This is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 and the mid-season finale.

Panic Station (2)
Season 2, Episode 16
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Air date August 25, 2013
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Brittany is scared that Devon is still coming after her but is shot down by many people who think she's stirring up unnecessary fear. Should she be scared? Meanwhile, Alicia meets a new friend who wants to help her, but is he interested in her? And Dex realizes the person Sophie has influenced him to become and hates it. Is it too late to get back to normal?

Main PlotEdit

Brittany is relieved to hear Devon was taken out of school for investigation, but still fears that he's out to get her and doesn't know why. She tries telling people, but they shoot her down. Will her worst fear come true right before her eyes?

Sub PlotEdit

Alicia starts talking to Troy more and realizes he's a cool guy. After he asks her out, it amplifies her eating disorder. Does he really like her or is someone messing with her mind?

Third PlotEdit

Dex has risked everything for his girlfriend, but when she's too far gone, is it really worth all the pain? And how will Sophie cope with Dex's doubts?

  • This is the mid-season finale of season 2.
  • This episode is named after the song "Panic Station" by Muse.
  • This episode marks the end of the Dex-Sophie Relationship.
  • You don't know whether Sophie is alive at the end of this episode, but it later revealed that she survives her suicide attempt.
  • This episode marks the first episode in which someone is shot.

Supporting Cast


  • Scott: "Brittany, warning them ahead of time won’t make a difference if he’s standing there pointing a gun at their head."
  • Eric: "What happened to bros before hoes?"
  • Sophie: "Let’s just be honest, you would be grateful that I was gone. Everyone would be…"
  • Devon: "I’M NOT CRAZY!"
  • Alicia: "I’m not being anybody’s pity girlfriend."
  • Jamie: "As much as I hate her…I don’t want her dead."
  • Devon: "I’ve loved you Brittany…Sophie rejected me, Danielle rejected me…but you won’t. NEVER AGAIN!"
  • Dex: "Sophie’s sitting in a hospital right now because of me…"
  • Devon: "Please kill me…"
  • Alicia: "I feel like literal shit right now because of you…so don’t even try to change my mind. You’re dead to me…"