The friendship between Danielle Hooper and Angel O'Brian formed at the beginning of the second season of Clearwater when Angel moved to Clearwater High. They are known as Dangel (Danielle/Angel).

Angel-Danielle Friendship
General Information
Nickname Dangel, Anielle
Intimacy Level Best Friends
Friendship Started I Knew You Were Trouble (203)
Friendship Status Best Friends



When they first meet, Angel has an immediate connection with Danielle and wants to be her friend. Danielle is unsure at first, but gives in and changes her mind yet again when she sees that Angel is somewhat of a rebel. They make amends and start a very close friendship. Danielle helps Angel all through her troubles involving her father's infidelity, but Angel betrays Danielle after she pays Troy to go out with Alicia and tells this to Alicia who ends her friendship with Danielle. It is unknown if Danielle knows it was angel who told Alicia, but they still have a strong bond.

Season 2Edit

In I Knew You Were Trouble, Danielle tells Jarrod off after he creepily flirts with Angel. Angel thanks her and Danielle helps her find the main office as Angel tells her about her previous schooling experiences. She asks Isaac about Danielle, wanting to know more about her. They meet again in the lunchroom when Angel skips her study hall to hang out with Danielle. Angel asks her to go to the mall that night and Danielle is unsure since they had only met a few hours ago, but decides to go anyway. They are both picking out clothes when Angel stuffs a shirt in her bag and tries to steal it, but is caught by a clerk and kicked out, which upsets Danielle. On the way home, Angel offers her marijuana and Danielle denies it, saying she doesn't want to be friends with Angel since she is nothing but trouble. The next day, Angel gives Danielle a cupcake and said she got rid of all her drugs and will be a good person. Danielle doesn't know why she wants to be her friend so bad and Angel tells her it's because she doesn't make friends easily and really likes Danielle. Danielle accepts the cupcake and decides to stay her friend.

In Sweet Nothing, Danielle invites Angel into her FilmFridayz scene without the permission of Sophie and Brad. This annoys Sophie since Angel isn't even a real member.


  • They have both been involved in FilmFridayz.
  • Danielle helped expose Angel's father's infidelity and pedophilia.