This is the eighteenth episode of Season 2 and the second part of the mid-season premiere.

21 Guns (2)
21 guns p2
Season 2, Episode 18
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Air date November 24, 2013
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21 Guns (1) If I Lose Myself


Moon approaches the family matter much different than Jamie and starts looking to her friends for support. Can they really feel bad for her? Meanwhile, Eliza gets sucked deeper into her new boy toy's secret world. Is it too late to get her way back out? And with his ex in critical condition, Dex feels intense guilt that escalates to something much more.

Main PlotEdit

Moon finds the situation with her family stupid and annoying and turns to her friends for support. While her friends think Moon is being selfish by turning this all about her, are they willing to help her at all?

Sub PlotEdit

Eliza has become attached to her new beau, Josh. Her friends start to become worried when she becomes more and more distant. As she realizes she needs to get out, it seems there aren't any exits. Is she stuck with someone she doesn't even like?

Third PlotEdit

Dex feels horrible for causing Sophie to almost kill herself and his depression manifests itself in awful and unusual ways. His friends want to help, but how can they when they don't even know how?

  • This episode is named after the song "21 Guns" by Green Day.
  • This episode marks the end of the Eliza-Josh Relationship.

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Scott: I don’t know how I feel about her anymore…

Keith: I’m done with her shit.


Jamie: How are you so insensitive!

Brittany: Are you stupid?

Eric: I need to do something…

Dex: I’ve changed, deal with it.


Eric: You don’t know what you did to him…

Sophie: Oh, I know.

Jamie: I hope you know everyone thinks you’re a bitch!

Danielle: What’s your problem?

Moon: Why does this keep happening to me!

Eliza: I don’t know what to do!


Moon: Does that make me a bad person?

Scott: Yes.




  • Eliza: "Let me say this so that it gets through your thick skull. You are a hypocritical, homophobic, creepy-ass fuck and I hate you! Stop talking to me, stop thinking I’m your girlfriend, and STOP being a creep!"
  • Sophie: "We were never friends Eric…get out of my room…"
  • Eric: "I hope one day, you have to suffer ten times harder than Dex had to…"
  • Jamie: "Cut the drama! If they like me more, it’s only because I don’t act like a spoiled, desperate drama queen all the time!"