This is the nineteenth episode of Season 2.

If I Lose Myself
If i lose myself
Season 2, Episode 19
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Air date November 25, 2013
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Jeremy feels the strain between he and Jamie and when he doesn't get into the college he wanted to, he starts to unravel. Will he be pushed over the edge? Meanwhile, Caylee wants Liam to commit to them, but when he has his eyes on someone else, how will she compete? And Scott invites his new friend to his birthday party, but when things get flirty, will he just get his hopes up again?

Main PlotEdit

Jeremy starts to feel pressured as he feels guilty about what he did to Jamie and stressed to find another college to apply to when he is rejected from the first. All this stress is starting to get to him, but will he succumb to it?

Sub PlotEdit

Caylee has been waiting for Liam to commit to her after she told him she loved him and somewhere along the line, started talking to her enemy more than her. Should she be worried or is this just an innocent friendship?

Third PlotEdit

Scott is happy to invite his cute new friend to his birthday party, but when everyone starts telling him to make a move, will past experiences drive him to keep his mouth shut?

  • This episode is named after the song "If I Lose Myself" by OneRepublic.
  • Scott's birthday party will take place in this episode.

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Scott: This will be a the best birthday ever!


Caylee: Do you love to make my life miserable?!

Jamie: You’re losing it!


Chloe: He’s so into you!

Scott: You think?


Liam: Stop accusing me of shit I didn’t do!

Julia: What kind of girlfriend are you?


Julia: I’m not doing anything wrong!

Caylee: By hell you aren’t!

Scott: I don’t want to get my hopes up again…

Jeremy: I’M DONE!

Jamie: Fine! Then leave!


(Scott, Chloe, Dex, Eliza, and Angel all scream)

Caylee: Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Jamie: Or maybe you need to hop on his dick this instant!




  • Caylee: "Maybe I’m just paranoid."

Jamie: "Or maybe you need to hop on his dick this instant!"

  • Caylee: "Or maybe it’s code for “I’d rather fuck your pregnant ex-best friend…”"
  • Eliza: "You’re ditching his party to go out with a guy?"
  • Ken: "Maybe half-naked women on poles will cheer you up."
  • Jeremy: "I’m going to need to get blackout drunk tonight, now!"
  • Lauren: "Okay last time I was acting as James Bond was with Sadie, it didn’t end well."
  • Jeremy: "Well I’m your boyfriend, did you forget about me?!"
  • Chloe: "Ugh, I fucking hate your parents."
  • Scott: "I can’t believe someone as perfect as Dex could be into me!"
  • Caylee: "Why do you love to make my life miserable?"