The twenty-fifth episode of Season 3.

Misery Business (1)
Season 3, Episode 25
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Air date January 18, 2015
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Catch My Breath Misery Business (2)


Keith thinks he and Scott are for real this time, but when Scott isn't comfortable telling his parents about them, will it end the relationship before it even begins? Meanwhile, Wendy notices that Zak is acting weird around her and tries to figure out why. But what is Zak hiding that he wants to keep secret? And Candace is desperate to find out who is spreading the awful pictures of her around. Will her assumptions on the culprit turn out to be correct or just make more waves for her?

Main PlotEdit

Keith and Scott are basically together, but unofficial. To change this, Keith wants to have dinner with Scott's parents, but when Scott still wants to keep them a secret, will Keith be able to handle another hidden relationship?

Sub PlotEdit

Zak is happier than he's ever been with Wendy, but it's difficult being the best boyfriend he can be when he has such a huge secret to hide from her. What will he do when she starts snooping to figure it out?

Third PlotEdit

Candace has been trusting no one and talking to no one since a cruel photo of her was posted online. Who will she turn to to help her figure out the culprit?

  • This episode is named after the song "Misery Business" by Paramore.
  • This episode reveals that Micah was the one who made the mean edit of Candace.
  • This episode reveals that Zak is actually 22 years old.

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Candace: Whoever did this is going to wish they never lived.

Adrianna: Docile Candace could only last so long…


Keith: Here we go again with this same shit!

Wendy: I know he’s hiding something.

Eric: You need to just chill out.

(Candace throws a smoothie on someone)


Matt: Why don’t you just tell her the truth?

Zak: Because it would ruin everything, believe me.

Wendy: I heard weird stuff in his locker.

Candace: I can’t just lay over like a bitch dog.


Adrianna: You’re paranoid.

Wendy: I’m scared!

(Wendy is sobbing on the ground)




  • Sophie: "People are going to say shit and talk behind your back, but there's nothing you can do about it except shake it off."
  • Angel: "Come on, Scott. You and Keith were mortal enemies just a few months ago and now you're playing tongue hockey in the hallways?"
  • Micah: "Oh, I am a jerk. But only to the people who deserve it."
  • Julia: "Well, there's $10 in your college fund, Liam. Which brings your total to a whopping $10."
  • Wendy: "You guys don't think he's like a psycho killer or something like that, right...?"
  • Adrianna: "I think she can do better than a guy who can't see his see poor excuse of a dick over his beer gut."
  • Candace: "You might be the captain, but you're more like a doormat."