Julia Abbott
FULL NAME Julia Abbott
NICKNAME(S) Jules (by Caylee)
Slut (by Jamie)
Kiddo (by Jamie)
Miss Unemployed (by Hunt)
Chica (by Jasmine)
Jule (by Cassie)
D.O.B. 1996
HAIR COLOR Brown (dyed Blonde)
FAMILY Kristy Abbott (mother)
Unknown Father
Jill (aunt)
RELATIONSHIPS Hunt Westbrook (boyfriend)

Luke Hayashi (kissed)
Connor Lake (former attraction)
Liam Fithe (ex-boyfriend)
Jeremy Litten (hook-up; former attraction)
Jarrod Keppler (hook-up)

JOB Restaurant Owner
College Student


SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
St. Petersberg University
FIRST Love Drunk (103)
PORTRAYER Taylor Momsen
Julia Abbott is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2014 and one of the original thirteen characters. She was originally very sly, slutty, and not afraid to backstab people to get what she wants. She was known to throw friendships away for boys and was known by everyone to get around a lot. She even went as far as to sleeping with her best friend's ex-boyfriend twice. Following being a background character in the first season, she is given one of the biggest storylines of the second season when she finds out she is pregnant. After finding this out, she ditches her party girl attitude and focuses on more important things such as friends and family. She later reverted back to her old ways after successfully stealing Liam Fithe away from her best friend, Caylee Daniels. Although, this was later revealed to be to keep Caylee, herself, and Liam all safe from a gang who was after Liam. She suffered from a breakdown after the death of her baby following an accident, but with the support of her friends, she got through it and is now focusing on getting her life back together.

She is best friends with Jamie Stellar, Jasmine Martinez, and Caylee after having a falling out with most of them at some point. She is good friends with Tim Sharpe, Jeremy Litten, Liam Fithe, and Trey Nitt. She is enemies with Sophie Clark, Ariel Westbrook, and Jarrod Keppler and has a rivalry with Moon Stellar which they are now past and on very good terms. She is currently in a relationship with Hunt Westbrook. She is portrayed by Taylor Momsen.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Love Drunk, Julia makes her first appearance at lunch with her best friend, Jamie. She asks her who she's been eying all year and mentions how Isaac has gotten much hotter over the summer. When Jamie tells her she hasn't seen anyone worth her time yet, Julia encourages her to look since she hasn't dated anyone since freshman year. Jamie reminds her that she's dated like 10 guys and Julia stands by this, saying she goes for what she wants. Jamie asks her if she's going to go for Isaac, but Julia tells her she's going to wait this time until she meets a guy who gives her that feeling inside. Jeremy walks over to them and tells Jamie he has a video idea to share with her and Jamie starts to blush as he walks away, which Julia immediately notices and calls out. Jamie tries to tell her she doesn't like Jeremy, but Julia doesn't buy it and watches as he returns and talks to Jamie about FilmFridayz. Julia pipes in and says she's in with the video idea and that she's going to join since Jamie says how fun it is. Jeremy leaves and Julia giggles and nudges Jamie in the side, teasing her over her crush on Jeremy.

She is later seen walking past the media room and sees Jeremy, stopping to ask what he's doing. He explains he's working on the video script and is waiting for Jamie. Julia assures him she's on her way, so he asks her to help him until she arrives. Julia agrees and sits down next to him and Jeremy asks her if she knows if Jamie likes him. Julia asks him why he thinks she does and he says she's just been on his mind. Julia lets Jamie's crush slip by saying she's been thinking about him a lot as well. She quickly changes the subject and tells him that she wants to be a bigger part of this group and asks if she could come over sometime to help him with it. Jeremy says they can and Julia looks excited as Jamie watches, jealous that Julia is alone with him when she was supposed to be.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she is sitting in class and when Jamie and Caylee walk in, she goes and sits next to them. She immediately groans and asks for their help with her new diet since she can only have so many calories a day and doesn't want to waste them on breakfast despite how hungry she is. Caylee accuses her of starving herself, but Julia tells her that she isn't. Jamie tries to tell her that she doesn't need to diet, but she tells her that she's a teenage girl and of course is going to be insecure about her weight. Caylee agrees with her, so Julia tells her that maybe she should try the diet, immediately realizing how bad that sounded and telling Caylee that she didn't mean Caylee needed to diet. Caylee tells her it's alright and she's right that she needs to diet, but Julia tells her that she doesn't. Jamie rolls her eyes at Julia and sarcastically tells her "nice job," making Julia feel extremely guilty for huring Caylee.

At the end of the day, she sees Caylee with Liam and runs over to them. She apologizes once again for the comment she made earlier and tells Caylee she didn't mean it. She then reveals that she's jealous of Caylee's natural beauty since she has to put on lots of makeup to look as pretty as her. She then goes home with them to play video games.

In Keep Holding On, FilmFridayz is voting on which video to use for that week and Moon says that Liam voted for Sadie's video because he kissed Julia in it. Julia then expresses her disgust about it.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she and Caylee are putting up posters for FilmFridayz and Julia asks her who the cutest guy in the group is. Caylee tells her she think Isaac and asks her she thinks it is. Julia tells her she thinks Jeremy is the cutest and that she finds his quirkiness sexy. Caylee is surprised by her answer and asks her if she really likes him. Julia isn't sure how she feels and Caylee reminds her that Jamie likes him as well. Julia tells her that she knows this which is why she won't make a move on him, to honor the best friend code. Caylee is relieved that there won't be a huge fight between the two over him which would force her to pick sides. Julia tells her they'll stay clear of that, but then asks her if she'd pick her side. Caylee refuses to answer and they go back to hanging. 

Later on, she is at her locker and notices Jeremy passing by, so she stops him and asks if he could help her with a video project for school. Jeremy says he'd love to and asks what it's about, so she tells him it's about what inspires her and she chose to do her project on him. Jeremy is shocked she's inspired by him, so she explains that he started FilmFridayz on his own and that amazes her. Jeremy asks if they can film it that night and Julia tells him to meet her at the end of the day before winking and walking away.  


Julia acting in her video with Jeremy.

That night, they arrive at her house and Jeremy is shocked by how big her house is. She explains that both her parents are lawyers and make a lot of money. He asks if they're home and she tells them they usually don't get home until 10 at the earliest. He asks her if she has the video planned out at all and she tells him she has it scripted and runs upstairs to get it. When she comes back, she asks if they can wing it. Jeremy tells her that it's her video and they can do whatever she wants, so she starts the camera and asks him to follow her lead. They then start to read off the script which is a romance scene that gets passionate and ends with a kiss that Jeremy initiates. They then put down their scripts and start to make out. She takes off his jacket and they proceed to have sex while her camera is still rolling.  

Julia telling Caylee about the night before.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), the following morning, she calls Caylee over and tells her it's an emergency. Caylee gets there very quickly and Julia tells her that she's an idiot. Caylee is confused and Julia tells her that she did something very stupid the previous night. Caylee asks what happened and Julia reveals that she and Jeremy had sex. Caylee is shocked and Julia tells her it was really stupid and that if Jamie ever found out, it would kill her. Caylee asks if she's going to get checked, but Julia changes the subject and tells her that Jeremy wasn't that good and that she's had better. Caylee is surprised and says that she thought he would be good. Julia asks how she should tell him it was a mistake, worrying he might actually want to date her now. Caylee tells her to tell Jeremy that her friend likes him and she could never do that to her. Julia asks if Jeremy is going to hate her, but Caylee tells her he's not the main issue, Jamie is. This worries Julia even more.

The next day, she walks up to Jamie in the computer lab and asks her what she's doing. Jamie tells her she's editing her video footage for their project. Julia mentions that she doesn't even know what she recorded, but hopes it's good. She then asks Jamie to keep an eye on her camera while she runs to the restroom. While she is gone, Jamie snoops and watches the video of Julia and Jeremy having sex, unbeknownst to Julia. Julia is later seen giving Jamie a thumbs up for support when she sees her talking to Jamie, showing that she's willing to let Jamie have Jeremy to save their friendship.

In You Da One, she is selling dance tickets and sees Jamie walks by, asking if she's going to buy a couple's ticket for her and Jeremy. Jamie informs her that she's not sure if they're even going, which surprised Julia who says she thought they were doing well. She tells Jamie to sit down so they can talk about it and Jamie explains that all he wants to do is make out and that she tried to ask him to homecoming, but he interrupted her and started kissing her. Julia asks if she tried asking again, but Jamie says she didn't. Julia tells her that maybe he doesn't want to go if he doesn't ask her instead. Jamie is angry and says that it doesn't make sense, but Julia reminds her boys never make sense. Jamie wonders if he's lost feelings for her, but Julia is skeptical and says feelings like that take more than 2 weeks to fade away. Julia then encourages her to ask him again and not give him a chance to interrupt her. She then tells Jamie that she'd better see her buying them tickets.

In Dancing On My Own (1), she is at the dance talking with her friends about all being single and asks Sophie if she has her eyes on anyone.

In Eyes Open, Sadie stares at Julia and Jamie talking in the hallway as she plans to get Jeremy as her new boyfriend. At the FilmFridayz meeting, they are trying to think of an idea and Julia speaks up and says they should do a horror video. It's quickly shot down and they switch gears to a presidential video which Julia volunteers Isaac to lead in. After the meeting, Sadie walks up to Julia and asks her for advice on how to win over a guy who is already talking to another girl. Julia asks her if she came to her because she's the biggest slut she knows and Sadie says yes, which doesn't offend Julia at all. Julia explains that she needs to show the guy they have more in common than he does with the other girl and show she's willing to fight for him. Sadie thanks her and doesn't inform her that the guy she was talking about was Jeremy.

In Personal Jesus, she is walking into class with Jamie and Caylee and asks Caylee if she's okay since she looks sick. Caylee tells her she's feeling nauseus and dizzy and it's getting worse. Jamie tells her she needs to see a doctor, but Caylee is worried about how her dad would pay for it. Julia assures her that her father would cut back on stuff to make sure she's okay. Caylee then asks if there's a huge pounding or if it's her head and Julia tells her that it's her. Caylee then runs out of the room and goes to puke. Julia asks Jamie if she thinks this is something serious since it's been going on for a while and Jamie isn't sure, but says it's been getting worse which is never good. Julia and Jamie then agree that if it gets any worse, they will tell Caylee's dad about it to save their friend.

At lunch, Julia is showing off her new drawings to her friends and they are all very impressed. Caylee gets sick again and Julia and Jamie inform everyone that she can't go to the hospital because she can't afford it. After Caylee faints and hurts herself, Julia is with the rest of her friends waiting to hear the results from the nurse, crying into Scott's arm because of how worried she is for her friend.

In What You Waiting For?, she is at Caylee's party and bumps into Jeremy. Jeremy tells her that he likes her top and that it fits her perfectly, so Julia tells him she likes how his shirt defines his pecs and punches him in the chest, laughing. Jamie sees this, knowing they are flirting and possibly going to hook up again, making her upset. After the party, she is helping clean up and tells Caylee that her party was a success. They high five and when Isaac brings up how Jeremy and Jamie got back together, she tells him she's happy he found someone that makes him happy.


Julia in Season 1

In Want U Back, Julia sees Jeremy alone in a classroom and asks if she could come in so they can talk. She brings up how they're going to be seeing each other a lot more now that he's dating her best friend and she doesn't want things to be awkward between them following their hookup. Jeremy says they can go back to how things were before they had sex. She brings up how Jamie invited her to a hang out with the three of them that night and wanted to clear everything up beforehand. She tells him that she'll see him that night and leaves while Jeremy looks stressed about the situation.

At Jeremy's house, she is watching a horror movie with him and Jamie and is scared, so she goes to pee. While she is gone, Jamie tells Jeremy she won't have sex with him yet. Julia comes back and notices that something is wrong, but they won't tell her. The next night, Jeremy knocks on her door and tells her he and Jamie broke up and asks if he can come in. Julia lets him in and he asks if anyone is home, so she tells him that her mother is at work and the house is empty. Jeremy tells her that he realized it's Julia he wanted, not Jamie, shocking Julia. He tells her it's always been her and she is speechless as he kisses her. She starts to kiss back, but quickly stops and tells him they can't do this since he just dumped her best friend. He tells her that he's waited so long for her to be his and he just wants to be happy with her. Julia gives in and ends up sleeping with him again.

The next day, she approaches Jamie, Jeremy, and Moon and tells them it's cute they're staying friends after their breakup. Jamie is confused and Jeremy tries to get Julia to stop talking, but Julia quickly realizes what's happened and starts to cry. Jamie asks her what's wrong and she starts begging Jamie not to hate her, explaining that she and Jeremy had sex after he lied and said he and Jamie broke up. Jamie starts to yell at Jeremy who apologizes to Julia, but she is furious with him and calls him disgusting, saying she can't believe she slept with him. Jeremy explains he has sexual needs, but Jamie calls him a pig and hugs Julia, leading her to the bathroom and away from the situation.

In The Change, she is talking with a few members of FilmFridayz about a video idea and finds it rude when Sadie comes and rejects their idea. She is also at the disasterous FilmFridayz meeting, but stays in the background.

In Sick Muse, she is talking to her friends about how Ethan gave a 7 year old drugs and is in total shock.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, she is talking with her friends when Moon comes and sits with them. Julia tells her Jamie isn't going to be there and when Moon still stays, Julia stops talking along with her friends, not wanting to carry their conversation in front of her. Moon later comes to her after Jamie and Jeremy get back together and Julia is shocked, but happy for them. Moon tells her to keep her distance and calls her a slut, which Julia is completely taken aback by. Moon explains that she slept with Jeremy twice and needs to stay away from him this time. Julia tells her that she's Jamie's best friend and won't hurt her again, but Moon isn't convinced and calls her a whore. Julia tells her to stay out of her sister's business and deal with her own freshman drama and Moon retorts by telling her to get her tubes tied or she'll be pregnant by the end of the semester. Moon walks away as Julia looks absolutely furious with her.

She sits down next to Jamie in class and tells her that Moon mentioned to her she was back with Jeremy. Jamie asks how Moon knows and Julia isn't sure. Jamie calls Moon a brat and Julia agrees, but quickly changes the subject and asks how it went down. Jamie explains everything in her life blew up when she left him and she needs him, which Julia finds adorable. She asks if this will solve all of Jamie's issues, but Jamie reminds her of Sophie spreading rumors about her. Julia points out that their reunion will piss Sophie off even more and she'll have to make the first move before Sophie does. Jamie is confused, so Julia explains she needs to fight fire with fire and assures her that once Sophie sees Jamie won't take her shit anymore, she'll back down.

In Force A Smile (1), she is walking to class with Caylee when Caylee suddenly gets sick again in a trash can. Julia offers to take her to the nurse, but Caylee says her dad won't let her stay home again. Julia tells her that she's sick and should stay home, but maybe the nurse could just give her pepto-bismol or something. Caylee tells her to go to class and she can just take herself, so Julia puts her hand on Caylee's shoulder and leaves.

In Force A Smile (2), she goes to the gym with Caylee and is very excited for her when she loses 20 pounds due to her weight loss pills. She then asks if she will stop taking them now that she's lost so much weight, and Caylee says she can. Julia tells her how happy she is for her and asks how they can celebrate. Caylee shouts out "chicken!," but quickly changes her answer to a party, making Julia laugh as they leave. She participates in Liam's car wash to raise money to give to Caylee so she can see a doctor and when Caylee wants to help, Julia sends her off to rest. The day after Caylee's doctor's appointment, she along with Jamie and Liam wait at her locker and when she tells them she has type 1 diabetes, she comforts her and they walk off together.

Season 2Edit

Midnight city3

Julia complaining to her friends about her mother.

In Midnight City, she is upset since there is no food in the house and her mother says they need to cut back on how much money they use. Her mother leaves and tells her that she is doing double shifts all week and to keep the house clean, making Julia upset since her mother is expecting her to do everything alone. She goes to Jamie's house and asks for advice so Jamie tells her to look at things through her mother's perspective and find out what's going on. She finds out from her mother that they are losing their house and her mother wants Julia to get a job. Julia is shocked and leaves the house for Tim's party. At the party she gets drunk and starts talking bad about her mother. Jamie and Trey tell her she needs to help her mother, but Julia gets mad at them for not agreeing with her and goes off to have fun. Jamie finds her alone in the basement and Julia reveals that her mother wasn't there for her when her dad died, so why should she be there for her mother now and Jamie convinces her that she doesn't want her mother to go through what she did. Julia agrees and leaves the party to talk to her mom. She gets an application for Wendy's and tells her mother she's going to help her make things better.

In Sweet Nothing, Julia is putting on makeup in class and Caylee comes to her for advice about her new crush. When she reveals it's Liam, Julia is disgusted at first but then tells her that her real friends will accept whoever she likes and that she should go for him. Caylee goes to Moon and Julia after Liam kisses her and runs off and she is crying. Julia tells her to confront him about it and when the three hug, Moon pulls away from Julia, showing that she is still holding a grudge against her from the previous season. At the first FilmFridayz with Jamie as leader, Jamie recruits Julia along with Liam as her co-leaders and Julia seems happy about it.

Bring me to Life 1

Julia getting the pregnancy test from Mrs. Dayton.

In Bring Me to Life (1), she is experiencing extreme cramps in school and Jamie is worried about her after Caylee's small illness turned into diabetes. Julia promises to see a doctor if they get any worse. Caylee checks on her in class and Julia tells her in secret that she missed her last two periods and that something is wrong. Caylee tells her these are signs of pregnancy and Julia remembers that she and Jeremy didn't use a condom the second time they had sex. Caylee tells her not to freak out and go to Mrs. Dayton to get a pregnancy test after class. She sees her guidance counselor who is disappointed she had unprotected sex, but Julia says that she's changed from last semester and takes the test from her. The next day Caylee asks her about the results and Julia tells her that she couldn't take it alone. Caylee offers to take it with her at lunch. Jamie comes up to them and Julia tells Caylee not to mention anything since she doesn't need to know yet and also because she feels guilty she might be pregnant with Jamie's boyfriend's baby. She bumps into Jamie later that day and spills everything in her purse. Jamie sees the pregnancy test, so Julia says it's Caylee's to avoid the conversation with Jamie. She rushes off to find Caylee and tell her what happened. She finds Caylee right when Jamie approaches her about the test. Caylee figures out what Julia said and goes along with it, much to Julia's relief. They go off to take the test and Julia starts getting very nervous. They take the test in the bathroom and find out it's positive and she's pregnant with Jeremy's baby. She starts crying and leaves with Caylee, not knowing Moon was listening the whole time.

Bring Me to Life 2

Julia having a breakdown in the bathroom.

In Bring Me to Life (2), she is looking at her stomach and her mom walks in and tells her that they are moving to a smaller apartment down the street after her father sues them for their house. She is excited to move and get her mind off things. Caylee asks her in school when she's going to tell Jamie and Jeremy and she says she's not ready yet, but she will eventually. She is talking to Dex when Jamie comes up to her, furious after Moon tells her about Julia's pregnancy and that she didn't tell her yet. Julia tries to explain that she's only known for a day and she was ready for Jamie to know, but Jamie doesn't want to hear it and tells her to not talk to her ever again. Julia assumes that Caylee told Jamie since she's the only one she told and calls Caylee a bitch and promises to never tell her anything else again since they aren't friends anymore. She walks into Jarrod who invites her to a crazy party that night and she is very excited to go. At the party, she is totally wasted and when Tim tries to take her home, she insults him and goes to the bathroom. After seeing a condom, she is upset that if she had only used it, she wouldn't be in the problem she's in. She punches the mirror and starts to have a manic breakdown, running out of the house and causing Tim to call Jamie and tell her to go to Julia's house immediately. She is about to kill the baby with a hanger when Jamie comes in and stops her. She tells Jamie that the baby is a constant reminder of how bad she acted and she doesn't want it, but Jamie helps her realize that she has other routes to take than killing it and Julia cries in her arms. She and Jamie apologize for how they both acted and she decides she's going to deliver the baby and not get an abortion and Jamie tells her that she'll help her through her pregnancy. Julia starts to feel better about it, but is still very nervous about it.

In Knock 'Em Out, she gives Dex advice about how everyone is telling him to stay away from Sophie. She says that it shouldn't matter what they think and he needs to form his own opinion.

In Young Blood, she is at FilmFridayz and shocked by Sophie's outburst, not knowing if they should go after her or not. She rushes to Jamie's house when she gets a call saying she needs her help. Julia gives her advice about losing her home since she is in the same position and says everything happens for a reason and that she should tell Moon and not leave her in the dark.

In The Ghost of You (2), Jamie tells her about her engagement with Jeremy and tells her it's very unrealistic because something is bound to happen. Jamie yells at her for not supporting her and accuses her of being jealous, and Julia is left annoyed with her.

In Hurts Like Heaven, she attends Jeremy's party and starts flirting with guys which pisses off Caylee who is still in a feud with her because she thinks Caylee told Jamie about her pregnancy. Jamie talks to her about her baby and Julia isn't in the mood to discuss it and stress her out. She says that she isn't ready to tell Jeremy yet and he walks up and asks what she won't tell him. She gives up and tells him that they're having a baby together. He freaks out and runs off, leaving Julia and Jamie to try to cover the party. She is in the crowd that is yelling and booing at Sophie to leave and later checks up on Jeremy after his mental breakdown. Caylee comments on how Julia finally told him she's knocked up and Julia takes offense. They argue about whether or not Caylee told Jamie and Julia calls Caylee a good girl who is really a bitch. Caylee proves her right by throwing her beer all over Julia. Julia retaliates by pushing Caylee which escalates to a full-blown cat fight as they hit and tackle each other. Liam and Jamie pull Caylee off and are worried about Julia's baby. The matter is pushed to the side when Jeremy is stripping for girls and Julia doesn't go stop him like everyone else and leaves the party early.

In Cough Syrup, she has forgiven Caylee and is in a rocky friendship with her. She reminds her of all the weight she lost when she complains about being fat and threatens Jarrod after he calls Caylee a cow.

In Panic Station (1), Sophie tries to befriend Julia and Jamie after their long-lasting war. They both deny her their friendship and Julia says they still could never trust her again.

In Panic Station (2), she along with Jamie and Jeremy are trying to find a safe spot during the shooting and run into the girl's bathroom where they find Sophie unconscious with cut wrists. She runs to find the nurse despite there being guy with a gun somewhere in the school.

In 21 Guns (1), she is at Jamie and Jeremy's housewarming party and is apparently fighting with Caylee again as Jamie is proud of her for staying away from Caylee and avoiding drama. Julia says that she's decided on adoption and warns Jamie that things might be weird between her and Jeremy now that they're moving in together.

In 21 Guns (2), she is sitting at the lunch table and asks why Jamie and Jeremy had a fight.

In If I Lose Myself, she is playing nintendo at lunch with Liam and comments that Liam can't hang out with Caylee that night because they are buying the new Zelda game. She then makes Caylee feel stupid by saying it's all Liam ever talks about and wonders how she couldn't know about it. Later on, she has Liam over her house playing games while Caylee and Lauren spy on them because they think Liam and Julia are having an affair. Caylee knocks on the door and tries to join them as the two play video games, but Julia is extremely annoyed and offended when Caylee accuses her of having an affair. She tries to tell Liam to stay when he takes Caylee and leaves and then won't let Lauren use her phone after she is left behind, slamming the door in her face. Caylee later returns to Julia's house and asks her why she's trying to make her life miserable. Julia then says that Caylee is being an awful girlfriend and threatens to call the police after Caylee insults her baby. Julia comments how awful her life is and that Caylee isn't making it any better before slamming the door again.


Julia telling her mom she is pregnant.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is at her locker and notices her baby bump is starting to show, so Jamie gives her a sweatshirt to put on and hide it. She comments on how her fashion will have to be put on hold, but Jamie is more worried about when she's going to tell her mother. Julia says that there's a lot going on with the move and doesn't want to stress her out any more. She also reveals that she isn't sure about adoption anymore and wants to talk it over with Jeremy. Julia then asks if Jeremy would be upset if she kept the baby, and Jamie tells her that both her and Jeremy would be upset, so Julia assures her that she'll figure everything out and keep her posted. She catches up with Jeremy later that day and tells him that she isn't sure about adoption anymore since she's nervous about the parents and the foster home her baby would be put in. Jeremy said it's not their problem after giving it up, and Julia bring up that she's thinking about keeping it. Jeremy very abruptly tells her he would not be involved if she kept it which leads her to make a nasty remark about him not being father of the year. He then retorts by saying she's not mother of the year since she almost killed her baby while drunk, leaving Julia very embarrassed.

The next day she is drawing vigorously and Liam sees, asking her what's wrong. She explains to him the situation and he tells her that she needs to show Jeremy just how serious she is about the baby so that he'll start taking it seriously. Julia mistakes this as sabotage of some sort that she needs to inflict on Jeremy and quickly leaves after Caylee shows up to be with Liam. She runs into Kat and tells her to tell Jarrod to meet her in the alley. Julia is next seen about to stash weed into Jeremy's locker, but Jamie and Jeremy both walk up and see what she is doing. Jamie is extremely angry and Jeremy is confused, telling her that nothing will change his mind over the baby. Jamie tells her that she's making it hard for Jamie to stay her friend and Julia starts to unravel, saying that she's still paying for sleeping with Jeremy while he got to move on like it was nothing. She then tells Jamie that she needs to choose between her and Jeremy, saying she can't deal with him anymore before walking away. At home later that day, she is helping to pack up the rest of her things with her mother before the move. Her mom asks her if anything is wrong at school, but Julia says everything is fine before changing the subject to how her dad is getting the house. She then changes her mind and decides to tell her mother that she is pregnant. Her mother holds her as she cries and assures her everything is going to be okay and that she won't leave her. Julia then says that she's the only person who isn't. She heads to Jamie's house and apologizes for asking her to choose between her and Jeremy. She reveals that she told her mother about her pregnancy and that she isn't sure what she's going to do with the baby, but she still has time to figure it out. She then invites Jamie to go clothes shopping with her and her mom for when she is huge and Jamie accepts, the two then hug.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), she is showing Liam something on her phone and both of them are laughing. She leaves when she sees Caylee walking up to them looking less than pleased. She is also seen sitting with Liam at lunch. She is later at the Hub and sees Caylee and Jamie there as well. She makes a comment about getting Caylee's leftovers after Liam dumps Caylee for Julia. When Jamie and Caylee retaliate, Julia calls them her ex-friends and leaves.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), she is making out with Liam at his locker and tells Caylee to take a picture since it will last longer after she notices Caylee watching them. She stands by and watches as Liam, Caylee, Jamie, and Jeremy all fight and is shocked when Caylee starts to lunge at her, relieved when Jeremy and Jamie stop her. She holds back tears after Jamie tells her that she's run out of chances. She tries to help Liam later on when Jamie is attacking him and warns him not to go after them.


Julia in the second season.

In This Too Shall Pass, she is changing with Liam in the janitor's closet after being out all night. Moon catches them and think that they just had sex in the closet. Julia tries to tell her it's not what she thinks, but Moon doesn't listen and tells them how wrong it is to have sex while Julia already has a bun in the oven. Julia then tells Liam they aren't going to have sex when he brings it up. At lunch, she tells Liam not to let Moon get to him when they hear her telling people what she saw and lying about it. She then tries to talk to Moon about it, but Moon goes off on her saying what a horrible person she is. Julia loses control and slaps Moon across the face. Moon then leaves and Liam scolds her for telling him to calm down and then slapping her.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), she walks into Prom with Liam and sees that both she and Jamie are wearing the same dress. With things still very heated between them, they both get very angry and Julia refuses to take off her dress since she bought it with her own money. Julia starts to get emotional when Jamie accuses her of planning this on purpose and tells everyone that they don't know the whole story about what happened between her, Liam, and Caylee. Liam quickly pulls her away.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), she is holding her stomach and feels the baby kick. Liam tells her that they need to go to graduation despite Julia not wanting to see everyone there who hates her. She tells Liam that she can't keep his secret for much longer and Liam assures her that he and Jeremy have a way to make Julia and Jamie friends again. At graduation, Liam and Jeremy try to get Julia and Jamie to talk, but Jamie doesn't want any part of it while Julia tries to make things better. After Jamie and Jeremy leave, Julia asks Liam if they can tell them the truth, but he refuses. After a lot of thought and a special memory video that Jeremy and Liam made, Julia, Jamie, and Caylee all make up and hug, becoming friends again. Later on, the three are talking about Julia's baby, which she has decided to keep. She reveals to them that she and Liam are getting an apartment this summer and then she tells Caylee that there's more to the story of what she did than Caylee knows, but she just can't tell her yet.

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Julia in Season 3.

In That's Not My Name, she calls Liam in the morning and asks if he can come over, but he can't since the gang calls him in. She is seen during first period with Liam and informs him that Caylee is in the class with them, now visibly pregnant. She tells him that she needed him that morning because she had bad cramps and was alone, but tells him it wasn't a big deal. Caylee overhears and starts yelling at Liam for not being there for Julia and they tell her it's not what she thinks. Caylee then tells Julia that she deserves to know the secret they are keeping from her and Julia realizes she's right. After class, she tells Liam that they need to tell Caylee the truth now and drags them both to an empty hallway. They tell her that their entire relationship was fake to save each other from their problems. Julia reveals that she thought Jeremy was the father when she found out she was pregnant, but forgot that she had sex with Jarrod at a party because she was drunk. She explains that Jarrod wanted to be a part of the baby's and her life and the only way to avoid that was to date someone else, which was why she started to date Liam, also to save him from trouble with Jarrod. She then leaves for class and leaves Caylee crying because she found out the truth.

The next day after Caylee gets Liam out of the gang, he tells Julia in the parking lot and she is ecstatic for him. When she hears it was Caylee who got him out, she hugs her in thanks and tells Liam that their fake romance is over and that she can deal with Jarrod on her own if he tries to get into her life again because she's a big girl. She hugs him goodbye and leaves them alone.

In Girl On Fire, she greets Caylee as they walk into school and notices how happy she is, commenting on it. When Caylee tells her it's because of her new nursing program, Julia says that it's just a class. Upon hearing how important it is for her future career, Julia jokingly says that she's due in two months and if that counts for anything. When Caylee asks if Julia's decided to keep her baby or not, Julia avoids the question and brings up her nursing program again, saying it's the perfect career for her since she loves to help people. She then gives Caylee a hug and leaves so Caylee can go on the bus. After Caylee is kicked out of her test, she calls Julia in the bathroom and explains to her what happened. Julia tells her to go back into the class and demand a second chance, but Caylee is hesitant to do so. She then tells Caylee to go in and do something good for herself for once because this is her one chance to take control of her life. Caylee takes her advice and thanks her before hanging up and doing what Julia told her to. 

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Julia and Liam in the third season.

Liam Fithe

Main Article: Julia-Liam Relationship

  • First Relationship (Fake)
  • Second Relationship (Real)
    • Start Up: Wake Me Up (305)
    • Break Up: Wonderwall (2) (309)
      • Reason: Julia needed to be alone after the death of her baby

Julia and Hunt in the seventh season.

Hunt Westbrook

Main Article: Julia-Hunt Relationship


  • Julia is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScott, AliciaSophieJamieMoonEricBrittanyEthanCayleeElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • Julia had the most plots in Season 4.
  • She lost her virginity before she had sex with Jeremy in This Is How I Disappear (1).
  • The first time she had sex with Jeremy, she manipulated him, but the second time, he manipulated her.
  • She is the first character to ever be pregnant, the second was Eliza.
  • Her character has gotten drastically more screentime in recent seasons than she had in Season 1, where she had very little despite being a regular.
  • It was revealed that her first relationship with Liam was fake to save both of them from their problems with Jarrod Keppler.
  • At first, she did not know if Jeremy or Jarrod was the father of her baby, but it was later revealed to be Liam.
  • Her and Liam have the first fake relationship in Clearwater history.
  • When she was 8 months pregnant, she fell off a ladder and landed on her stomach, killing her baby. This makes her the first character to have a miscarriage.
  • She is the third character to attempt suicide. The first two were Sophie Clark and Kate Stellar and the fourth was Olivia Jerl.
  • She is the first character to be kidnapped.
  • At college, her address was Lake Tower, Room 3103 at St. Peters University, but she is now living with Caylee.


  • (to Jamie) "Okay, who have you laid your eyes on this year?" (First Line)
  • "The things I do for acting..."
  • "Hon, boys don’t ever make sense. You should have learned that a long time ago."
  • (to Moon) "Maybe you should stay out of your sister’s drama and deal with your own freshman fights, okay?"
  • "Fuck you, I’m off to have fun!"
  • "I just wanted my mom…but she wasn’t there. So why should I be there for her?"
  • "I could be pregnant with my best friend’s boyfriend’s baby!"
  • "I’ll be huge, have cravings, and be completely irrational. It’ll be great!"
  • "You can come here and complain about your doomed romance, but the second you insult me and my baby, I will kick your ass."
  • (to Liam) "I guess this faux romance is over, prince."
  • "Do something good for yourself for once and stop waiting for the world to shit on you over and over again."