The first episode of Season 1 and of the entire series.

Anything Could Happen
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date January 28, 2013
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Sophie is psyched to start high school, but starts hanging out with the wrong crowd she has to do bad things to impress. Meanwhile, Sadie and Jeremy want to start their own club, but can't seem to agree and Scott has some troubles adapting to high school himself.

Main PlotEdit

Sophie is being pulled in two different directions during her first week at school and has to choose; friends or popularity. Either way, one group won't be very happy with her.

Sub PlotEdit

Sadie and Jeremy want to leave their mark on the school before they graduate and decide to start a club of their own, but can't seem to agree on anything. Will this put a strain on both the group and their friendship?

Third PlotEdit

After a summer of hell, Scott has lost almost all all of his friends and finds it difficult to start new in a new enviornment.

  • This is the first episode ever of Clearwater.
  • This episode is named after the song "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding.
  • In this episode, the first semester of the 2012-1013 school year begins.

  • Several continuity errors are found in this episode due to much of the series not being figured out.
    • Clearwater was mentioned to be in Ohio, not Florida.
    • Alicia mentions she has a brother, when later in the series, she is an only child.
  • While it is not mentioned in this episode why Scott lost all of his friends, in the Season 3 episode, Same Love, Keith Rossen (who was not present in the first season) explains he told everybody at school that Scott stole from his family after their budding relationship was shot down by Scott. This caused everyone to turn on Scott over the summer.

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  • Sophie: "Now I know I'm going to like this school..."
  • Jeremy: "Guys, we're about to create a brilliant thing..."
  • Isaac: "Disagreements make me hungry, I need a sandwich."
  • Sadie: "I'm glad we got to do this together, Jeremy."