The third episode of Season 1

Love Drunk
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date February 10, 2013
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Let's Get it Started Fuckin' Perfect


Eliza points her attention towards boys in order to lift her spirits, but will that just create more chaos and drama for her to deal with? Meanwhile, Ethan ditches his detention to be with Danielle, but will the reprocussions keep them from seeing each other? Also, Jamie goes for Jeremy, but might have some unwanted competition.

Main PlotEdit

Eliza has been depressed lately and is convinced by Moon that a boy might cheer her up. She meets one, but maybe he's just causing her more problems. Is he really worth it?

Sub PlotEdit

Ethan's bad behavior gets him sent to detention, but with a new love interest, Danielle, he decides to blow it off. Will that decision just makes things harder for them to see each other?

Third PlotEdit

Jamie sets her eyes on Jeremy but Julia seems to be getting all his attention. Is she just being paranoid or is her best friend really going after her crush? 

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  • Blake: "So let's make the universe happy and do this..."