This is the twenty-first episode of Season 2.

Long Way to Happy
Long way to happy
Season 2, Episode 21
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Air date December 9, 2013
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Olivia is surprised when her mother invites Troy over to dinner, yet feels she has a hidden agenda. Is she just paranoid or is something really up? Eric and Jarrod's long turn rivalry hits it's boiling point when Jarrod makes more comments about Caylee. Will he take things too far? Meanwhile, Trey starts getting attention from a new girl at school and wonders how to tell her he is transgender.

Main PlotEdit

Olivia goes into panic mode when her mother wants her to invite her new boyfriend over for dinner. Is she freaking out for nothing or has her mother really turned over a new leaf?

Sub PlotEdit

Eric has reached his limit with Jarrod and his constant bullying and remarks and wants to make him pay. Is his idea of revenge crossing the line?

Third PlotEdit

Trey meets a new girl named Tori and instantly feels sparks, but how will he react to the first girl he's liked since his transition from FTM?

  • This episode is named after the song "Long Way to Happy" by P!nk.
  • This marks the first appearance of Tori Hamilton.
  • This episode marks the start of the Trey-Tori Relationship.
  • Sophie returns in this episode after being admitted to the hospital after attempting suicide.

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Trey: This is so new…like a lung transplant!

Jamie: Ew, gross.


Eric: I’m literally going to rip his face off!

Caylee: What will that prove?


Trey: Do you like…popcorn?

Tori: I prefer my corn unpopped.

Tim: She’s such a freak!


Olivia: This can’t be happening!

Moon: Get a hold of yourself!


Troy: I want to move to Sweden one day…go cheese…

Olivia: You mean chocolate?

Troy: Touché…




  • Ethan:"Beware the witch!"
  • Tori: "I’m just a senior, not the Queen of France."
  • Sophie: "A slap across the face will hurt you more than your insults ever hurt me, bitch…"
  • Caylee: " I’m a big girl, Eric. I can deal with this on my own without you…"
  • Trey: "This is so new…like a lung transplant!"
  • Olivia: "So you were acting nice all night so he doesn’t believe me when I say you’re a horrible bitch?"