Alicia Borden
FULL NAME Alicia Borden
NICKNAME(S) Ho (by Danielle)
Ass-Face Alicia (by Brendan)
Babygirl (by her mother)
D.O.B. 1997
FAMILY Nina Borden (mother)
RELATIONSHIPS Adam Iocco (ex-boyfriend)
Brad Craymer (attraction)
Bobby (hook-up)

Trey Nitt (kissed; former attraction)

JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Clearwater High School
Prom Committee
Dance Committee
FIRST Anything Could Happen (101)
Alicia Borden is a Senior (Grade 12) at Clearwater High School and is a regular character since the second season after appearing as a recurring character in the first. She is very caring towards the people that are close in her life, but she is also very sensitive and takes it hard when those people hurt her in some way. She is considered a little boy-crazy, especially her freshman year, wanting to be with a guy, yet having no success. It is revealed in season 2 that she has been fighting an eating disorder for a long time, an issue which resurfaces several times throughout her tenure on the series.  

After trivial plots throughout the second season, the season ends with her being brutally raped by her gym teacher, Edward Teller. This has effected her ever since and caused her to spiral out of control in the third season where she turned against her best friend, had sex with a stranger, and contracted Hepatitis B. She later moves on, but is forced to deal with it again after her rape is revealed on a Twitter account, causing her mother and the authorities to find out and push for her to press charges. She eventually goes along with the trial due to pressure by her then-boyfriend, Adam. After a revenge scheme on Chloe Kaven, who sent in the tweet about her rape, goes too far, her friends are disgusted with her. While driving home in tears, she accidentally runs a car off the road and sends it rolling off a steep ravine, leaving quickly after she believes she killed them. In the sixth season, she finds out the car had her good friends Ethan and Lana in it who are badly injured by the crash. After dealing with the guilt all season, she turns herself into the police so that she doesn't have to go through with her upcoming rape trial. 

She is best friends with Danielle Hooper and Sophie Clark. She is good friends with Keith Rossen, Moon Stellar, Jamie StellarOlivia Jerl, Angel O'Brian and Scott Taylor. She has a deep hatred for her rapist, Edward Teller and was recently in an open relationship with Adam Iocco. She is portrayed by Naomi Scott. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Anything Could Happen, she is at the lunch table with Sophie and Abby and sticks up for Sophie when Brad is being mean to her. At Abby's party, she is with Danielle staying away from the drinking and drugs. She informs Sophie on how bad Abby is and invite her to stay with them, but Sophie leaves. 

In Let's Get it Started, she does a skit for Sadie to promote FilmFridayz and gets laughed at and trash is thrown at her and Sophie. She is upset about it, but is still at the first meeting.

In Love Drunk, she is eating lunch and making up names for Danielle and Ethan's romance. She also gives Jamie advice when she thinks Julia is going out with her crush. She tells Jamie to watch Julia like a hawk.

In Fuckin' Perfect, she sees Trey beat up Isaac at her locker and rushes to his help. They both go to their lunch table and tell everyone to stay away from Trey. She is seen at the Pride meeting and welcome Trey there.


Alicia in Season 1.

In Keep Holding On, she finds Sadie in the computer lab and asks her about the new video for the week. She disagrees with Sadie's idea to do a sexy, inappropriate video and finds it really weird. She takes Jeremy's side while he is fighting with Sadie over video ideas.

In This Is How I Disappear (1), she is at the Pride meeting and reveals she is bi.

In Radar, she is sad Scott can't go to Pride anymore and encourages him to come out to more of his friends. She is upset with Gina when she won't accept Scott's sexuality and thinks he shouldn't stay friends with her.

In You Da One, she is talking to Danielle about homecoming and tells her she's going alone. She also is sad that Danielle and Brad are going to break up. She also can't believe Danielle kissed Ethan when she was going to choose Brad over him anyways and tells her she has to fix it.

In Dancing On My Own (1), Ethan tells her that Danielle is telling people she's pregnant which infuriates Alicia. She plans to ruin her night at homecoming to get her back, not knowing Ethan is lying about the whole thing.

In Dancing On My Own (2), Alicia gave Ethan the combination for Danielle's locker so he could get in and change all the dates of her periods so she thought she was pregnant. Liam found Alicia and told her it was all a trick. Alicia realized that she was about to ruin her best friend's relationship and ran off with Liam to find her and warn her. When she does, she tells her everything and apologizes, but Danielle doesn't blame her.

In Personal Jesus, she is at Skate Night with Ethan and Tim and tells Ethan he needs a new girl to get his mind off Danielle so she plays matchmaker to get him and Sophie together.

In Want U Back, she is in choir with Danielle and they are both afraid of who they will get as partners for a project. Alicia gets Sophie and is happy and comforts Danielle when she gets Devon. She feels bad for Danielle when her mother invites Devon over for dinner and tells her to invite Brad as well so Devon can't flirt with her. After Danielle yells at Devon a few days later, Alicia says she has to get used to it after she feels bad.

In The Change, she gets dogpiled during FilmFridayz which upsets and annoys Sadie.

In Give Me All Your Luvin', she is playing Fruit Ninja with Tim when Sophie comes up and tells them she kissed Danielle. Afterwards, Alicia is suspicious because she finds it hard to believe Danielle would cheat on Brad.

In Force A Smile (1), Alicia runs over to Olivia when she is screaming at Chloe and tries to break it up. She along with Danielle try to calm Olivia down when she is freaking out about her mother and are confused after she runs off.

In Force A Smile (2), Scott tells her and Trey about all the lies Sophie is telling and Alicia finds it "horrible."

Season 2Edit

In Settle Down, she is at Danielle's house and putting heavy makeup on. Danielle thinks about adjusting her look to something darker while Alicia thinks they were just playing around with the dark makeup. Danielle's mother comes in and forces Danielle to take the makeup off. When Danielle complains, Alicia tries to tell her not to change her look since Brad might not like it. After everyone gives Danielle shit for changing her look, Alicia tells her she can't believe everything blew up on her and goes to get coffees when Brad shows up to talk with Danielle.

In Sweet Nothing, she is happy that Jamie is the new leader of FilmFridayz and wants to do a video involving a mutant rabbit.


Alicia nervous around Trey.

In Bring Me to Life (1), she is standing on a ladder putting up a sign for Pride with Olivia and is scared of falling. Trey comes by and sees her struggling and offers to help, but she rejects his offer and starts acting fidgety. Olivia notices and calls that she likes him. She tells her not to tell a soul and they fist pump on it. At lunch, her table catches her staring at someone, but she won't tell them who. She decides to make a move on Trey and goes to ask him to tutor her in History. He agrees and she is very excited, not believing she actually went through with flirting with him. The next day, Danielle and Olivia ask about her and Trey and she tells them that on wednesday he's going to tutor her. They tell her to make a movie, but she's worried that her mother wouldn't approve of her dating a transgender. She agrees to call her at lunch and find out if she's just wasting her time on him. She calls her mom who tells her that she likes Trey as her friend, but doesn't approve of a relationship with him. This leaves Alicia discouraged since she wants her mom to like her boyfriend and is left at a dead end. She plans with Sophie to date him, but make her mom think that they are still just friends.

Alicia on the study date.

In Bring Me to Life (2), she is nervous about her study date with Trey and Sophie pushes her to make her move to show Trey how she feels. On the date, he is trying to teach her math, but she doesn't understand and asks to take a break. He asks what they should do and she kisses him, regretting it right after. He stops her when she tries to leave and kisses her back. Alicia is suprised and tells him that they shouldn't study anymore. They make out instead. She is talking to Scott about the kiss later on when he points Trey out in the hallway. She goes and talks to him and they both agree that they liked the kiss and want to do it again. Alicia mentions them becoming something official which makes Trey nervous since he will soon be over legal age and could be in trouble if they have sex. She tells him that she never mentioned sex, but he still wants to have a discussion with her parents. She agrees, but then starts freaking out because her mom won't let her date him anyway. Danielle gives her advice in class and tells her to tell Trey about what her mom said and Alicia worries that he might never talk to her again if she tells him that. She meets him at The Hub later that day and tells him about what her mom said, but that she still wants to date him. Trey gives her an ultimatum of having to choose either him or her mother. That night she tells her mom that she understands the rules she gives for her and they have a popcorn fight. This shows that she chose her mom over Trey.

In Young Blood, she is at FilmFridayz and makes comments when Liam is yelling at Sophie for fooling around.

In A Year Without Rain, Danielle calls her for support after her mom banishes her from seeing Brad and Alicia tells her that her and Brad are tight and will get through it.

In Kiss With A Fist, she is hesitant to accept Keith's relationship with Hank since he is 19 and tells Keith that he may be into stuff Keith isn't into. keith tells her age doesn't matter and then Hank comes and tells them he snuck in by lying to security. This makes Alicia even more nervous for Keith and Keith can see this, so he kisses Hank passionately and looks at Alicia the whole time, showing her he doesn't care what she thinks. They leave and Alicia looks upset that her friend would show her up like that. Keith pulls Alicia into the closet the next day at school and tells her that he had sex with Hank. Alicia is shocked and angry that he didn't use a condom and would do that after 1 day of dating him. She tells him to get an STD test and calls him immature, leaving the closet after being extremely annoyed with him.

In Panic Station (1), she is in the locker room after gym and goes to change alone in the bathroom stall. Angel asks her why and Alicia replies by saying she's fat and doesn't want people to see. Angel calls her skinny, but Alicia doesn't believe her and is jealous of Abby and Leah as they walk around in their bras. At lunch, Danielle asks her to get lunch with her and Alicia rejects, saying she's not hungry. Danielle mentions that she hasn't eaten lunch in weeks and Caylee tries to make her eat a cookie since she thinks Alicia is acting like she did when she had an eating disorder. Alicia eats the cookie and leaves after Caylee accuses her of having an eating disorder. She listens to Danielle and Angel talk about how they think she has an eating disorder as well and starts crying. Trey tries to talk to her in the hall and she tries to ignore him, still mad at him for rejecting her. Trey;s friend Troy walks up and Alicia notices him immediately. Trey tells her that he can tell she thinks Troy is cute and Alicia says she doesn't care what he thinks and walks away. Danielle catches her purging in the bathroom and tries to make her stop, but Alicia says she can't because her brain is wired differently and she needs to be even skinnier for Troy to notice her.

Panic Station 2

Alicia talking with Troy.

In Panic Station (2), she and Danielle are freaked out about Devon having a gun and find Troy who walks Alicia to her locker. He asks her out and she gets very nervous, looking down and seeing her body as fat. She goes to the bathroom and purges again, saying she'll need to do this a lot in order to keep a boyfriend. In gym class, she is running the track with Keith and is exhausted after just starting. She tells him that she hasn't eaten in 3 days and he is shocked. She faints briefly and wakes up to her teacher telling her that she is emaciated and for Keith to take her to the clinic. She starts crying and says she only wanted to look good, and Keith tells her that she looks fine and that she just made a mistake. In the nurse's office while the school shooting is going on, Angel finds Alicia and is happy to see she only fainted and wasn't shot. Alicia is confused and doesn't know what's going on, but Angel tells her that Danielle paid Troy to ask her out so Alicia would feel better about herself. This infuriates Alicia and she said that Danielle is dead to her and starts crying. After the shooting, she is still weak and is being taken to her mom's car by Moon and Angel when Danielle comes to see if she is okay. Alicia refuses to talk to her for what she did and doesn't accept her apology. Alicia tells Danielle she is dead to her and goes into the car.

In Won't Go Home Without You, she is annoyed that Olivia and Troy are making out right in front of her lunch table and tells them to stop rubbing their relationship in everyone's face. She tries acting nice to Troy and informs him about FilmFridayz, but when he makes fun of it, she is very offended. In history class she is talking to Brittany when Scott comes in high and sniffs her hair. She realizes he's high and gives him one of the pills she uses to help herself vomit. He pukes on Brittany's shoes and Mr. Tucker tells her to take him to the nurse. She takes him to the bathroom instead until he gets off his high.

In Your Love is My Drug, she is in science class and tries to be partners with Abby so she doesn't have to be with Danielle. Their teacher informs them she already made lab partners and when she sees she is with Danielle, she refuses to be with her and goes to ask to change. Troy tries talking to Alicia about taking Danielle back as a friend, but she wants nothing to do with Danielle and tells him that Danielle deserves what she got. Danielle and Angel try to talk to her, but Alicia tells Danielle to leave her alone or she'll press harrassment charges. Angel tells her Danielle is trying to fix her mistake, but Alicia doesn't want to hear it. Angel asks what Danielle could do to get Alicia back as a friend and Alicia says that Danielle would need to let her mom know about Brad, which would break them up. Angel finds her solution cruel and Alicia feels bad after saying it. She is later at the mall with Angel and Danielle walks up to her. Alicia is hopeful she will dump Brad and they can be friends again, but Danielle makes out with him and calls her out on being the bad friend for wanting to make Danielle as miserable as she is. Danielle storms off and Alicia starts crying, explaining to Angel that she didn't want to be the girl that everyone walked over, but screwed things up with Danielle, feeling even worse about what she did.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (1), she is at lunch and comments about how so many people that used to sit at their table have left.

In I'm A Slave 4 U (2), she hears about the breakup between Danielle and Brad and goes to see her and apologize. She bumps into her on accident and she drops all her things. Danielle tries to pick them up, but Alicia hugs her tightly first. Danielle is confused and Alicia says she should have forgiven her a long time ago and that she was an awful friend. Danielle forgives her and they become friends again. Alicia invites her over that night for a girl's night that Danielle later goes to.


Alicia in Season 2

In Waiting For the End, she is walking with Keith when Hank comes up to them and reveals that he will be going to a college in Colorado. Keith is worried how it will effect their relationship and Alicia assures him that if he wants it to work, then it will, but he's going to need to make a decision to whether or not Hank is worth the extra effort.

In Hurricane, she gives Sophie advice about her ex moving on so fast. She is mildly annoyed that Sophie is so focused on boys when she should be focused on getting all of her friends back and tells her she could get back with Ethan. When Sophie rejects this idea, Alicia leaves.

In This Too Shall Pass, she is at lunch when Jamie and Moon start fighting about Moon telling everyone Julia and Liam are having sex. When Moon leaves quickly, upset that everyone is judging her about it, Alicia runs after her, feeling bad. Once Liam gets involved after eavesdropping, Alicia quickly leaves to avoid the conflict.

In Carry On, she is curious about what is going on in gym class that day as she walks with Scott and runs up to their teacher, Mr. Teller, despite Scott's disdain for him. She is very enthusiastic when she asks and doesn't seem to notice when he acts rudely towards Scott. She also gets annoyed when Scott badmouths him, saying that he's a great teacher. During class, Alicia doesn't mind when Mr. Teller tells Scott he's fat and denies being in love with him when Scott asks her. Teller asks her to help him and she runs off in glee. She is put on the same team as Scott in dodgeball and threatens Jarrod when he makes a gay joke to Scott. After he continues to call Scott a "faggot," she throws a ball at him in rage. After Scott is hit in the nose and yelled at by Teller, she is distracted and hit in the side. The next day, Mr. Teller starts harrassing Scott again, but Alicia does nothing to stop it and doesn't think he did anything wrong. Keith walks up to them and says he heard rumors about Mr. Teller, but before he can say them, Alicia stops him and says those rumors could get him fired, storming off in a rage. Keith and Scott are very suspicious about her behavior towards Mr. Teller.

Play with fire

Alicia, shocked that everyone is smoking.

In Play With Fire, she and Keith are putting up posters for Prom committee and she is excited for it since Mr. Teller is running it. Sophie comes up to them and asks Alicia if they can hang out so they can rebuild their friendship. Alicia is hesitant at first because of what she did in the past, but eventually gives in and agrees to give their friendship another shot. Keith tries to talk her out of it, but Alicia says that she believes that Sophie really has changed. When she goes to the back parking lot like Sophie said, she sees that they're all smoking weed. Alicia decides to join along and takes a puff. Alicia's mom soon pulls up and notices what they're doing. She makes Alicia come with her and tells everyone else that she will be calling their mothers. This makes everyone mad at Alicia. Sophie talks to her the next day about how upset they are and Alicia says that it wasn't her fault that her mom found them. She then tells Sophie that she was wrong about her changing and that she's still the same. Sophie tells her that she told Brendan to stop it when he was calling her names and walks away, making Alicia feel guilty about being so judgemental towards her. She starts to realize that she needs to apologize after talking to Danielle, who has no interest in befriending her again. She apologizes and Sophie does as well for blaming her even though it wasn't her fault. They go back to being best friends, but Alicia says she's not smoking anymore.


In Here's to Never Growing Up (1), Alicia and Keith are working on Prom committe the day of the dance and she is checking out Mr. Teller again and sticks up for him when Keith comments on his creepiness yet again. She is later hanging up lights with Mr. Teller and he tells her to call him Ed, but only because she's one of his favorite students. Keith and Moon watch from afar and when Alicia meets up with them, Keith tells her not to be alone with him anymore. Alicia tells him that he's overreacting and Moon agrees, but tells her to be careful. When Prom is going on, she is serving punch with Teller and he asks if she's in a relationship and is shocked when she tells him no. He starts saying creepy things, but she takes them as compliments and is flattered. When she hears Moon threatening Teller about telling someone about his innapropriate behavior with a student, she pulls her away and yells at her for butting in again. Moon tells her that she had a bad vibe from him, but Alicia doesn't care and thinks she's overreacting. He asks her to dance and she says no because he is her teacher and he flips out on her, calling her a bitch. Alicia is stunned and doesn't know how to react. She tells Keith and Moon about it, but doesn't want to tell anyone else and get him fired.


Alicia, grabbing her purse as Teller locks the doors behind her.

In Here's to Never Growing Up (2), she is in bed playing sick so she doesn't have to go to Prom committee the next day and face Teller again. Her mother says that she's going no matter what, so Alicia calls Moon and says she'll just have to avoid Teller. At the hotel where Prom was held, Moon tries to keep her away from Teller, who is suffering from a hangover. He places Alicia in his cleanup group and won't switch her with Keith when Keith tries to switch. At first, she is scared to be around him, but he soon apologizes and says that he was drunk and has been having problems with his wife. Alicia understands, but doesn't think they should talk anymore. She says goodbye and leaves, relieved to fix everything. She gets back with Keith and Moon and is about to leave when she realizes that she forgot her purse. She goes to get it and denies Keith's offer to go with her. She goes back to the room and gets her purse, but realizes that Teller is in there and locks the doors. He grabs her arm and tells her to shut up when she talks about leaving. She tries to scream, but he covers her mouth. She knees him in the groin and runs to the door, but can't get them open since they're locked. He runs up to her and says that he wants her, ripping open her shirt and unbuckling his pants. She starts to panic as she realizes what he's doing, but can't get away as he starts undressing and touching her chest. He pulls out a knife and tells her to take off her pants, she does so to avoid getting killed and starts sobbing as he lays on her and starts to kiss her neck. The episode ends here, but it is obvious that he rapes her.

In Clearwater Goes Hollywood, Danielle calls her after not getting her summer camp job and wants to hang out, but Alicia does not want to talk to anyone and tells her it's not a good time before abruptly hanging up.

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Alicia and Adam in the fifth season.

Adam Iocco

Main Article: Alicia-Adam Relationship


  • Alicia is one of the 14 characters to appear in 100 episodes or more. The others are DanielleScottSophieJamieMoonEricBrittanyEthanCayleeJuliaElizaAngel, and Dex.
  • She is tied for the most plots in Season 3.
  • She had her virginity taken from her in Here's to Never Growing Up (2) during the summer before her sophomore year by her gym teacher, but never had consensual sex until Big Girls Don't Cry during her sophomore year.
  • She went to the first FilmFridayz meeting.
  • She stated she was bi at one point in the first season, yet has never been interested in a girl, but has been interested in an FTM transgender.
  • She is promoted to a regular status in the second season.
  • She appeared in more episodes than most regulars during the first season despite her only being a recurring character.
  • She is the second character to have an eating disorder after Caylee Daniels.
  • She is the second character to be raped, the first being Liam and the third being Peyton (Although Peyton's took place before Alicia's, it wasn't revealed until 3 seasons after her's).
  • She is one of the 5 characters to appear in every episode of a season along with Sophie, Danielle, Ethan, and Eric
  • She is the first character to have an open relationship. 
  • She has a 3.9 GPA. 
  • She is the second regular character to be arrested. The first was Abby Ulmer


  • "She's new to this scene Brad, give her a break." (First Line)
  • "If she’s flirting with your crush that she knows you like, the friendship doesn’t mean anything anymore and you have to punch a bitch."
  • "She like bitch slapped Isaac into my locker. It was pretty awesome."
  • "Ooh, spicy!"
  • "Are you sure you’re mature enough to date someone that old. They might be into stuff you’re not…like taxes."
  • "By act mature, I meant be committed to a serious relationship not fuck as soon as you possibly could!"
  • "I’m not being anybody’s pity girlfriend. I won’t stoop that low."
  • "You deserve nothing but a fist in the face, to be honest."
  • "I tried to prove that I’m not that girl who lets everyone walk all over her, but in the end, I just walked all over myself."
  • "Let’s lower the testosterone up in here. Okay, gents?"
  • "We’re the punch baristas, Keith. That’s humiliating."


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