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FilmFridayz is a youtube video group created by Sadie Carroll and Jeremy Litten in the first episode of Clearwater. To get attention drawn to the group, Sadie recruited Alicia Borden and Sophie Clark to perform a skit in the middle of the hall. This ended badly after the school laughed at them, but they still pushed through with the group. Many storylines later this season and upcoming seasons will revolve around the group and it's fate.

In reality, FilmFridayz is a real high school video group whose members are many people whose lives are featured as characters in Clearwater. The very first meeting of the group was featured in Let's Get it Started.

In The Change, Liam started to rebel against Sadie's terrible leadership which made a crack in the group. This caused Jeremy, one of the group's founding members to quit. This leaves the fate of the group in question.

The last time FilmFridayz is featured is in Sweet Nothing when Sadie tries to erase all of their videos after deciding to quit as well. Her plans are thwarted and Jamie is put in charge as the new leader, but the group is never mentioned again, so it can be inferred it fell apart. In reality, the creator of Clearwater decided the storyline was very juvenile compared to the growing maturity of the series and decided to scrap it.

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