Caylee Daniels
FULL NAME Caylee Daniels
NICKNAME(S) Cay (by everyone)
Cow (by Jarrod)
Miss Ivy League
D.O.B. April 1996
HAIR COLOR Brown (dyed silver)
FAMILY Damian Daniels (father; deceased)
Amy Daniels (mother; deceased)
Cassidy Kelly (cousin)
RELATIONSHIPS Jeremy Litten (hook-up)
Liam Fithe (ex-boyfriend)
Shawn Eichler (ex-boyfriend)
JOB Restaurant Owner
Barista at The Hub
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Brown University
FIRST Let's Get it Started (102)
Caylee Daniels is a graduate of Clearwater High School in the Class of 2014. She is one of the original thirteen characters and one of the most developed. She's known to be cheerful and kind to everybody, but has a low self-esteem and is always putting herself down for her weight; especially since since she was diagnosed with diabetes early in the first season. After having a makeover her senior year; however, she gets more confident in her appearance and herself as a whole, although still having moments of insecurity when it comes to her looks and boys. Caylee tends to care about others more than herself which leads her to make stupid decisions because they will benefit the people she loves such as selling drugs to get money for her medical bills. She has a tight bond with her father, especially since her mother died, and was devastated when he entered a coma after having a stroke, almost dropping out of school to take care of him. She is also very forgiving and tends to give people more chances than they deserve.  

The back and forth love triangle between her ex-boyfriend and fiesty best friend has been a recurring plot during her time on the series as he constantly chooses back and forth between the two. In the third season, she strikes up a relationship with her nursing teacher which stays hidden until the following season and he dumps her to keep his job. She soon goes back to Liam and they stay healthy, even giving her virginity to him on prom night, until his proposal to her is interrupted by his worry of Julia, causing Caylee to realize he may never be fully invested in her with Julia around and leading to their subsequent breakup before she leaves for Brown University.  

After being absent for the majority of the fifth season, she returns in the season 6 premiere when she learns of her father's second stroke. After he dies, Caylee blames herself for not being there for him in his final months and now has no parents left. She later decides not to return to college and ends up starting an Irish restaurant named Amy, after her mother, in town.  

She is best friends with Jamie Stellar and Julia Abbott and good friends with Eric Stem, Moon Stellar, Scott Taylor, Lauren Nessner, Trey Nitt, Jeremy Litten, and Tim Sharpe. She has had a rocky friendship with her ex-boyfriend Liam Fithe and is enemies with her frequent tormentor Jarrod Keppler. She is portrayed by Debby Ryan. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In Let's Get it Started, she talks to Trey about how proud she is that she doesn't care about what others say. She also tells her that people are talking about her, but not to care. Later on, she finds Trey throwing out all her old makeup and clothes and is happy she is embracing the real her. She then goes to the first FilmFridayz meeting with her and Isaac. 

In Love Drunk, Jamie asks her if she should be worried if Julia is talking to her crush, Jeremy, alone a lot. Caylee tells her not to jump to conclusions and to question her about it later.


Caylee after passing out in the weight room.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she has Jamie sleep over and they are getting ready for school. She tries on her favorite pair of pants and they won't fit her, which makes her upset, but she wears sweatpants instead. At school, she and Jamie talk to Julia who is on a diet. After Caylee backs her up for being on one, Julia tells her she should go on one two, then realizes it came out wrong and tries to correct herself. Caylee says she's right. She gets home that day and sees her dad got her McDonald's. Instead of eating it, she smashes it in the garbage can so she won't gain more weight. At lunch the next day at school, Moon brings cupcakes and Caylee doesn't take one, sticking to her diet. When everyone leaves the table to see Trey and Isaac fight, she steals the cupcakes and eats them all in the bathroom. She tries to burn off the calories in the weight room, but faints and is saved by Liam. She tells him she just wanted to be pretty and skinny like Julia and Liam assures her she's pretty. After taking her to the nurse, Liam is going to drive her home and Julia comes out and apologizes to Caylee for making fun of her weight, saying she's naturally beautiful. Caylee vows to stop binging and dieting and they all go play video games.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), Julia asks her who the cutest guy in FilmFridayz is and she says Isaac. Julia says Jeremy and Caylee reminds her of Jamie's crush on him, telling her not to start a feud with Jamie over him.

In This Is How I Disappear (2), Julia calls her over to her house and tells her she had sex with Jeremy. Caylee is shocked and thinks it was really stupid. She tells her to stop thinking about herself in the situation and to think about Jamie. She finds Jeremy and hits him, telling he needs to pick between Jamie and Julia and hope Jamie never finds out what he did. She catches Jamie watching the tape of Jeremy and Julia having sex and is surprised when Jamie doesn't seem to care.

In You Da One, Caylee sees Jeremy and Jamie kiss and is excited to hear they are going to become official soon. She tells Jamie that she has to make the first move since last time, she told Jeremy she wasn't ready.

In Eyes Open, Moon asks her if she did the right thing by yelling at Jamie and Ethan when they were tormenting Devon. Caylee tells her that she knows she tries to do the right thing, but she needs to stop coming off to tough. At lunch, Moon tells everyone she's going to sit with Devon and Caylee offers to join her, but is turned down.


Caylee at Jamie's house before she faints.

In Personal Jesus, she is at Jamie's gossiping about Jeremy and then goes to get juice. She trips down the stairs and is really dizzy, so Jamie helps her and gets the juice instead. At school, she is still sick and getting worse. Julia and Jamie tell her to see a doctor, but Caylee says her dad can't afford it and she wouldn't burden him. She then runs out of the room before she pukes. She is sleeping during class and when it ends, Jamie wakes her up. She tells her again to see a doctor, but Caylee is stubborn and won't go, saying if something happens, it's her own fault. She has to leave lunch so she can puke. While doing a presentation in class, she gets dizzy and disoriented and goes to the nurse. On her way, she trips down the stairs and hits her head against the wall. Jamie finds her and freaks out, taking her to the nurse. She wakes up in the nurse's office and is confused. Once Jamie tells her what happened, she gets scared because she's getting worse and fears she might be really sick.

In What You Waiting For?, she is having a party at her house and Jeremy asks her where Moon is so he can get her to convince Jamie to date him. Later, she is with Jamie and tells her everything is fine when she sees Jeremy and Julia talking.


Caylee in Season 1.

In Want U Back, she and Scott fangirl over Jamie and Jeremy as they kiss in the hallway.

In The Change, she is at the crazy FilmFridayz meeting, but is calm and stays out of the drama.

In Sick Muse, she is at Liam's party and is with Jamie who is paranoid about Jeremy again since he is flirting with Danielle. Caylee assures her that he probably likes Danielle and isn't scheming anything. She talks to Jeremy later to find out the truth and he tells her the lie Sophie told him about Jamie stalking him. Caylee tells him it's a lie and whoever said it was lying, but he doesn't believe her.

In Two Kinds of Happiness, Moon sits with Caylee, Julia, and Liam and all three are weirded out. Moon asks why they stopped talking and Caylee tells her that anything they say, Moon could spew right back to Jamie. Moon is upset and leaves, which makes Caylee and her friends happy. She runs into an argument between Sophie and Jamie and tries to calm Jamie down afterwards. She tells her to get revenge on her for the rumor, and Jamie leaves to talk to Sadie since she's the only one who understands her, leaving Caylee confused.


Caylee standing up to Lauren.

In Force A Smile (1), she begs her dad to let her stay home from school since she's sick again and tells him she'll get better, even though she doesn't believe it. At school the next day, she is sick again and goes to the nurse. While waiting, she weighs herself and Sadie walks in. She asks Sadie if it's normal to gain 10 pounds in a week and Sadie seems a little unsure. After school, she goes to the drug store and gets diet pills so she can lose the weight she gained. When she's walking out, she bumps into Lauren and drops the bottle. She quickly picks it up and runs off, leaving Lauren confused. She takes a diet pill in the school bathroom and Harley tells her not to overdue it since they can harm your body. She runs into Lauren later that day and Lauren criticizes her for taking diet pills instead of exercising. Caylee disses her by saying she's lost 8 pounds in a day and she doesn't care what Lauren thinks.

Caylee flirting with Liam.

In Force A Smile (2), she drags Julia with her to the scale and tells her about the pills. Once she realizes she's lost 20 pounds, they both freak out in excitement. Her mood is crushed when she realizes she's lost another 10 pounds without even taking a pill. She tells Liam and he insists she see a doctor, but she says she can't afford it, but is really scared. She is surprised to see that Liam and Julia have set up a car wash outside the school to raise money so Caylee can see a doctor. She offers to help, but they insist she stay away. After getting enough money and going to the doctor, he tells her that after taking tests, she has a serious illness. She reveals to her friends the next day that she has Type 1 Diabetes. The season ends with Caylee, Julia, Jamie, and Liam holding hands and walking down the hall after hearing her news.

Season 2Edit

In Settle Down, she is at the mall with her friends and supports Trey after he gets his first binder.

In Midnight City, she is at Tim's party and informs Liam that his dad is outside waiting for him. Tim tells her that something weird is going on at Liam's house and Caylee decides to spy on him by watching him talk to his father. She and Tim both see his father kiss Liam on the lips and think it's really weird. Liam comes back in and they act natural. She goes over to Liam later at the party and tries to get him to talk to her. She sees his hickey and at first thinks it's from a girl, but then realizes it's from his father. When he realizes she knows about his father's sexual abuse, he flips out and screams at her, throwing his drink, and pushing over Tim as he runs out of the party. Caylee is very concerned for him. She meets with Tim and Liam the next day at the Hub and Liam confesses she was right, and he made everything better. She is very happy for him and happy to start the new semester.

In I Knew You Were Trouble, she is at lunch and tries to save Ethan from getting caught by Mr. Hanson for skipping class, but he is caught anyway.

Sweet nothing3

Caylee at the party.

In Sweet Nothing, she is tutoring Liam in chemistry and he tells her they need to hang out sometime. She starts blushing and quickly leaves, wishing him luck on his test. She tells Julia that she's in love with him and Julia is shocked, but tells her to date whoever she wants. Caylee decides to make a move on him. She asks him on a date and he kisses her unexpectedly, so she tells him she likes him too. Liam runs away, not expecting that, and Caylee is confused, starting to cry. She looks for advice from Julia and Moon and they tell her to confront him and find out what happened. She agrees it's a good idea and thanks them for their help. She confronts him at FilmFridayz and he tells her that he doesn't want to end up like his parents, mad and separated. Caylee tells him to take a risk and they kiss, starting a relationship.

In Bring Me to Life (1), she gets to class with Julia and asks how she's feeling since Jamie told her Julia was having horrible cramps. Julia tells her that they can't be from her period since she missed the last two and Caylee says that she could be pregnant. After Julia realizes she could be pregnant with Jeremy's baby, she freaks out and Caylee tells her to get a pregnancy test from Mrs. Dayton after class. The next day, Caylee asks her if she took it and Julia says she couldn't do it alone. Caylee tells her that they'll take it together during lunch. After Julia tells Jamie that the pregancy test she saw was Caylee's to cover the truth, Jamie goes to Caylee and is disappointed. Jamie gets mad at Caylee for not taking it seriously, and Caylee grabs Julia and takes her to the bathroom to take the test. They take it and it is revealed that Julia is pregnant. Caylee comforts her and tells her she will stick with her through everything. Little do they know that Moon was listening to the whole thing.

In Bring Me to Life (2), Caylee goes to Julia's locker the next day and asks her when she's going to tell Jamie and Jeremy. Julia says she's not ready and Caylee says she should take her time and wait until she's ready. Moon tells Jamie about Julia's pregnancy and since Julia thinks that only Caylee knows, she blames Caylee for telling Jamie. She called her a bitch ans tells her never to talk to her again. Caylee is confused and starts crying since she just lost her friend.

Shame For You

Caylee talking to Leah about selling her tablets.

In Knock 'Em Out, she is leaving for school when her dad mentions she has another doctor's appointment coming up. He also tells her that he's going to work extra night-shifts to afford it. She feels bad and offers to pay for it, but he says to worry about her health. Caylee still wants to get money in order to pay for it. At lunch, her friends question about all the equipment she uses to check her blood. Leah walks by and sees her glucose tablet, wanting to buy it. Caylee is confused and tells her no. Tim finds her later that day and tells her people are talking about her tablets and wanting to buy them. She questions why they would want them and he tells her to help them stay awake for class. Once he tells her how much money she could get, Caylee realizes that she can sell them for money to afford her doctor's appointment. She tracks down Leah and tells her that she changed her mind and wants her help in selling them and instead of splitting profit, Caylee would give her tablets for free. Leah agrees to the terms and the next day, they start selling a lot of them. At first, Caylee is thrilled, but when she sees Jarrod snorting it, she realizes that people are using them for more than just a sugar high and that what she's doing is extremely illegal. She yells at Leah for letting her do it and Leah wants her pills, but Caylee refuses to give them to her. Later that day, she is talking to Liam and Jeremy about having a gaming competition when Mr. Hanson comes and takes her to his office. She tells him that she knows selling her tablets was stupid, but she did it anyway and he gives her a week's suspension. When Liam finds out about the suspension, she lies to him and tells him it was because she fought a girl. Jamie can tell she is lying and asks her what really happened. Caylee tells her the truth and makes her promise not to tell Liam. She is worried to hear what her father will say and regreats her decision as she leaves the school for her suspension.

In Young Blood, she is worried about Jamie at lunch when she seems distant. At the end of the episode, she rejects Sophie along with the rest of her table after she backstabs Scott and realizes she's not a good person.

In The Ghost of You (2), she is walking home with Jamie who is debating how to tell her parents about her engagement to Jeremy. She tells her not to tell them at all and wait until closer to graduation. Jamie loves her advive and leaves to tell Jeremy while Caylee asks if this makes her the maid of honor.

In A Year Without Rain, she is in the mall with Lauren and Sadie talking about her boyfriend with Lauren. Sadie becomes jealous and upset since she is the only one without a boyfriend and starts talking about how she deserves one. Caylee rolls her eyes and changes the subject to avoid any more of Sadie's complaints.

In Hurts Like Heaven, she is talking with her friends about Jeremy's party happening that night and then goes to see Liam. At the party, she and Jamie stick together since both of their boyfriends are getting drunk and she is veru annoyed to see Julia has arrived. Jeremy asks why they're fighting and Caylee lies and says it's just girl stuff. She finds the new guy Troy to be cool. She finds Jamie and Julia comforting Jeremy who is spazzing and Caylee comments on how Julia finally told him she's pregnant. Julia starts calling her out on how much of a bitch she is and Caylee throws her beer all over Julia's face. Julia tackles Caylee to the ground and they start to fight, but Liam, Jamie, and Tim intervene and pull them apart. Liam takes Caylee inside to calm down afterwards.


Caylee getting made fun of by Jarrod.

In Cough Syrup, she is talking about how much she hates Sophie with her friends as she walks into German class. Jarrod starts making rude remarks about her being a cow and she doesn't say anything while her friends stick up for her. She eventually tells them to not make a big deal about it as Jarrod continues. She is talking to Jamie and Liam about it at lunch and says she knows she's overweight, she doesn't need people reminding her. They start to tell her she's not when Jarrod comes by and calls her a cow again. Liam and Jamie start to threaten Jarrod, but Caylee says they're not helping and goes to cry in the bathroom. She sees Abby and is disappointed she'll never be as skinny as her. Moon talks to her about him before class and tells her to report him, but Caylee doesn't want to be a snitch or fight back and sink to his level. She is walking with Trey and Liam and Jarrod makes another comment. Liam almost beats him up and Caylee stops him, proud that he would do that for her. She is walking home with Jamie and asks her what love feels like since she might be in love with Liam. After Jamie tells her what it feels like, she's sure she's in love with Liam and goes to tell him how she feels after Jamie tells her to. She calls him and tells him how she feels, but Liam doesn't feel the same way and says he might feel that way someday. Caylee feels stupid and tells him she can't make him feel something that he doesn't. He hangs up and she starts crying, feeling incredibly stupid and embarrassed.

In Kiss With A Fist, she is happy to see Ethan has returned and is annoyed with Eric when he argues with him and drives him away.

In Panic Station (1), Caylee notices that Alicia isn't acting like herself and worries that Alicia might have an eating disorder like she did. She makes her eat a cookie to prove she isn't which annoys Alicia, and she goes to throw it up after anyways. She is also in German class when Liam informs her that they are having a locker search and Jarrod is going to get busted. This makes Caylee happy.

In Panic Station (2), she is freaking out during the school shooting since she can't find Liam and is relieved to find them. They run off to hide together.

In 21 Guns (1), she is at the housewarming party for Jamie and Jeremy and tells everyone that Devon has 3 years in jail for the shooting.

In 21 Guns (2), she tells Moon she needs to think about her mother more when she is complaining about how she acting following her suicide attempt. She talks to Olivia and Scott with Keith and Danielle about Moon later when she complains again. She doesn't take Keith and Danielle's side which is to dump her as a friend. She wonders if she, Scott, and Olivia should tell Jamie about how everyone is ditching Moon. She comforts Jamie when she is having problems with Jeremy and tells her that her plan for Moon's friends to fake liking her isn't going to work.


Caylee getting caught by Julia and Liam.

In If I Lose Myself, she tries to invite Liam over to watch scary movies, but Julia tells her that he'll be buying the new Zelda game with her. Liam tells her some other time and Caylee starts to worry that he'd rather be with Julia than her. Jamie tells her to watch him since Julia can steal a guy from his girlfriend and Caylee worries he'd rather just be with Julia altogether. She gets Lauren to come with her after school and spy on him and Julia, making sure he's not cheating on her. They look in her bedroom window and see him laughing and playing video games with Julia. She becomes jealous and wonders why he can't have that much fun with her. Lauren tells her to dump him, but she doesn't want to let him go that easy. She and Lauren knock on the door and Julia is upset to see them. They try to get them to let them play video games, but Liam knows they're up to something and takes Caylee with him to his car. In his car, he yells at her for not trusting him and Caylee acts paranoid by saying she knows Julia is planning something. She tells him not to stay with her because he feels he has to and then is interrupted by Lauren who says Caylee is her ride home. She gets out to go with Lauren and leaves Liam looking pissed. Caylee returns to Julia's house later and tells her to leave Liam alone and stop making her life miserable. Julia says she's doing nothing wrong and tells her about how she's losing everything and just needs friends. Julia then threatens to call the cops if she doesn't leave and slams the door in Caylee's face who feels awful afterwards. She is calling Liam later in her room and gets his voicemail, leaving him another message talking about how she doesn't want to lose him.

In Long Way to Happy, Eric is comforting her because she is scared Liam is going to dump her. He wants to be her new best friend since Jamie is caught up in her fiance and Julia and her are now enemies. She is happy to have a friend and hugs him, but sees Liam watching her angrily afterwards. Jarrod makes pig noises at her in the lunch room and Eric hears, becoming very upset and wanting to beat him up. Caylee stops him and says he's not worth it and violence won't solve anything.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is annoyed to see Liam hanging around with Julia again.


Caylee getting taunted by Julia.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), she is talking to Jamie about a nursing program she wants to be in next year when they see Julia and Liam cracking up laughing about something. Caylee goes to intervene and Julia quickly leaves. She tries to talk to Liam, but he keeps giving her one-word answers. She finally gives up and says that she's his girlfriend, not Julia, and that he's going to have to choose between them sooner or later. She is later waiting for him at their lunch table and is skeptical that he'll stay with her. Jamie tries to tell her otherwise, but then Caylee sees him eating lunch with Julia and slams her head on the table as Jamie comforts her. The next day, she and Jamie see him in the lunchroom and he asks to talk to her alone. Caylee tells him he can say whatever he wants to her in front of Jamie and he admits he likes Julia now and dumps her. She starts to leave, but then smashes her jelly donut all over him shirt and starts crying in the bathroom. She and Jamie see Julia at the Hub and Caylee starts to fight with her, but Jamie calms her down. When Julia leaves, Jamie tells her she's glad Caylee didn't stoop to her level and that she deserves better than Liam. Caylee is still upset that her longest relationship is over and makes Julia public enemy #1. The next day, she is walking with Lauren who wants to egg Liam's car, but Caylee hopes to be friends with him again one day. When Jarrod makes more rude comments to her, Liam backs him up and laughs. Caylee is shocked that Liam is now bullying her and breaks down.

Caylee breaking up the fight.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), she is on watch by both Jamie and Jeremy who are worried about her. She tells them she's alright, but freaks out when she need Liam and Julia making out and they make comments to her. They hold her back and fight with Liam and Julia and when Julia says she did nothing wrong, Caylee tries to fight her, but Jeremy takes her away. She later finds a cupcake in her locker saying "A cow for the cow. Don't eat it too fast- Liam" and can't believe he would torture her like this. She throws it across the hall and runs to the bathroom. She tries to stop Jamie from fighting with Liam after she finds out about the cupcake and stops her when she slams his head into his locker. She is surprised to see Jeremy punch Liam and runs off with Jeremy and Jamie right after. Jamie and Jeremy think about what Caylee should do at lunch and Caylee tells them to stop and that she can deal with them on her own, but that she needs to take time to cool down first. She goes home and cries to her dad about what happened. Her dad tells her to stick with her true friends and focus on her studies and Caylee takes it to heart and asks Jamie to sleep over that night.

In This Too Shall Pass, she is at lunch and gets uncomfortable when Moon starts talking about Liam and Julia's relationship and asks her to change the subject. When Moon keeps ranting about them, Caylee can't handle it and leaves to go to the bathroom, holding back tears.

In How You Love Me Now, she is pulled aside before school by Jamie along with Sadie and Jamie informs them that her and Jeremy are getting married that day and the two of them are invited to be there. Caylee is excited, but then thrilled when Jamie tells her that she's her maid of honor. Caylee is very amped to go and doesn't find a problem with them getting married so soon like Sadie does. After they go out and buy their dresses, Caylee rushes everyone to the reception when they start stalling. Right before the wedding, Caylee says how happy she is to be there and tells Jamie that things are different now when Jamie mentions that she and Julia promised to be at each other's weddings. She then goes back to the stage to prepare, but the wedding never actually happens.

In Carry On, she comforts both Moon and Danielle at lunch with their problems.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), she is at Tori's house helping her get ready for graduation and convinces her to go and figure things out with Trey so that she gets some clarity and doesn't have the same regrets that she does. She and Jamie are later seen at the ceremony finding seats far away from Julia and Liam. Caylee is confused when she hears that Liam and Jeremy made a slideshow, but when pictures of her with Julia and Jamie are shown, she realizes that she threw her friendship with Julia away for a boy and accepts Julia's apology, hugging her and ending their rivalry. The three of them are seen talking at a table later on and asking Julia about her baby. Julia tells Caylee that there's more to the story about why she stole Liam away from her and she can tell her someday and Caylee seems to be uninterested, wanting to put that into the past. She is last seen talking with the others going to Hollywood and saying that they're going to cause a lot of drama there.

In Clearwater Goes Hollywood, she is briefly seen at Jeremy's party as one of the people who were invited on his summer trip to Hollywood after getting a spot on a reality show. She is then seen getting off the plane and expresses her interest in going celebrity hunting, asking who wants to come with her. In the hotel room, she participates in a pillow fight along with Trey, Tori, Isaac, and Sadie. Someone knocks at the door and when Caylee opens it and sees it's Lauren, she hits her with a pillow, unaware she just paid for a makeover. Lauren scolds Caylee for ruining it and Caylee apologizes, saying she didn't know Lauren would be all done up. She also tells Lauren not to get her hopes up when she wants to get an acting job while they are there. At Jeremy's rehearsal, Caylee goes off to find Jamie and make sure she's okay after Jeremy tells her he had a fight with Jamie. She is also seen at the live showing of Spotlight Stars in the audience. When they get back and find out Jamie left to go to the airport and back home from Danielle, Caylee rushes to the airport to try and stop her. Although she is not seen again, it is mentioned that Caylee returned to Clearwater with Jamie that night.

Season 3Edit


Caylee in the third season.

In That's Not My Name, she goes into class and sees Julia and Liam are in it, listening into their conversation and hearing that Liam ignored Julia's messages that morning. Caylee scolds Liam for this and tells Julia she's there anytime Liam isn't, even though Julia tells her it's a misunderstanding and there's more to the story that Caylee doesn't know. Caylee becomes aggravated that they mentioned this again, yet still have yet to tell her anything. She tells Julia that she deserves to know whatever they're hiding from her, and Julia realizes that she's right. At the end of class, Julia tells Liam that they have to tell Caylee the truth. Caylee tells them that she won't judge them for whatever it is and Liam starts telling the whole story of what they've been keeping from her. It involves Jarrod finding out what Liam's dad did to him, him being blackmailed into joining his gang, and that he dumped Caylee to keep her safe. He also tells her that his and Julia's relationship was fake to save her from Jarrod, who might be the father of her baby. All of this shocks Caylee, who is speechless and starts crying, saying she hated them for so long, but she never knew what they were going through. She promises not to tell anyone about this and continues to cry.

The next day, Caylee goes to Eric and asks for his help in getting Liam out of the gang. Eric is skeptical at first, but Caylee convinces him to help and kisses his forehead when he agrees, saying she won't let anything happen to him. She later gets involved herself by getting pot from Eric's brother's friend and giving it to Jarrod as collateral for Liam, setting him free. Liam is ecstatic and hugs her tightly, about to kiss her, but stops when Julia walks by. He tells Liam what Caylee did and she comments that she's going to need to work a lot to pay off the weed, she then asks Liam to walk her home when Julia leaves. When they are confronted by Blake, Liam punches him in the face and runs off with Caylee. They stop at the Hub and Caylee comforts him and calls him strong for doing what he did. They then kiss and Caylee says they can't be together since he just "dumped" Julia, but she'll think about it and goes into the Hub.

In Girl On Fire, Caylee walks into school looking happy and Julia comments on it. Caylee explains that her nursing program starts that day and is excited to start her career. She then asks about Julia's baby and if she's keeping it, but Julia dodges the question. Caylee explains that her program is at Trey's college and that she wants to be a nurse so she can help people and since she's already comfortable in hospitals due to her diabetes. She hugs Julia goodbye and goes to the bus, greeting Kat, who looks distressed. Caylee asks what's wrong and Kat says that there are too many people accepted into the program and they'll have to cut some people, which worries Caylee since she doesn't want her opportunity to end before it even starts. At TU, she is waiting outsite her class with Trey talking about the possibility of her getting cut. Trey suggests she cheat in order to guarentee a spot, but Caylee is hesitant and leaves to get to class. Their teacher, Mr. Eichler, explains he'll give them a test and the highest scores get to stay. Kat mentions that she studied her books all summer and is easily pass the test, and Caylee pretends that she did the same, but is worried since she hasn't even opened her book yet.


Caylee being awakened after falling asleep while studying.

Caylee is at home that night, asleep with books everywhere, when Jamie calls her and wakes her up. Caylee realizes she fell asleep studying and freaks out, so Jamie tells her to make a cheat sheet, but Caylee reiterates that she's not a cheater. She says that she wants to know she got in fair and square, but Jamie keeps egging her to cheat since she'll be the only one not doing it. Jamie tells her she deserves to be happy for once, and if cheating is the way to get it, then so be it, but Caylee is still skeptical. She finally gives in and says she's not going to let something else she wants slip from her fingers, starting to make her cheat sheet. The next day before the test, she discusses it with Kat, but is shocked when Mr. Eichler gives them a hands-on test on something Caylee didn't study. Kat tells her that everyone is going to start sabotaging each other for a spot, which makes Caylee even more nervous. She is partnered with Miranda and finds that she knows how to do the test, but another girl sabotages them by knocking over their blood bag, so Mr. Eichler sends them to the bathroom and says the test is over for them, much to Caylee's dismay.

In the bathroom, Miranda is crying while Caylee doesn't want to give up and calls Julia for help, explaining what happened. Julia tells her to go in and demand for a second chance. Caylee doesn't know if she can at first, but Julia convinces her to do something for herself for a change, so Caylee decides to give it a go and hangs up, returning to the classroom. She asks if she can talk to Mr. Eichler, explaining that her life was a whirlwind, and she just wanted to find solid ground in this class, saying she wants to try the test again, but Mr. Eichler admits her to the class without the test. He tells her that she loves her drive and would love to have a student like her in class, asking that she call him Shawn. Caylee is thrilled and thanks him, going off to wash the blood off her pants, but not before Shawn can wink at her. She walks into the hallway and jumps with joy, ecstatic she got to stay in the class.

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Caylee and Liam in season 2.

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Shawn Eichler

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  • Start Up: Pills N Potions (318)
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    • Reason: After people found out about them and he was fired, Shawn moved away.


  • Caylee is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScott, AliciaSophieJamieMoonEricBrittanyEthanJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • She is one of the 2 characters to have an episode where they have the main plot in every season of the series. The other is Sophie.
  • Caylee lost her virginity on the night of her Senior prom to her then-boyfriend, Liam.
  • She attended the first ever FilmFridayz meeting.
  • She has fainted two times.
  • It is first revealed in Personal Jesus that her mother is dead and mentioned several times throughout the series.
  • She is the first and only character to have diabetes.
  • She is the fifth character to be suspended after Sophie Clark, Ethan Webber, Abby Ulmer, and Blake Sommer.
  • Her plan in high school was to be a nurse.
  • She ended her season-long rivalry with former best friend Julia in the Season 2 finale.
  • She attended Jeremy's trip to Hollywood, but left early along with Jamie.
  • She played the drums in the band Rave Repellent.
  • She appeared in more episodes in Season 3 than any other character.
  • She is the first regular character to leave the series and come back as a regular again.
  • She is of Irish descent on her mother's side.
  • She is the second character to start their own business, the first was Jeremy.

Appearance & StyleEdit

Caylee s1 p2

Caylee's look at the end of season 1.

Caylee s2 p2

Caylee's look at the beginning of season 2.

In Season 1 during the first semester of her Junior year, Caylee didn't stand out much based on how she looked. She had lifeless brown hair and was a little bigger than most girls. She would wear mostly loose-fitting clothing that covered her body since she was so self-conscious. She would wear a pop of color along with many shades of grey or black. She didn't wear many accessories or jewelry either. Towards the end of the semester, she started doing prettier things to her hair such as curling it and dyed it auburn. She started wearing more makeup and wearing lighter colors. Along with the brighter sense of fashion, she also started wearing big hoop earrings and beautiful metallic necklaces. Her significant loss of weight allowed her to wear tighter clothing and take bigger risks with fashion. Overall, she started to care more about the way she looked towards the end of the semester and it definitely showed.

In Season 2, her second semester as a junior, Caylee's sense of fashion changed from somewhat chic to more hipster and tomboy. She ditched her sparkles and glitter for suspenders and more neutral colors. She dyed her hair back to brown and is now much skinnier, more like the normal size of a teenage girl. She toned down her makeup and now has a more natural look. She still kept her oversized jewelry such as earrings and now wears a lot of hats, mostly beanies. Being the girlfriend of a guy who doesn't care as much about how she looks has probably influenced her more laid-back look.


Caylee's look in Season 3.

In Season 3, she starts out her senior year with a much better outlook on life after a refreshing summer free of drama. Being in Hollywood and around all the glamour has opened her eyes to the newest trendsand she can now be seen wearing a lot more jewelry and trendy outfits such as patterned leggings and denim jackets. She has changed her hair yet again and now sports a much lighter brown with a reddish hue that she has shoulder length and normally wears in curls. She is now putting much more effort into her appearance.


  • "Hey, I heard about the whole new look thing. I'm so proud of you, not caring what people think." (First Line)
  • "You're a fat pig Caylee, and that's all you'll ever be..."
  • "I may not be the skinniest or the prettiest girl alive, but I plan on being the happiest from now on."
  • "I’m 8 pounds lighter than I was three hours ago, you think that’s gross? I call it a step in the right direction, hun."
  • "I have type 1 diabetes…that’s what I get for being so fat."
  • "If there’s one thing I’ve learned with all this diabetes crap…it’s that life is too short to hold grudges or worry about the future. You have to live in the now."
  • "What can I say...I Caylee Daniels, am a horndog."
  • Liam: "She’s pregnant!"

Caylee: "That doesn't mean she's defeated..."

  • "Stop staying with me because you feel you have to…"
  • "My life went into kind of a whirlwind last year and I thought that I could find solid ground with this class and this career, but I guess not."