Liam Fithe
FULL NAME Liam Fithe
D.O.B. 1996
FAMILY Frank Fithe (father)
Annie Jacobs (mother)
Unknown Brother
Unborn Child (deceased)
RELATIONSHIPS Caylee Daniels (ex-girlfriend)
Julia Abbott (ex-girlfriend)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
FIRST Let's Get it Started (102)

Liam Fithe is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2014 and one of the original thirteen characters. Liam is a good guy through and through, never crossing anyone without reason and usually putting others before himself. His character was very limited in the first season, but started blossoming in the second where it's revealed he has suffered sexual abuse from his father all throughout his childhood. He ends up kicking his father out and living on his own. He also planned to take care of his pregnant girlfriends baby, even though it wasn't his, but unfortunately it died before birth. He was for a short time involved in a gang as they threatened to expose his father's abuse and the identity of Julia's baby, but he soon broke free. Recently, his mother returned and informed him he has been called to testify for his father who has been accused of pedophilia. Despite all of the loss in his life, including his mother, father, and his unborn baby, Liam is very put together and responsible, perhaps more than anyone else in the series. 

In the sixth season he struggles with the fact that all his friends are off at college and know what they want to do. He decides to join the army to help him get away and figure out where he wants to go in life and leaves at the end of the season.  

He is best friends with Ethan Webber, Jamie Stellar, Julia Abbott, and Jeremy Litten. He is good friends with Trey Nitt, Isaac Mantis, Lauren Nessner, and Tim Sharpe. He also has a very tight bond with recent ex-girlfriend Caylee Daniels. He is portrayed by Avan Jogia. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Let's Get it Started, he is sitting at Moon's lunch table and ignores her when Sophie is talking about something. Later on, when Moon is asking Sophie personal questions, he gets quiet and mad at Moon but later forgives her after she starts acting nice towards Sophie.

In Love Drunk, he sees that Ethan is really into Danielle and helps him approach her. He finds it scary how into her Ethan is and is happy to see him in a good mood.

In Fuckin' Perfect, he is surprised to see that Moon has brought cupcakes for her lunch table and runs off to see the fight that went on between Trey and Isaac. He later finds Caylee in the weight room fainting and helps her up. He tells her she is pretty when she calls herself ugly and offers her a ride home. On their way to his car, they run into Julia who apologizes to Caylee for calling her fat and the three run off to play video games.

In Keep Holding On, he encourages Ethan along with Jamie to ask out Danielle. He also talks to Ethan after he is rejected by Danielle and is opposed to the idea of him getting revenge on her, but goes along with it anyway.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), he is at the lunch table along with his friends and is sympathetic towards Scott.

In Radar, he tries to ward Devon away from Sophie when he wants to sit with her at lunch, but his efforts don't work.

In Dancing On My Own (1), he questions Ethan why he still wants revenge on Danielle and is more silly about it than Ethan is. Later, he forces the idea out of Ethan and warns him not to do anything that would get him into trouble or would hurt anyone. At homecoming, he finds Ethan and asks him what happened to his plan. When he hears the new one, Liam thinks Ethan went too far and explains to Alicia that Ethan lied to her about Danielle spreading rumors about her. They both set out to foil Ethan's plan.

In Dancing On My Own (2), still at the dance, he and Alicia find Brad and he tells him that Ethan tricked them into thinking Danielle was pregnant. He tries to calm Brad down when he goes to beat up Ethan, but can't do it and when Mr. Hanson breaks up the fight, Ethan asks Liam to get Danielle and take her outside to meet him. He meets Ethan outside the principal's office and then follows him outside where he tells Ethan that he made a big mistake and he needs to forget about Danielle.

In Eyes Open, he is with Ethan when he is making fun of Deovn's singing and doesn't try to stop him.

In Personal Jesus, he is concerned for Caylee's health when Jamie brings it to his attention and tells her that Ethan is with Sophie in the courtyard. In class, he gives his speech about why the Italians were the most useless force in World War 1. He looks concerned when Caylee leaves class to go the nurse.

In What You Waiting For?, he encourages Jeremy to go after Jamie in the lunchroom.

In The Change, Liam is talking to Scott, Danielle, Julia, and Sophie about FilmFridayz when Sadie comes over and disregards their idea and then tells them the group will get much stricter. Liam expresses his dislike for Sadie as leader and says that someone should rebel. He talks to Jeremy about it later and is upset when Jeremy says he might be quitting. Jeremy tells him things need to change and he says he'll make sure it'll happen. During the craziness at the FilmFridayz meeting, Sadie freaks out and screams at everyone. Liam yells back at her and tells her not to yell at everyone because it's not everyone's fault. He and Jamie then proceed to leave the meeting. He runs into Jeremy after he quits and then wishes Sadie would do the same and plans to piss her off as much as possible to make her quit faster. He talks to a few members after the meeting and puts propaganda against Sadie in their heads. He tries to get them to say they want him as leader, but they choose Jamie instead, which annoys Liam.

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Caylee Daniels

Main Article: Caylee-Liam Relationship

  • First Relationship
  • Second Relationship

Julia Abbott

Main Article: Julia-Liam Relationship

  • First Relationship (Fake)
  • Second Relationship (Real)
    • Start Up: Wake Me Up (305)
    • Break Up: Wonderwall (2) (309)
      • Reason: Julia needed to be alone after the death of her baby.


  • He lost his virginity to Julia as a senior.
  • He is the first character to be raped, which was done by his father throughout his childhood, the second character being Alicia and Peyton the third.
  • He was present both times Caylee fainted, although the second time he didn't help her.
  • His house is partially damaged from a fire started by Julia.
  • He was the father of Julia's stillborn child.
  • He is the second character to propose to someone, but the first to be rejected.
  • He drives a green dodge.


  • "You're killing me! Stop it!" (First Line)
  • "Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner."
  • "Caylee, you’re very pretty. You’re much prettier on the inside than Julia is, believe me."
  • "So do you need me to be a spy or anything…I wanna be a spy."
  • "Sorry to break it to you, but you’ve been dooped."
  • "Whoa, you’re much crueler than you look."
  • "Well maybe someone will have to rebel against our leader…"
  • "Things need to change. I’ll make sure change happens."
  • "Maybe if you respect us, we’ll respect you back!"