the sweater, Peyton is looking at jewelry and putting it in Angel's purse to steal. When a tag on one of the pieces of jewelry sets off the censor and Angel's theft is exposed to the police, Peyton acts shocked that Angel stole the things and doesn't take blame for the jewelry that got Angel busted, letting her go off with the cops in handcuffs.

In I Know You Care, Peyton sees Danielle at the mall and knows that Angel is with her, asking if she's in the dressing room. Angel refuses to come out and speak to her, so Peyton tells her from outside that she felt bad for getting her busted and gives her $50 to help pay for the fine, since it was her fault. She apologizes and tells Danielle that she'll see her around before walking off. She is later seen looking at Angel's rental car and saying it's good for a rental. She is shocked when Olivia comes up and steals the car and crashes it. She comforts Angel and asks about how Olivia is when everyone is worried about the car.

In Internet Killed the Video Star, she comes and sits by Danielle and Alicia and hears about Danielle's art show. She asks if she can set up a display and Danielle tells her that she can. When Danielle and Brad are setting up, she walks in and sees them moving a heavy sculpture. She tries to run an idea by Danielle that she is excited about, but Danielle tells her that she doesn't have time to hear about it and says that whatever it is, it should be fine. Peyton makes sure again before leaving. During the show, she comes out and starts throwing paint all over the other displays along with some other people. This enrages Danielle since her father is there to see her show, but when he loves what Peyton did, Danielle forgives her. Peyton explains that it was only half to make a social statement and the other half was to get in trouble so that she would get attention from her dad. She then sees Mr. Hanson's face when he sees the paint everywhere and says that she'll get extra attention since she's going to be in big trouble.

Season 4 Edit


Peyton in the fourth season.

In Find You, Peyton is at work and sees Sophie storming out of the store, bumping into her. Peyton asks her if she's Danielle's friend and Sophie says she is and to tell her boss to fuck off. Sophie continues to angrily walk off as Peyton looks confused. She later sees Sophie at the Hub and asks her if they can talk. Sophie tells her that she can get her boss fired for discrimination after he didn't hire her because of her sexuality. Peyton then explains that her sexuality wasn't the reason he didn't hire her and that he didn't because he's Dex Smith's father and is still mad she messed up his son after they dated. She tells Sophie that he's in the wrong, but he's been messed up ever since his other son's death and to cut him some slack. Sophie tells her she won't press charges because she doesn't have the energy and walks out.

In Know Your Enemy, Danielle and Peyton walk up to Jamie who is back from rehab and she snaps at Danielle after she welcome her back, saying she just wants some space. Peyton is annoyed by this and comments how Danielle told her she was nice.

In Heaven Knows, Angel enlists Peyton's help to assist her in removing all of the drugs from Jarrod's basement after being blackmailed by the gang. After they get the drugs out and get back into Peyton's car, Peyton is slightly worried someone might have seen them and asks what they do with the drugs now. Angel tells her that she will take them back to her place and get rid of them, but Peyton warns her to make sure no one sees. Angel thanks her for helping and Peyton tells her they're even now after Peyton got Angel probation in the past. Peyton tells her that she's not a slave to the gang and she doesn't have to do anything they say after they get rid of the evidence against her. Angel continues to worry that she'll go to jail like Abby did, but Peyton ensures her she won't and tells her not to stress and freak out all the time.

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Peyton and Johnny in the seventh season.

Maverick Zephite

Johnny Whelan


  • She became a regular character in Season 4.
  • She is the first character to have sex in the school along with Tripp.
  • She is the second character to be in an abusive relationship, the first being Dex.
  • She is the third character to be raped, the first being Liam and the second being Alicia. Although chronologically, she was raped before Alicia, but it wasn't revealed until 3 seasons after Alicia's rape.
  • She is the second main character to go through the adoption system. The first was Jamie.


  • "Wow, someone smells like an alcoholic." (First Line)
  • "Are your daughter and Lindsay Lohan related in any way?"
  • "You don’t make friends by being quiet in the back of the class, do you?"
  • “I’m a lot smarter than you give me credit for. Than everyone gives me credit for.”
  • “I’ve never felt like I’ve belonged anywhere…until now.”
  • “I like my voice to be heard, even if it’s not in the most quaint of ways.”